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Space Exploration (nasa= Good/bad)

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I personally think that we are just nature and what ever we do is nature there is no good or bad-reply by just smart


I think that Space Exploration is awesome! We may never find out what's out there but using the money. May help us Figure Things out!-reply by John Von Smithers


ok I think one thing people have missed on the importance of finding another habitable planet is that there is an extreme possibility that this planet will become inhospitable far sooner than the sun will die(red giant nova all that included) reason is that our planet has been calculated as drifting away from the sun at an exponential rate that was rated I believe in the 80's as being 1 inch a year. this does not seem like much but apparently it is doubling something like every 5 years so it is now drifting at least 8 to 10 inches a year and this is going to have drastic effect at some point soon (not in our life times hopefully but possibly by the time our great grand children are in the working class) Why are we not noticing this? Well notice all the global warming due to 80% volcanic activity, 12% cows(methane), and the rest a combination of animals gases minus the 3% caused by our burning combustible fuels (no we are not the big contributors to the global warming sorry folks we aren't that important or powerful ... yet) if we were to take all of that away then we would quickly see a dramatic decrease in temperature and the steady decrease would also be noticed thus giving us time to adapt. however since we do have it we will have a number of years where it will be warmer but when we drift to far away to support some of the plant and animal growth to support the warming trend then things will start rolling rapidly down the hill the other way and a cold snap will ensue (provided the first statement is accurate being that scientists have been wrong before) and some unforeseen event does not occur due to the cooling process or even an event causes our planet to shift back or stabelise it's orbit. Two things can come from space exploration that would help this one is to use it to find another planet of course and I am all for that as it would double our chances of survival as a race and more importantly an ecology (humans are not the only thing going to that colony) but the other would be to find a way to move our planet to save it and even one day find a way to revitalize our sun extending it's lifespan.



I can't agree for that reason being a good one to drop space exploration because:


we pay farmers tremendous money every year through our illustrious government to let grain and other crops to set in their silos and rot inorder to keep the market from financially plummeting. and since that is the case then the government should buy that grain as it already has and transport it out to be used to feed the poor, while they are being educated to become a productive members of society. (maybe even workers in some facility that gives manufacturing support to the space industry ;-) )


as for NASA I think more private sector money should be devoted to privately developing space faring technology and far out way what NASA is currently doing (spaceship one is an example) If you want over unity you have it but it is over looked. we as humans produce far more of what we need than we actually use so we can apply that extra energy and profit to this.)


The world is moving farther away from the sun and space exploration is well enough, but on the chance that humans actually do find another inhabitable planet, people will begin to want to travel there starting probably as a new colony as well as a tourist resort or something along those lines. Not all tourists are nice enough to walk to the nearest trash can to throw away their garbage as it is now. More likely than not, people would do the same thing there as they do here and not only that, but if there is another planet that is inhabitable, then there is a possibility for a different intelligent lifeform other than humans (not that humans are super intelligent, they are perhaps just a small step up from an animal) and what would happen to them? Some would wish to coexist, but there would also be those who would wish ill of them. It could even be that the people of Earth would do the same thing to extraterrestrials as they did with the native Americans or African-Americans. I think NASA's space exploration is actually a very good thing, but the human race is not quite ready for whatever may be "out there", and possibly, what is "out there" may not be ready for us as well.


My 2c. Do I think space exploration is a good idea? Maybe. I can't really comment as I don't know much about NASA, but of all the wonderful things that we might discover due to space exploration, I just hope it is not tainted by that most evil of human ideas, money. I've heard of paid rides into space and things like that already popping up, and for me I think it only cheapens the value of such a thing. If experience tells us anything, if humans figure out how to do something, they will do it. I think it only inevitable that we will reach up and learn more about what is out there, not least of all other possible life forms.On the flip side, step back for a moment and stare at the stars. Space may be one of those few things that we have left that we can only reach in our wildest dreams, and all the possible things that might be out there. There may likely come a day when the wonder is removed from space, and that might make the universe a duller place. Think how people a few hundred years ago looked across the sea in wonder at what was beyond the horizon, or into the sky at the birds flying over head and only wishing we could do the same. Now we know, and these things seem merely trivial to us now. It will probably not happen for many generations to come, but perhaps one day we will take space for granted as well?Cheers,Hoopa



Space Exploration (nasa= Good/bad)


Replying to wua05


Before we can begin to find out about other cultures on other planets, we must improve our own. Before we spend billions of dollars to find if there are other life forms out there, we must preserve our own. First, we must cure all the diseases that are killing millions of humans. What is the use of finding other life forms if, by the time we do, our population is diminished by half, if not more? AIDS can kill us all. NOW! Before we spend money on the future consequences, think of the present ones that may kill our chances of even having a future. What about hunger, poverty, and homelessness that exists on OUR PLANET? We don't even know if there are other life forms that have these problems, so first we must solve our own. When we can safely say that there are no hungry or homeless people living on our Earth, then we can begin worrying about other potential life forms and their possible problems. Until then, let's stick to life on Earth and not "space out!"


