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Expansion Of The Universe

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You will find answer by searching for "Big Impact Theory" in the internet



Descriptive Title for Opinion/FeedbackExpansion Of The Universe

Your explanation is imaginative. You can find complete answer by typing " Big Impact Theory"in your internet search machine


I would suggest all of you to seek answer from the blog entitled "why you need to understand universe before you can understand yourself". It explains why the universe expands and the expansion mode being taken, how the dark mass and dark energy are accounted for, how a photon travels by shifting its housing, why blackholes are not singularities, why Big Bang Theory is wrong, why quasers are formed, how Einstein's General Relativity is compatible with the sub-atomic physics, the role of black holes play in the expansion of the universe, why Higg's bosons did not and do not exist, and many other topics.



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