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  1. I've been considering buying a new computer and at the moments I'm leaning towards laptop and especially Macbook.I'd use my Macbook for graphics editing and web designing and I prefer much screen space. Two LCD screens would be the optimal choice. However Apple's website mentions that you can you external display and the Macbook's own display simultaneously , but nothing about using two screens with the lid shut. So does anyone know if there is a way to use Macbook or Macbook pro with two external screens. And I want to use DVI cabling for both.
  2. Hahaha! :)This is getting ridiculous now. It serves Apple completely right if these companies won't let go of the name easily. If you're gonna be dumb you got to be tough.
  3. 5000 MB of disk space sounds like awful lot for a free service. Let alone the bandwidth limit which is way higher I've ever seen for a free host. Basically this means that they're either really great or really crap webhost. It all depends on the uptime, performance and reliability of their servers and support. I'd like to hear what people who have website there think about it.
  4. You just have to wonder how companies of this calibre can do that kind of screw-ups. IPhone is quite a generic name and even if it wasn't you'd think it's a standard procedure to check if your new product name has already been trademarked. Cisco is in position to potentially pump a lot money from Apple. Apple's iPhone has already got a lot of publicity and the big marketing machine has been started. I bet Apple won't be changing the name easily and would pay for the name a hefty sum.
  5. I've understood that the W3C validator doesn't work with custom DTDs. But, as your document is XML you can use any XML validator to check if the doc conforms to your DTD. There's plenty of them validators available just search and grab the one you like.
  6. Yeah, "iPod into full-fledged mixing station" sounds a lot like marketing talk. I don't know much about being a DJ or mixing, but I'd guess someone who is serious about doing it would invest in some other equipment than iPod. Well I guess there's a market for this thing too.
  7. For extra sneakiness you could also capture the IP with Javascript, have it sent vie the form and then check also the address from the HTTP request (i.e. the one you get from PHP. That way you could filter out machines using fake IPs.
  8. It's nice to see alternatives to Skype. Not that I have anything against Skype, healthy competition just usually means better services for us customers. Personally, I've yet to get into the world of VoIP calling. Generally I don't call that much with my mobile (the one phone I have) and calls here are really cheap (we have one of the lowest rates in EU). VoIP just don't offer much savings for me so basically it'd be for fun...
  9. I have a fairly low traffic forum but it has a slight spam problem. Every now and then bot-accounts emerge and all kinds of crap gets posted to the forums. I have one extra moderator besides me and have been able to keep spam under control, but its still a nuisance and useless work. I'm running version 1.0.8. I wonder if 1.1 has better spam protection? Or could you recommend some add-ins to help with this issue?
  10. It's quite possible to do this with just plain Wi-fi using commonly available bandwidths. With WLAN you can do that long distances if you have line-of-sight between antennas and you use directed antennas. Usually law limits the transmitting power, but I've yet to hear that this would be monitored anywhere by the authority. So you can exceed the transmitter power safely and gain more range. This naturally means that you'd need to build the antennas yourself.
  11. No matter who committed and whatever crime, I can't accept capital punishment. Saddam was certainly responsible of the crimes he was sentenced and countless more, there is no argument, but regardless, I can't accept it. I'm not a religious person at all but I don't think man has right to kill someone else. I don't believe in eye for an eye. Death sentence is a revenge and the ones handing out death penalties lower themselves to the level of the perpetrator. Considering Saddam, the most suitable penalty would've been putting him to work for the people who committed crimes against him. They should have made him (and his former allies...) build houses for the Kurds for example.
  12. Handy! It's nice that it works and looks exactly like the Web Google. No need to learn the use the search, which is a kind of weird thing.
  13. Heheh! During the years I've been involved in programming I've leart my lessons about naming. You learn where you can expect conflicts but they still tend to happen, in very unexpected place, just like your case. I was in a world of shite when I started to build an unified front page for my site drawing stuff from various partitions of the site. PHP really needs namespaces
  14. Theoretically: First of all your domain name provider should be allowing you to add a third nameserver (2nd backup) for your domain. I recall mine allowed more than two. Then you should have the third nameserver available from which the address the name converts to would be different, i.e. the one of the "site down" server. But I don't think this'll work. See, everytime someone accesses your site by domain, he gets connected to a same nameserver which caches name-address pairs. If the name-address pair isn't available at the nameserver the nameserver queries another server further in the network and this way tries to acquire the name-address pair. The name servers are updated from other servers with a certain interval. The key point is that the nameservers you have selected in your domain settings are not accessed everytime someone requests a page from your website. Basically it is possible to have different addresses for a certain domain but in your case some of the traffic will still be directed to the address of the server that is down.
  15. "Just like MySpace" doesn't promise much... I browsed around and found nothing to get excited about. It seems like they've been stuffing things done on other "web 2" sites to a new packaking but adding nothing new or creative. Also the site is a bit confusing and doesn't really "explain" what's it for.
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