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  1. Just one solution: OpenOffice (like everyone else has said...)It's EXACTLY like MS Office, just minus all the bogus licensing, GUI features, and buggyness (if that is a word). However, my mom got me MS Office 2003 for only $15 because the college she used to work for had this contract with Microsoft and the software was really cheap... so that's the only reason why I use it, else I'd use OpenOffice.[N]F
  2. They upgraded, but they just didn't go into WHM (the admin end of CPanel) and convert everyone's account to the new themes. I'm on a host with the new themes and everything and it's freaking sweet!!! I love the little "percentage" bars that will visually show you how much of your quotas you've used. [N]F
  3. Some of those are pretty awesome... I really want a tree house like some of those.... maybe just a "vacation" home or something like that... but they look pretty awesome![N]F
  4. Yeah, this seems to be a way to get pirates to come and use the site and to "steal" the market away from rapidshare.[N]F
  5. Yeah, those are very good points. Maybe even just setting up the tables in a text file . As for a self-refreshing shoutbox, you can include a meta-refresh or an AJAX script that looks for changes in the database when it's submitted and then it refreshes... sorta like the Digg Spy utility. [N]F
  6. Hmm.... you can definately trust a provider if they FORCE you to register JUST to browse their forums! Seems like a shady business move to me. No web host with forums I know of ever completely made them hidden away where you had to register to even browse!! The catch is overselling. The wonderful idea of lets put as many accounts with all these really big quotas onto one server as we possibly can before it starts to slow down and lets hope that everyone doesn't use all their quota! [N]F
  7. Even if you live in the middle of no where, I'd still have some good security... just in case anyone decides to go war driving, it gives them quite a challenge and will probably leave you alone. [N]F
  8. (A little off topic) It's still in the Networking section. The other topic is moved. (On Topic) Javascript just allows you to do cool things with a User's browser like menus, making things move, etc. To see what I mean, just visit http://www.javascriptkit.com/ or http://www.dynamicdrive.com/. But you need a "core" for the JavaScript to reside on. That would be where you need to learn HTML. HTML is really easy and you can probably pick it up within a week. [N]F
  9. Plug it in a surge protector and then you have no exuse to turn it off! [N]F
  10. Please post your topics in the correct forum. This has to do more with programming/websites than networking.[N]F
  11. You can't just give yourself a routable IP from a global IP space. If you could, there would be mass confusion between devices because you could easily "make up" an IP and end up causing a conflict. So that's why private networks are private and separate from public.[N]F
  12. I'm in a Windstream area and I wish this was available... download rates of over 100MBps... *drool* Anyways, Windstream has yet to release the 6 MBps DSL in my area, so I doubt they'll ever come out with Fiber access anytime soon. Well worth it if you host servers and like having a fast line![N]F
  13. To set this up visually:INTERNET - Your School's Filter - Your School's Network - YouThere's no actual way "around" the filter. You just have to tunnel through it. Again, like wutske said, you'd probably be breaking the rules. At my school if you get caught, the proxy gets blocked and you can do some serious time. Kids get after school and saturday detentions just for having games on the network server.[N]F
  14. Yeah, just also note you won't get any search engine traffic if you block bots from accessing your entire site. You won't get any traffic easily, you couldn't intergrate your own site search unless your site is database powered, and you'd have to advertise like mad if you wanted visitors. I don't like being googled as much as the next guy, but you have to deal with it. [N]F
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