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  1. Pro Evolution is a good work on football. They have used 100.000 triangles for a man and realize his movements. So you can see more realistic images. And can say easily Pro is the last point about soccer games.
  2. My just advise is thatGet a guarenteed laptop. When you have a problem, you must have guarentee to solve it.And I heard lots of stolen laptop news. Be careful also.
  3. In some situations you need immobile computers. You want to have a computer there not to be stolen easily. So you use desktop there.When you need mobile pc, so buy a laptop. They are different in this point. Fixed or mobile.
  4. I saw your long list and understand that you are in trouble.First try to make system backup so you can go two days before.If this not work. Format and setup windows again. May be there is another ways but I dont know any other.
  5. My computer is kicking up row...it seems a bear at nights.I have two powerful fan to cooling my CPU but these fans are making noise a lot. I can't work with my PC at nights...Please inform me about silent cooling.
  6. Thanks for your brain storm.You write reasons. Then I want to write some solutions on it.First you must make good promotionsThen search engine registiration is important.
  7. Hi . I m new here and saw your questionI think .net is the best tag. Because it is the short form of network.Then talk.net is good also because talking is the best action which mankind do.That is my own opinion of course.Have a nice night
  8. This is a good site about internet security. https://securelist.com/ As you know,security is the growing subject. And this will be like this in the future too.I advise everyone to have enough information.And suggest to share our search each other. Thanks
  9. I know a friend using this. He was very glad. And he was feeling himself as came from another planet.And thinks that this is a very high technology. I dont think so. This is very simple and not worth that $ s
  10. I recommend you to add a web counter. So you can know about traffic. This counters also give statistical informations about traffic. make a search as "web counter" you will find a lot.
  11. For full story http://www.cnn.com/TECH/ Notice from truefusion: When posting copied information you must place them within the QUOTE bbcode.
  12. Dear my forummates i am new user at this forum.Nice to meet you all.i need help about code[127] error about CS.1.5 i think its about need Nvidia Geforce2 mx400 driver.Do you know about this. Thanks a lot
  13. For the whole http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Notice from jeigh: Please add your own content (opinions for example) when ripping content from other sources. Also in the future make sure to add the quote tags around the block of quoted material
  14. i like this group..i want to download a song.The name of the song is NO BODY's Listening
  15. Dear my forummates i am new user at this forum.Nice to meet you alli need help about code[127] error about CS.1.5 i need Nvidia Geforce2 mx400 driver...Please inform me Thank you
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