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Man Dies From Playing World Of Warcraft Gaming? Harmful?

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It IS possibleMan Dies From Playing World Of Warcraft

Yes, a game as addictive as WoW can cause a person to lose all focus on the outside world, cause loss or lessening of sensations like hunger and thirst. I have played for 20 hours straight with no breaks until one of my roommates disconnected the internet, leaving me suddenly starving and in need of a restroom. Lol

-reply by Amanda


False INFO!!!Man Dies From Playing World Of Warcraft

This article is actually supposed to be about a South Korean man that died after playing 50 hours of STARCRAFT! not WOW... I just read the article and here is the website...I believe that the original post was a WOW hater... BUT I wouldnt be surprised to see someone die from playing WOW so much...I used to play it around 6-8 hrs. Now I am WOW Free :-)


the article said he died from not drinking and eating!

-reply by jonte


Hi.Hey man thanks for sharing this post with us but i think that its a fake news and its impossible to play video games continuesly for two days.


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This is the whole reason I don't play games like World of Warcraft. Apparently you can become so addicted it takes over your whole life. I tried it once and it was fun, but a little too much fun if you ask me. It's the same with second life and guild wars, it's pointless living a fake life i think, why not just enjoy your real life instead of pretending to be someone you're not? Or maybe that's what attracts so many people!


Thats a tragedy.Never expected some one to die from it.

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Its been proven that too much games can lead to migranes and can even lead to much weaker eyesight.I wouldn't be surprised.He prbly played forl ike 2 days non stop.


People take singular events and paint a whole huge community by it. People have died while watching TV and we didn't blame the TV. People die while driving all the time and no one stops driving. Religious people go crazy and kill people but we aren't going to make laws labeling religion itself as dangerous. Hell people have died of heart failure while having sex.

The lesson: ANYTHING can kill you. 

-reply by Eeeeee


Replying to FeedBacker

explain how you die of "tiredness" which I bet isn't even a word.. Have you ever heard a autopsy come back saying "death from being tired" you can't die from being tired.. You can fall asleep though! thats the stupidest **** ive ever heard dude the guy died from his blood thickening up and his heart couldn't pump it anymore he died from heart failure due to dehydration.

-reply by rich romer



My perspectiveMan Dies From Playing World Of Warcraft

Wow, this changed my whole perspective on gaming. I saw this on the news 2 and I immediately told my mom to restrict me from video games 4 only 2 hours a day. Its true that u can die from addictive stuff, like food addiction, drugs addiction, and even book addictions. Video games are played by about 88% of people across the world. If someone dies of Video games, especially WoW, its his or her fault. THe only reason people play video games is becuz of stress or becuz they don't like themselves and hate life. I used 2 say that and think that, but now I understand EVERYTHING. I am what some call a nerd, cuz I have braces and glasses and I had friends that are nerds 2. Now, I'm going 2 light up on video games and work on my other hobby, Basketball, which is  way more healthy. Guys, let this teach u a lesson. Don't keep on focusing on a fake and totally unheathy life. Just be yourself. If u like MW2, good 4 u. Just don't get 2 addicted, and try 2 restrict urself.

-Jack 11 yrs old

P.S. Srry 4 the huge message, but I hope this helps.

-reply by Jack



World of Warcraft and AddictionMan Dies From Playing World Of Warcraft

Here's what I have to say about this. I played video games for about 5 hours a day. After reading this, 2 hours a day, and decreasing. A man who dies of addiction is common. Drug addiction, food addiction, even book addiction is bad for your health. I'm what some people call a nerd, mainly because I need glasses and braces and I play video games way too much. I think this teaches all of us a lesson. Don't become addicted to something, even if it's something good, like gardening, or swimming, or even working out. Because someday, it'll come back to ya, especially something like World of warcraft. Thank you for reading, and consider this.

- Jack 11 years old

P.S. Sorry for the long message, but I think it means a lot.


Dying for gaming....Man Dies From Playing World Of Warcraft

You cannot die from just staying up for days on end. That's retarded, and any idiot that thinks so is retarded, and needs to do some research before opening their mouth. 

 I know from personal experience that you can stay awake for weeks on meth, and acid alone. And I'm not dead, nor did I get near dying. Not that I do that crap anymore, but I'm just saying, you can stay awake for a long time, and you won't die. You would simply pass out and sleep. 

 You can also go a very long time without food, but water you cannot. These people that died to playing games were screwed up individuals. Their brains are messed up severely to the point that they do these things. The man killing his baby because it took him from his game? What real person with any brains would do that crap. 

 The point is.. It's not the games. It's not really society. It's screwed up in the head people that want to blame everything on everyone else. They would have probably gotten addicted to crack, or killed their whole family in the future, even without games. They're screwed up, and not like the 99% "normal" population. 

I find it hard to believe that these people didn't get up to go pee, or get a drink of water or anything. I think people just make up a load of crap to shift the blame. You can  get addicted to any game, but to the extent of these people is beyond any normal brain functions. They're screwed up with, or without a gaming addiction and would have done some screwed up thing regardless.


I very much doubt this is true! There is no way that if you were starving you would continue to sit there and play World of War Craft. Besides you would have more chances of getting a blood clot from staying still to long than dieing of from not eating.


I very much doubt this is true!

This is true. And there was one girl who played 4 days straight to reach the last level and she died both in game and in real life. It was a big news few years ago about this. So you may or may not believe but some people are so obsessed with game such that they can go to any extreme for the sake of gaming.


I can't believe people are still replying to this post, it was made over 5 years ago now lol




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Gaming can killMan Dies From Playing World Of Warcraft

I'm in a Psychology class right now and starting up a research paper on this, But actually this isn't to far from the truth. I myself am a heavy gamer and I have caught myself not drinking or saying ehhh I grab something to eat later and before I know it its midnight and I was telling myself around 0900 that I was going to get something but after 15 hours later I was like holy **** I'm starving and that was only because I got tired and decided to get off. There has been many occasions that I and even alot of my friends to say that they have found themselves very thirsty after gaming because they forget to get something to drink or even food.

-reply by Steven


Can video games become so engrossing that it numbs all effects such as hunger, thirst, or pain? Yes it can. In fact back when I was playing World of Warcraft some of the people I played with stayed up until 5AM and went to work 6AM. Not exactly a healthy sleep spiral. Others I know also played 15-20 hours straight in the weekends. Video games are dangerous :oStay healthy(ish)!