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  1. This is a really useful tutorial!I will definitively create a CD like this, when I reinstall my XP next time. The long set-up and the fact, that you have to sit next to it all the time, annoyed me for ages.One question though: How high is the probability of creating a faulty set-up CD and why does that happen? Only if you misconfigure something or what?
  2. Well, loads of mobile phones in Europe either lock the phones, so that you can't switch companies (which provided incitement for an intense discussion) and many don't provide software for connecting the mobile to the PC at all. Even worse if you own a Macintosh, which is only supported by/supports VERY few mobile phone companies.I really hate this connectivity problem about the mobile phones, because I can't imagine it being that hard to at least make them a functionable USB stick, so that if there's no driver you could at least gather the pictures and sounds via folder-systems.
  3. Stupid Conspiracy Hype.You can clearly see, that this is not a photo at all, but something too regular to be a photo. It clearly was made with some digital 3d application or photoshop or something.Plus that Samsung is a Corean firm, what interest would they have in destroying or symbolising the WTC. Oh wait, this strange schmuck I found on my desk looks like an exact copy of your appendix.. try to figure out, what the hidden meaning is behind that.Just kidding dude, but there is NO connection =)
  4. @yordan: Dude, that it is the very first an advanced internet surfer lerns. Most modern browsers auto-add the http:// of course because it is the standard protocol on the web.Alternatively you could use yourpage.astahost.com:2083, because this is the cpanel port. I use this one, because I'm lazy when it comes to typing...By the way, because it is a special port, you can't access it from many school servers.Good luck, Ruben
  5. Hello Vyoma!You didn't mention it, so I guess you don't know.In the Googlemail Settings (in the Webinterface of course) there is a tab called "redirection and POP" (or similar). Maybe this was the place, where you set up that emails should be deleted from server after retrieval, but I guess that you set that up in Thunderbird (which won't work as far as I know).So there you can set up to:• disable POP 3• enable POP 3 for all emails you received since last check• enable POP 3 for all emails you ever receivedYou can also set up, that retrieved Emails should be deleted, archived or left on server there.It contains as well a guide to setting up your email client correctly, Thunderbird is among the explained.So, good luck,Ruben
  6. YouTube can be really nice and funny, but you have to admit, that it is way to waste time for most. It became the most popular activity at my school whenever a computer is at hand and no teacher nearby. Needless to say, that there are useful videos too, i.e. we watched Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech in english today â using Google Video. But it is only a small share that is useful. The player is not that great though. Of course, the player makes it harder to hard-copy the videos, but it also has many shortcomings (for example, if you drag your mouse for a few seconds, the movie will stop). But since Flash is the probably best spread and feature-richest player around it's cool. By the way, anyone looking to hard copy videos from (so about anything in Flash), should get acquainted with Keepvid.com. It uses some kind of user-based ripper, works really well and you can get the movies in many different formats (even for iPods). You ought to try it out, but don't forget that there is copyrighted stuff on these video sites too, but as far as I know (at least in my country), one copy for your own behalf is allowed. Have fun, Ruben
  7. Give a screwdriver and I'll solve any cube.Don't you guys think this is boring? I mean after you wrote these algorhithms on platine, it is only about brain/body coordination. I have more fun with martial arts, which is coordination too.
  8. Thanks, it's good to know these Win-Shortcuts. I'm using a mac, where almost every shortcut is documented, but when I get to one of those rare occasions using a windows, I always get annoyed, because there are nearly no universal shortcuts. I thought the only really universal one were ALT-F4 and WinKey… ^^ Always got annoyed when forced to use Windows because I wasn't able to navigate with my keyboard.Does anybody know a web page, where all universal Shortcuts are listed?Thanks, Ruben
  9. Mhh, and I would suggest "grammatical" for your post ^^.There are many words in there, that aren't capitalised usually "Hosting Credits", "Expired", "Account" and the second "Un-Suspended".Another thing is "atleast", which ought to be "at least" and instead of "active", I'd suggest "activated".I think it is always good to have good spelling, especially if it's propagated in the forums. (See "Xisto's professional stance is a falling star".)
  10. What does this have to do with Computers & Tech? Your post consists barely of a long quote (of which you do not have the copyright: ) and one question. D'oh!
  11. Very hard to find eh? have a look Additionally you might have to wait a bit until the site get unsuspended even after you reached the 7 credits mark, don't be too impatient.
  12. Hi, I don't know why people don't use Google. I did and I directly found a GUIDE (!) to solve this. It's in German though. They talk about the exact thing (steam.dll not found) and offer some solutions, I'll translate: • Try the official solution at steampowered.com. – if that link should go offline for some reason: delete the file c:\program files\valve\steam\clientregistry.blob (usual location) and restart • they say there might be trouble if you have bandwidth eater running in background (like eMule, etc.) • allow steam access in your firewall • open these ports in your router (if you have one) UDP 1200 (used for friends service), UDP 27000 to 27015 inclusive, TCP 27020 to 27039 inclusive • run virus check, adware remover etc. • sometimes it might help to just fetch the steam.dll from a freind or reinstall (see link). • seems to work for some to install the cached client (at this FTP server so, this should be enough, guess you'll be able to fix it now. ruben
  13. Yes, you're perfectly right.In your user-table you would probably have one entry per user only, so that the ID is a unique value.Then, when the user logs in you could get all the entries from the usercredits table that contain his userid ("SELECT Amount FROM usercredits WHERE IDNUM = 'user'") and sum them up or whatever. It might be a good idea to keep count of the current total credit number in a separate table and rename the current "usercredit" table to "usertransactions" or so. This would save you the extra effort of summing up the credits total.Seems fine to me otherwise,Ruben
  14. Hi Ginginca! The easiest way would be to create a new array from the MySQL results: while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $mfr[$row['mfr_url']] = $row['manufacturer'];}This requires the mfr_url stuff to be unique though, otherwise it won't work the way you want it. You could then use a multiple layer array. Afterwards you can use the function asort() to sort your array. Hope you understood, Ruben
  15. You guys are all getting these e-mails saying that there was fraudulent behaviour detected in your account, I don't even think that Google cares in my case… I'd like to know whether those of you who got e-mails were already past the 100€ mark?Another thing: When I first tried out for AdSense I tried with my vocabulary trainer (see link below), but I wasn't accepted. They never told me why (since it complies to the rules as far as I know, but look for yourself), so I figured, the reason was technical insufficiency at the time. I then tried out with my (German) content web-site and got accepted. But I still placed ads on my (by then working well) vocabulary trainer, because it specifically says, that this is allowed in the Google-Help. But mine is a special case I guess. They didn't say a word yet, but I'd rather be faster than they are ^^ What do you guys think, am I violating any rules or not?Thanks for your help,Ruben
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