-reply by SammyxSpacexFreak


space travel is good. it allows us 2 discove new planets n perhaps, discover new 'beins'?? it might happen!


Sorry but the Earth is Not moving away from the sun at an exponential rate. I would be curious to see a cite on that. The Earth mves from the sun at about 1.5cm annually. Space xploration has led to many inventions and improvements. Thus it should continue.


I'm mixed as far as NASA goes.I think there are several useful applications of space exploration and the biddings of NASA:-Helping us to learn about how space and physics and general operates can help us in a number of practical applications and advancing technologies back on Earth.-Learning about the possible origins of life or how life if it exists operates on other planets could help us find new ways to think about life and problems here.-There could be possible resources that could be used on Earth out in space, compounds that require extreme amounts of energy or pressure to form (think diamonds, although not really a compound, it requires extreme heat and pressure to form diamond) could be useful in new types of metals, armors, machine parts, or even energy sources.-Colonization of space is also something that could be really useful. If water exists even deep underneath the surface of Mars its possible we could bring some to the surface, add our own, or find other natural ways to create it. We could terraform Mars one day. We could make use the greenhouse effect that is harmful to us right now to heat up Mars to be conducive to life and introduce nutrients and plants and slowly animals and large human populations to Mars.It might take a long time but I'd love to one day see fuels being burned on Mars to increase the surface temperature, then fertilizers, plants, the whole shebang brought over to begin growing farms in huge tents pumping out oxygen generated by the plants and pumping in excess CO2 from the atmosphere, decaying and building a biological soil layer. Then larger plants, and slowly small animals and eventually bigger animals and people.. The interesting thing I think is how much water could we get on Mars? Mars is known to have water vapor in its atmosphere, but is there enough laying around to form oceans or at least seas or large lakes and to form storm-systems to support life long-term?Anyways alot of questions, but even with the possible gains from space exploration the big question is is it all worth it for a shot in the dark? I think we should continue to try and explore space but our first and foremost concern should remain Earth and bettering it first.


NASA's project on space exploration is very important to our survival as human beings. As we continue to live on this planet we will eventually run out of the resources that has kept us on this planet for so many millions of years. So with the exploration of mars and seeing if the planet itself is capable of inhabitable life we would have found our new area for resources or more so a new world to go to. We have come really far to being able to send probes out their now we have our own robot to scavenge for life on Mars is a great way to find what we have been looking for for years. This world is almost outgrown its lifespan and our worlds population has been increasing at an exponential rate. And very soon the world we know of right now will not be able to hold our weight.With the news reports on the many space explorations that NASA has under went I became facisnated at how close we are to finding life on other planets. Because in actuality there really has to be something out their with our intelligence or even greater. We cant be the only ones out there that can do things. The universe is a vast space that has to be abundent in life. Fictional stories and movie adaptations of life in outerspace may soon come true once NASA has reached its goal in determining that MARs can actually be inhabited. That alone gives proof to what we can expect in the near future of how far we can take that knowledge and expand it to our horizons and take off with the knowledge that it has given us as human beings. There has been many discoveries in the past but this should be a shocking and most important one to our human race. And from this discovery we might even take the next step into embarking a journey to MARs like we have already done so on to the MOON.Many have said and believed that this type of event could not be possible, but scientists and great minds at NASA has proved with great investigation that this may be the new world that we have been looking for, for so long. Movies that were fictional actually and probably hold some of the truth that is to come. And with that it is only a matter of time before we discover what it is we are looking for.


Yeah thank for the conversation I can use it to write my essay.-reply by hinkle dinkle snikle snorf esquire the third


Humans are generally curious. When someone tells us not to look at something, we can't help ourselves but to look. Therefore I think human curiosity is kind of driving the Nasa program to its limits. Is this generally a bad thing? I'd say not.Alot of jobs are dependant on Nasa, and that a lone is a good reason to keep the program running. If in this solar system, in this planet earth, humans can live, there has to be atleast one other planet in this universe, in one of the galaxies, in one of the solar systems, in one of the planets where its just like Earth. Meaning out of the billions of planets earth can't be the only one that livable.Is looking for this such a bad thing. Could it lead to one of those sci fi movie galaxy battles to take over the earth..lol i would say not. And i don't think we are going to find anything interesting anytime soon. As of now, it just stands as a place for people to work lol..Just imo..But hey, i know very little about everything :)


I do agree Nasa and Space Exploration are important. People are very curious as you guys have said, and its nice to know the poepl involved with NASA are helping to find more and more about what goes on outside of our planet, Earth. However, I wish NASA was a bit more precautious, it seems there have been small to large errors with most of there recent flights. Its weird, they could fly a Space Shuttle with full success to the moon in the 60's and now there are troubles with every small experiment or flight they try to pull off.


