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Man Dies From Playing World Of Warcraft Gaming? Harmful?

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It seems mad that anyone could completely withdraw themselves from life and sit there for 50 hours and do nothing but play. You have to eat and drink to live and to stop doing that for a game just seems insane :rolleyes:


I think i may have to play that game then, Guess the parental advisory should read, prelonged exposure may cause death


i knowMan Dies From Playing World Of Warcraft

thats insane right getting a little into the game is okay but playing for 50 HOURS straight thats gotta hurt your bladder or something and I mean its fun to play and all but that guy was downright in love with it or something you know what I mean 

-reply by money


That is insane! Was it definitely the gaming and stress and not just an underlying medical problem made worse?But either way I guess gaming had some sort of implications.Ultimately though, you cant blame the game. There are millions of people out there playing the game as it should be (not too excessively) and these cases are rare. Still, it is quite scary and kind of sad, I can't imagine myself being so engrossed in a game to not pee drink eat etc.I enjoy gaming and graphic design and so on but there are still the basic needs of life that come before that.Hopefully this is a one off case.


This topic is still alive? Oh geez =\!xboxrulz


Thats actually completely out of order because how is it that someone would completely forget about life. I've played world of warcraft and thought it was pretty lame, so hearing that someone's played it for so amazingly long and actually died is quite a shocker. But on the other hand, i think that it's not true becuase that is completely like, unbelievable.


Gaming can be harmful in some situations, but in others, it can help you gain new skills in your life. Most of the time, gaming is only harmful is you become too obsessed, addicted and absorbed into the game so much that you neglect your own health and ignore the realities of the damage you are causing to yourself. Or when you get involved in a virtual argument in-game which soon spreads into a real life situation (I have seen many newspaper articles of people getting killed over a online dispute that occurs in-game over the Internet).However, games can be useful in that you may gain new skills of teamwork and leadership when you play multiplayer or co-operative games, where you interact which others and work together to complete a common objective in the game.It is just which perspective you take when you decide for yourself whether games are harmful or not.


I am not fom UK, or Korea but i've heard this. I cannot get is... how can he play 50 hours.I mean..WOW is great game, but how can he play 50 hours. He wasn't eating? He was standing up from the chair just to go to toilet? This is ironic...


Well, sorry if this has been said above but.

1) the man was mostlikely drinking energy drinks. These have been proven to over stressthe heart when drunk in ecsess(staying up 50 hours straight is hard).

2)if he was going on large binges, chances are he had previously, gamerswho spend this amount of time on one game generaly don't have a verygood diet lack of nutritional goodness also attributes to a weak heart

3)lack of sleep plus the above reasons kinda results in some form ofdeath, plus if he was really into the game other things are put aside.He was probly in some form of semi concious state that only worried about the game... Meh, my two cents

-reply by Spoony


 Why are people still discussing this stuff? It's ignorant to think that in any way, a game can be responsible for someones death. Every man and woman is responsible for they're own lives. And in the case of the child... Who the *bleep* forgets they have a child to take care of?! Immersive game or no, that's messed up. It wouldn't surprise me if a war on technology began, cause that's really where this ignorance will lead. And I suppose I was addicted to WoW at one point. Playing for days at a time...Never once did I lose my sense of reality. I ate every meal, and I'd even stop for smokes:P

I don't want to seem unsimpathetic. But I am, so that's how it comes across...

And yes...I know I just joined the discussion. Can you blame me?


I am tired of hearing about how video games are responsible for killing people. Its like everything else in the universe, too much of anything will cause extreme butt hurt, and propulsive diahrea.  I am tired of the  neo-fascist media whores   trying to villainize video games, especially since video games prevent a lot of crime and teenage pregnancy, by keeping kids at home, and away from girls. And everytime there is any violence, the media automatically finds some whack job psychologist who went to the prestigious school of self study, that says of course flight simulator deceitfully manipulated some hard working honest arabic guys into flying air planes into the twin towers, and all school shootings happen because of zombies ate my neighbors.So I have always wondered why fascist pigs hate video games, and one day I found the answers that was sitting right in front of my face. Conservatives hate video games because video games killed Jesus, and they also like to rape white women.

-reply by everett


Replying to halfI cant belive it that really tells you something me and my friend play it but come on two days straight without food or drink that is so sad I mean great game but surley not that addictive-reply by kidchaor


game i like! it very good!


Is it a real relation betwenn die and play World of Warcraft? I don´t think so...This is only difamation...I can die right now while I´m writing but isn´t Xisto.com fault.Maybe this guy have a health problem. And he had a prematury death...But World of Warcraft didn´t kill him...


i have been playing for about 1 yr now and i have play for 3 day with out stopping and that and then and i have not dead caz of it and that and now i have no life caz of it and that all i do is play the game all day but when i have to go to work and that and sow u can let me know when i got this all about this and that sow i have not herd nothing about it and that and i i have not dune nothing like u guy keep saying and that and sow it that and i have not died from the game the only time i don't play is when i go to work


same thing bout game questionMan Dies From Playing World Of Warcraft

Ummm I played maplestory for like a whole month.Nonstop excxept for all the breeaks for food water bathroom...Etc.And I sleep like about 4 hrs in the day and now for some reason if I try to go to sleepat night,I cant,well...Like iwas saying does anyone think I am gonna die,lol,but no I'm serious I'm still playing same shedule

-reply by diego


I think it's ridiculous to even discuss gaming as inherently "harmful" ultimately it's what you make of it. If you sit and spend 72 consecutive hours gaming then yes, you probably will suffer health problems....If you pick up and play a game for a couple of hours every few days then gaming should act as nothing short of stress relief and fun and certainly will not prove "harmful"


I think he didn't eat, drink and sleep. That's enough to ruin your human biorhythm.


I think he didn't eat, drink and sleep. That's enough to ruin your human biorhythm.

Exactly! It is not inherently playing video games that caused him to stop eating, drinking or sleeping though. It was his own decision to do so. If you ask me, someone has to be pretty stupid to die because they're gaming too much to even eat or drink...


I mean I get pretty engrossed in video games (I am Villarreal manager!!!) but I would never do so to the point where I didn't eat or drink.....


You can't believe people starve to death while playing WoW? Let me tell u something, u don't just go "hmm I think I'm starving, I'll get something to eat". If you don't eat/sleep for long you probably bang yous face against your keyboard at some point, and if noone's there to call an ambulance you're screwed.

People don't die voluntarily cos they'd rather play if that's what you're thinking. They lose control.

-reply by spellbreaker