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Rubik's Cube, How Many Faces Do You Do ?

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The regular 3X3 only takes a few minutes for most people to complete. You really cannot do it face by face but rather making it from the top down. Once you know how to do the rubics cube it is very easy to do allowing some people to do it with their eyes closed. Once you know how to do the 3 by 3 you can do any odd number one (assuming that you can get the middle pieces correct). I think their is a guy that can do a 3 By 3 in just 11 seconds but I am not sure if that is true. Seems a bit too fast unless you already knew were all the pieces were. Anyway I can do all 6 faces but I don't time myself I on it. I know it doesn't take more then 2:30 for me to do it which is about the same amount of time that most people can do it in. So it's not strange to do all 6 faces, its the person that can do 5 that makes you wounder....Thanks,Sparkx


I think the record is even faster than that.. closer to 7 or 8 seconds.. and yes, when they attempt a record with it, they are allowed 60 seconds--I'm unsure of that time--to look the cube over and decide what they want to do. Then as soon as they move their first piece the timer starts.


I am 31 years old.... I have grown up with the Rubik's cube. Nowadays, it is like some kind of nostalgic phenomenon, but when I was growing up, it was something to play with. Not only did we have the basic cube, it came in different forms... like cubes, pyramids and spheres.So I don't remember how long it took me to finish each phase, but my sister excelled at it much better and faster than I did... Now that I think about it, I might have to go look for my old cubes... Have fun, and don't give up, because it is very possible to beat!- skedad -



Rubik's Cube, How Many Faces Do You Do ?


I wanted to pass along a site I found that has a few basic videos showing how to <a href="http://monkeysee.com/solve-rubiks-cube/ rubik's cubes</a>. I'm not sure if you're interested in how to videos, but I found these useful.


-reply by Kate


I can do all six, usually in about a minute or so. There are many, many people who can solve it. Just about anyone could solve a Rubik's cube, if they learned the specific technique necessary to solve it. There is only one way, not matter how it is scrambled. If you try to do it by guessing, you have such a miniscule chance of solving it, something like one in 79 billion or something, I don't remember the exact number. The correct way to solve it uses three different layers; the first two don't require any algorithm memorization, but the third requires quite a bit. People can complete a cube in a short time because they combine the first two layers and then remember a great amount of algorithms for the third, so that no matter how it is set up at the beginning they require the shortest combination of moves to complete it. I can do the first two layer combination, and I know all the basic algorithms for the third, plus a few shortcuts, which is how I can get it down to about a minute.There are also 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 cubes sold commercially, and much bigger, though those are rare to find. I have no experience solving a 5x5x5, but I can do the 4x4x4 in about 8 minutes. It's solved the same way as a normal one, but there are a bunch of steps before you get to that point. Have fun.


It is easily solvable, in fact, it is so easy..I can do it within 30 seconds!Just follow the correct " algorithms" so to speak and you will have an easy time of it!There are so many correct ways to get to the solving of the cube!They have names for the faces, and sides and using those you can learn how to solve the cube!I myself have experience but if anyone needs help!I would be glad to post a full length tutorial on how to do it!

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Like Jersey said its all algorithms that you need to remember and then you can solve it with out a problem.First off you don't solve faces, you solve layers (top, middle, bottom). Starting with the top layer. Now getting the top layer doesn't mean just the top face. It means the top face and the entire top third of the rubik cube. Then you do the second, then the third.I could post a entire tutorial if someone wanted it. All it is is tons of algorithms to remember.


Rubic Cube SolutionRubik's Cube, How Many Faces Do You Do ?Actually, I am able to solve the ground and middle layer and also to solve the top most part of rubic. My problem is that I am not able to solve the rest part of top layer. Help me if you can.-reply by Dipesh Raj


I don't think there are only 2 people who can solve the rubix cube. Personally I can solve the rubix cube although u need to give me a good 5-10 minutes or so to work it out.Some of the videos on youtube of people finishing rubix cubes in seconds are quite amazing!It requires alot of training and thought but once you get the hang of it the patterns become easy to spot and easy to twist around and make the faces all the same colour.


On youtube there's this amzing video of a 81 by 81 cube, which someone actually managed to do. And I also think that it's impossible to do 5 faces because for all the other one's to be complete none can be out of place, so therefore the 6 face has to be complete. I think the max you can do without solving it is 4 or so, becuas for every 1 you miss out another one has to have been mucked up. Neone agree or disagree with me?


problem solving the 3X3 cubeRubik's Cube, How Many Faces Do You Do ?

I used to solve the rubix cube without any problems and at times without much looking at it (best time was 2.23 minutes).. It was back in the early 80s'. My method was first fixing the four top corners and then the bottom cornerns. I would then fit in the crosses. I have forgotton that way. Has any one got the solution as per the above method?


-reply by samagora



I also performed this in the 80's, my time was also about 2'15''. Of course in order to do this you must not have a look at the cube, because this would make you loose seconds.And of course I stopped, fully disgusted when I saw the World champion's performance, he did the thing in less than 30 seconds. Because he did not follow my algorithm, he had a look at the configuration in order to find the fastest algorithm.


There are milions of people who can solve the rubiks cube by the begginers method which is about 1 to 6 minutes (my record with the begginers method is 59 sec. But there are about 200,000 people who can solve the cube using the speed solving method (for example the fridricks method) which is about between 7,08 (world record) and 20 seconds (I'm one of the 200,000).

Thank you for your attention.

Ivan Glas

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