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Should I Bother Switching To C++?

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I am an intermediate Java programmer but was disappointed to learn that my 3D application has lots of downsides simply because I used java to build it. My question is would it be worth learning C++ so I could fix this problems? Some issues I have with Java include:From what I have heard it is very slow in comparison.It can be decompiled almost exactly.It isn't good for large programs (like mine).Do you think switching to c++ would be worth my time or is there a better way? I know that some people convert java to c++ with software but I didn't know how reliable that was and if such software even exists. Some of the major reasons I use Java are so my program will work on most computers, which would make a cross-compiler handy. I also like that the programs are portable but I know you can make portable applications using C++.Were would be a good place to start learning 3D c++? Are there any good libraries that could be downloaded and modified (open source) for object loaders or will I need to make all again in c++? If you could please list a few websites that could get me started.Thanks,SparkxNote: I finally found out that if you press <shift> + <enter> you don't get the double space glitch while using Opera


My own opinion is that you should be able to write down C++ programs, because if you want to write programs for big profession applications involving big databases and a lot of simultaneous users, your program has to be fast with few ressources, so it has to be written in C or C++.So, you have to learn. Of course, doing so you invest for future, and there is no guarantee that your next boss will give you more money as I promiss. But the probability is 99.99%.RegardsYordan


I dont know if I would agree that it is a necessity to learn C or C++ to achieve the things yordan mentioned, but that said I would agree that it's worth it to learn cpp. Alot of what you already know in java will translate over so it's not like learning from scratch and a lot of things you want to do will likely be able to be done in a more efficient manner using C++. At least its worth looking into some basic C++ and see if its something you like or not. Good luck.


If you have time, then you can learn C++ if you think it will help you, but I also suggest you to learn more about performance if it is possible, algorithms which would do the same but faster, but maybe not so accurate, there are a lot of ways to make java applications work faster, if you say your program is very big and it's written with java, there are lots of other programs written in java and some of them also are really big, but they don't seem to be superb slow, but I guess they would be faster using c++ or something like that.. optimizing your application is what counts..for example, lets talk about a program called PHP Designer, it is using or used to use .NET and etc. and it was quite slow, I guess it used c#? when you changed between tabs it was quite slow, but now the new version is really great and much faster, maybe he moved from c# to c++? I don't know, but if he just optimized it, then he did really a good job.


Yes, C++ programs in general run faster than Java applications. Remember all Java applications are running through the interpreter. There are advantages and dis-advantages to both programming languages as with anything. I would never suggest trying to build something as complex as 3D studio max in Java but some the like Google's Sketch up should be doable. Of course Java is platform independent but the performance difference in C++ is certainly noticeable. there are 3D libraries available for both Java and C++ as well as 3D engines you may be able to put to use for either language. Sourceforge.net is great place to look for that sort of thing.Almost forgot to add be sure that you do not use anything requiring direct X technology if you want to maintain the ability to compile your application for anything other than Windows.


C++ has a great learning system where you may actually LEARN and not copy-pasta.So, yes.


Java is based on C/++, so it's not much of a change style-wise, the biggest change is the libraries and programs you use.


The syntax will be different but the concepts would be the same since both of them are object oriented programming languages so you shouldn't have much issues switching between the two.xboxrulz


I have decided to make the switch. I am learning the basics again but it is much easier then the first time. I am just a little disappointed in the lack of pre-existing open source loaders. Loading models has always been something I wasn't great at. Does anyone know any good existing loaders or will I need to write my own? Preferably ones that support blender and/or formats that can be exported from blender. I have tried NeHe's ms3d loader and it compiles just fine but the only version it supports is MilkShape 1.3 and 1.4.Any Suggestions?Thanks,Sparkx


if you know JAVA good, you will find not Essential Problems in C++ ;)the Translation Method System is almost same ;)but of course C++ is much better language !