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Man Dies From Playing World Of Warcraft Gaming? Harmful?

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This topic is realy old. Looks to be from 2005. Anyway I dont feel bad for him. It is his own fault he got addicted to a kids game. Now I have never actualy played world of warcraft but from what I have heard it is one addicting game. Now playing for 50 hours strait seems a little far out but I do know people that have played for up to 10 hours at a time. I do the same as lonelym when I am on the computer. I program php and mysql. I am trying to learn c++ and 3D image making (I want to make a game for windows) but it hasnt been comming very smoothly because all the 3D image programs and 3D cad programs cost $200+ and that is a little much to spend on software (at least in my opinion). I use my computer anywere from 10 minutes to 2 hours per day (depending on if I have anything better to do). I dont think I could got on for 5-7 hours but you never know <_<Thanks,Sparkx


It could be possible. I once stayed on the computer for a day and a half. (Not literally...I would stay on the computer from 6:00am to 2:00 am the next morning, then would sleep and repeat. I did this for about 2 days. As you can see, it's 2:02 a.m. right now, and I'm still on the computer. With this experience, I can see how someone can become addicted to the World of Warcraft game, and eventually die. They might be a "little" bit on the insane side, but I think it is possible.


Yes, it might be true. He could've realized he neglected himself of the basic needs, and when he stood up, all the anesthetic effects were gone, leaving him with unbearable pain.


Yes, it might be true. He could've realized he neglected himself of the basic needs, and when he stood up, all the anesthetic effects were gone, leaving him with unbearable pain.

I fully agree! He must have got a major rush when he got up, and it hit him like a bomb. I feel sorry for the person.


Who said he died by a heartfailure because of playing WoW? Maybe he just got a heart failure, not because of the game, but because there was something wrong with his heart.

I Think that you might be more on the right track with that train of thought. I would believe the two things just happen to coincide, both that he was playing WoW, and that he suffered from massive heart failure. I don't see any way that WoW can cause your heart to stop.

But, if he had not eaten in 7 days, or had any water for 3 days, that still would not cause heart failure. He would have died from starvation or dehydration if that were the case.

I don't think that this story came froma reliable source.

baby bear

lol...that's rediculous that someone would get sucked into a game to that extent. well I guess it's his own fault that happened to him. what an idiot.


that sounds like wot will happen to some guy at school.he never shuts up about "WOW" (world or warcraft) and he ses all he does at home is play world of warcraft.


that sounds like wot will happen to some guy at school.
he never shuts up about "WOW" (world or warcraft) and he ses all he does at home is play world of warcraft.

Yeah. I mean, talking extensively about the game is the same as playing it NONSTOP and dying out of heart failure or dehydration, right?
This is an extreme example. They hit the news because it's bizarre, but also extremely rare. As others have mentioned it's not even certain there is a correlation because of his cause of death.

And it doesn't matter crap if it were WoW, Everquest, or just nonstop music listening or marathoning some TV series. If his death was indeed from an overload of his hobby, then that is sad.

baby bear

sereously I can't believe this. somone would really get so entertwined in the game that they would stop listening to what his body is telling him. sometimes people need to get a life.


Heart Failure is a chronic condition. Meaning it takes YEARS to occur. Basically your heart muscle grows bigger, but it grows inward, not outward making the chamber holding the blood smaller. This causes blood to back up into your lungs. WOW did not cause that. But it may have contributed to his sudden death.-Belg


WOW have nothing to do with it if he starved himself wile playing video games. let alone didn't drink at all. I mean see'mon use some common sense.-hunter25


Ha ha, the funny thing if that you have to break in mid instances and quest to eat and drink is the game! And regardless I always walk away from the computer while on a flight path.


He probably had heart failure due to him being dehydrated. If you become dehydrated your blood thickens, ya don't matter how tough your heart is. It's like trying to pump molasses.


Its fake I think , since I played 58 hours without any sleep and Coke and Coffein and ofc 6 sandwich And I cant se I'm dead?:P-Nowaize


You can say it wasn't due to WoW all you want to, regardless of what your mindset is, you like it or you hate it((I fall on the latter end but thats not a bias)) the guy was addicted to the game, it happens. I have an addiction to Halo 3. Played it for 12 hours straight without moving one day. Granted its not the same time span but its most certainly a slight addiction. This guy had a problem, and it was an addiction to WoW. He may have neglected his own needs but it was due to his addiction. Thats all I have to say. Take care folks!-TarOBoI


I was reading the paper today about a man in South Korea who went on a 50 hour binge playing World of Warcraft and died of heart failure, caused by dehydration and starvation. Can video games become so engrossing that it numbs all effects such as hunger, thirst, or pain? It's hard to believe that he would not grab something to eat after playing for a little over 2 days straight. The article said that this kind of thing happens all the time in South Korea, not to the extreme of dying though. South Korea's connectivity to the world is very high, very close to the United States if not passed it. Their leaps in technology have made the internet a necessity which is both a good and bad thing.
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I just thought it was interesting :-P.

maybe games do but i think it dont
its just the way you take the games for and how serious you are with them
that guy must have been serious with his games if he played for 50hours with no break


So basically, "Demonic Video Games are Killing South Koreans".Makes sense...


Yeah, I'm an avid WOW gamer too. It can be really addictive. No doubt, the news is true. I saw it on the papers a year ago. -Vladimir Petroskvy


Wow. Sad story. It is actually possible to die of tiredness and plus if your brain works hard at the same time. Which is the case. You ought to take breaks once every three or fours hours at least.


Ok. I'm a bungie employee. I love games, but dying from them? well, I myself could believe it. I developed the games halo 2, and halo 3 (I helped). I know what game addiction is like, even though I haven't had it. I've worked with people who had it, which is 10x worse... Wouldn't you take a break? I mean jeez... You have to stay fit. Games aren't my life. I play maybe 2-3 hours a day (depends on occasion). I don't believe in mmorpg's. They are the most addicting, and I don't want that to happen to me. Guess I'll sign off here.-tzzle