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Cancer Cure? Anyone Know If This Is True?

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tumor microenvironments are now fully understood. acidic microenvironments may have been described for tumors but this is a gross overinterpretation of what really is happening. I assure you that attempting to make yourself more alkaline will just get you in more trouble than necessary. if there is anything that may be more useful than what you say... it would be to prevent inflammation. inflammations in all its forms are a dangerous reaction to injury that often causes secondary and tertiary effects.


I dout it. But possibly. As far as I know, we are a long ways from a cure for cancer. We keep working though. We will soon get there.


Just as we feel so confident that the spam e-mail we receive (with promises of instant cash winnings or free cruises to the Bahamas) are false or scams, we should be aware that there are similarly many claims to cancer "cures" that are exaggerations, misleading, and dangerous. A silver bullet against all forms of cancer does not exist. Current scientific research does not yet support the existence of any such substance. While the development cycle of a drug may take a decade before commercial production, the medical community should already be aware of potential drugs in the early phases of development. Who else will provide the human subjects to test these drugs on? And if this supposed miracle drug is already on the market, it is at the very least untested and unverified for safety and efficacy.It saddens me that the shysters who sell these fake products would prey on cancer patients, those who are at their most vulnerable moments and perhaps willing to try anything.


I completely agree with you webintern. It's sad what people will do for a little cash. They prey of the weak like animals. Lions when attacking a herd of animals go for the sick and the weak because they're easier. People are the same way sometimes. They go for the most desperate because it is the easiest way. It amazes me how animal-like people can be. On the otherhand I wish there was a perfect cure for cancer.


Hi all,
Did you ever hear of smartcells. My wife is pregnant and she is due in June. I heard about smartcells in one of the pregnancy classes that we are following. Incidently, I also saw an advert on the Sunday newspaper, so I went to their website:


Do you think its a cure for cancer. Do you believe that this really works? Do you know of any experiences of friends?


I have found a similar website may be this might help .... http://cellslimited.com/


I have found a similar website may be this might help .... http://cellslimited.com/

i agree with stingray, how can u empty an HIV cell and even if there was a way to empty it wouldnt that kill the cell completly because there wont be any living matter inside? i believe the cure for cancer lies with stem cells, stem cells are the purest form of basic duplicative cells available.... i dont think its goin to be that easy as well, due to the vastness with respect to the types of cancers out there... each cancer has to be treated differently.... but the idea is intreguing.... one disease helping to find the cure for another. i believe the HIV bit tho is a little hogwash.

firstly Gab congrats smile.gif hope everything turns out well smile.gif
smartcells is a term coined to stemcells.....
personally i would advise against extracting and storing the stem cells of ure unborn child.
i think the extraction of stem cells for research is only approciate in the case of an unwanted child...
stem cells have a capability of accquiring the chemical properties of the cells surronding it...
extracting these growth cells might or might not hamper the growth of ure child.
this process is not full proof and the side effects are unknown.
i suggest consulting a specilist before u take any further decisions...

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