Well what I think is that, with everything that has gone wrong and the people who have be hurt. I thin they should just spend time reaserching and perfecting what they already know how to do. Another thing to is that it would take less money instead of having them explore. Because we basically know what they know, all we have do is go to their webstie and get the photos and what they are.Oh yeah this website helped a lot on my finals!-reply by Kimberley


Space Exploration is a WasteSpace Exploration (nasa= Good/bad)NASA spends billions upon billions of dollars to prove that men will never live on another planet. Yet there are starving homeless people living on the streets of our home planet. NASA should be banned from any further space programs and the money should be directed at what can be done to save planet earth.


Why travel to space?Space Exploration (nasa= Good/bad)

 Personally, I think we should spend the money we use on space exploration for things that are more important at this time.  Like finding cures to cancer, or even finding alternate energy sources.  If you haven't noticed, we're doing a crappy job of taking care of ourselves and our planet.  I'm just saying we should take of what we have before we go looking for more!

-reply by Brooklyn



I agree completely with you wua05. NASA is really a great foundation that has provided benefits and will continue to help mankind. I believe that useless entertainment such as American Idol and Pimp my Ride should be removed, but not NASA. For the population that support the removal of NASA, perhaps you should change your target to useless entertainment activities that do very little in supporting mankind in general. NASA is doing a good thing by trying to secure the future of mankind, and I believe others should look at them as a role model. Sure, other problems such as cancer, global warming, and oil consumption are the biggest threat as of now, but its not NASA that people should be pointing the finger at. I believe we need to open up a good book and start studying rather than watching tv. That is much better in my opinion than arguing to take out NASA.

 Space exploration offers so much possibilities, some of which might actually save mankind in the very end. Remember, the sun wont live forever, and once that goes out, we go out. Sure, it will take billions of years to come, maybe even sooner, and it will take a while for us to reach that stage, but its a step in the right direction. 

-reply by zeus


Space Exploration could actually save mankind's lives. It is risky to let the outside world unknown. We never know whether aliens exists in other planets which would be a potential threat to us. Or even sudden comet or explosion to grab lives of the innocent. Furthermore, it is a great pity to let the beauty of God's creation left unwondered. One day, our sun will be gone, our earth sure will be gone too. Space exploration could be the only answer to our survival of our generation. Mean to say NASA is doing the best for our generation.Despite of the cost used, it is certainly benificial to mankind. For Science and Technology, we support NASA.


Space Exploration (nasa= Good/bad)Space Exploration (nasa= Good/bad)

The reason why we explore is to discover. When we explore space, we will come across  new findings that we will find beneficial for our planet Earth. In the longrun, homeless and poor people are not gonna save Earth, but our findings on other planets such as resources, water and life, that will help us survive.

-reply by Bmastertak


Space Exploration is CRAPSpace Exploration (nasa= Good/bad)

The money that is spent on space exploration can rather be spent to reduce poverty in the underdeveloped countries. The national wealth can rather be channelized towards the betterment of the downtrodden lot of the society. Space exploration involves both astronomy and space technology. It requires a huge amount of money to be spent on the journey to space. Some believe that the money can be diverted towards the poor. When many cannot even meet their basic needs of life, is it right to spend on space exploration?Manned missions to space impose a huge amount of risk on the astronauts who travel to space. Apart from the expenditure of money, a travel to space also risks the human life. The human beings who travel in space have to face harsh conditions and challenge themselves to adapt to unfriendly environment. Unmanned missions and those using robots to explore space are a solution to risking the human life. But robots mean another new technology, thus incurring added costs.What seems to take us by surprise may land us in trouble. We may find something in space that is lethal to life on Earth. We may discover something that is extremely harmful for the living beings on Earth. Space exploration may invite some dangerous microorganisms that may exist in space. The extraterrestrial beings may actually prove dangerous for human life.Space exploration can mean a major leap for mankind but it is also criticized as not having achieved any major scientific breakthroughs. Public interest can serve as the determinant factor in judging the suitability of space exploration. It may not be wise to splurge on space exploration if other basic needs are being ignored or left unfulfilled.-reply by Briana