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Has Anybody Tried Byethost?

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I signed up but I have no idea what to do next.. when i logged in i cant access the vista panel.. i dont have a password or username.


I signed up but I have no idea what to do next.. when i logged in i cant access the vista panel.. i dont have a password or username.

Make sure that you have confirmed the activation email the host company has sent you. Sometimes it takes a few hours or days for it come, but most of the time it comes instantly.

Soviet Rathe

I signed up but I have no idea what to do next.. when i logged in i cant access the vista panel.. i dont have a password or username.

Did you confirm your email address? once you do they email you your login details.


bytehost... is really a nice site but not that good. It offers free host but uses vista as its cpanel and that one is not that powerful. If you want some free host then you can dig the net you will find tons of em, i know many but cant post here as i will be banned saying i am advertising the site in wrong place if you want some pm i will hand you and you can also google it there you can find really loads of such sites and all are better than the other.


I have search for the free hosting, it seems Byethost fits into the bill, but it seems they ceased to accept application until 2/1/11. But I have googled the review on the net, it seems a lot of controversal comments. Some have real good experience, but other complainging lost of account, lost of database. I guess it really depends upon your expectations, it's a feehost. Here's are 2 example's of the review:Bad first:"Steer clear of this awful host.I'm with their paid hosting. I've used many different hosts in all my years and never have I taken the time to write a review. But they are the absolute worst host on the net and are causing me substantial loss of business. My account has been suspended for server load, they refer to me as one of the "bad customers", but in actual fact my site was only getting about 10-15 visitors a day and I have no forums or anything else that would cause excessive server load. And because they suspended my account for a couple days, my google page rank went from #2, to not even being in the top 100 now. I think the shared hosting has such low resources as a ploy to get you to upgrade to a VPS server, a scam I want no part of. I was even thinking of upgrading to a reseller account before this mess happened, good thing I didn't jump into that right away. If you're running a business off your website and rely on it to make a living, then this is NOT the host for you. But if you're ok with crappy service and don't mind having your account suspended for days at a time then go for it."Good one here:"Byethost.com is the best host ever! ratingI am using their free plan & everything is just like paid hosting but i am getting tired of the vista panel they are offering in my opinion they should upgrade it! I do not means that the vista panel is bad its good and easy to use ;) now i am going to upgrade to a premium plan surely to monthly standard after it i will upgrade to monthly ultimate! & also the great thing of this company is that they never terminate any account without giving a backup & if they closed your account without any backup then you can get backup by submiting support ticket! this makes byet the no.1 choice. So if you wants a reliability,speed,value then choose byethost.com as your permanent host! Byet keep it up we all are very happy with you~"Personally I will signup for a free host to see how good or bad itis!


I have been with them too (Free Hosting, that is), and my advice is: Stay well clear.Apart from the fact that they use the very obscure and user-unfriendly Vista Control Panel, they put restrictions on the sorts of files you can upload,when they do that, it is practically impossible to make proper websites, imagine you want to put a video clip or a piece of music on ther (even if you own the copyright), you are not allowed to upload the files.If I remember correctly, even a PDF file came under the banned category.Further, when trying to use their MySQL database, it has restrictions on it as well, I use a very good form creating program,with which you have the option of storing the data sent to the form in a MySQL database, well, sometimes even the simple form would not work, a form with nothing more than Name, Address, Phone Number and Email in it, because the database stopped the script from writing data to it.So, what is the point of having a host where you get a database (or a number of databases, don't remember) which you cannot even use properly most of the time.I also seem to remember that you could not connect to your MySQL database more often than you could.So, unless you want to make a very simple website, and a small one, I would just leave that company as they are.BTW. If you are looking for proper hosting at the right place, why don't you hand your site over to Xisto?I can assure you you won't regret it for a single minute.


Dear friend I have tried that in person some years ago but I was not at all satisfied with their services. So I joined Xisto then Xisto. And what I get over here is ultimate which we could not get even in paid services. So I think I will never be using byte host or any other host any more. As I am fully satisfied with what I am getting from Xisto.


Just to make something clear:When I say at the end of my post "You won't regret it", I am talking about Xisto's hosting (Or Xisto if you like), not Byethost's.I can only re-iterate what I said at the beginning of my post: where Byethost is concerned, stay well clear.Hope my last sentence did not cause any confusion.


hmm i have tested their services and the most weird thing about their services are bandwidth, it is just a question for me why they provide limited bandwidth with unlimited disk space ? what they mean by unlimited anyway ? when you have 250GB of traffic you never can use more than 250GB of your disk space so why thet have named it unlimited was the first question in my mind from the first time i tried their service. another question in my mind is that "Free Technical Support" that have mentioned in their website, is there any paid hosting which their support is not with their monthly fee? any of them get extra money for answering your tickets ?i had their services for one year and i only saw down time of 18 hour once but not any other down time (more than 30 minutes). the paid service is nice but in those years they were not very up to date with version of mysql and PHP but i don't know how they are now. their service is average and you will face some slowness sometimes because of their price, when i compared their service to those professional ones i found that if you want a real top class service with same features like 250GB bandwidth then you have to pay at least 8-10 $ per month so when you pay 4 $ per month you should not expect to be as nice as a nice hosting provider with limited accounts per server (this is the most important factor that can reduce or increase price of providing a host so when you create many accounts on a server your service will not be very satisfying). About free service i never go for a vista panel free service any way byethost will remove your account if you don't have enough activity or visitor per month so this is not a reliable host because here in KS you can leave your host if you have enough mycents in your account for months or even years until you ran out of mycents. so i never suggest byethost free service to anyone and the problem with their free services are not only monthly visitors, many other problem like down times are existing too. if you want a nice free host you can try KS, but never go for byet host free service other wise you may loose your website.


Exactly my point:


Vista panel is useless.

Their PHP and MySQL works when it wants to.

They have "Safe Mode" switched on on their PHP, so it is sometimes impossible to get the most innocent script to work.

And, yes, I had even forgotten about that, if traffic to your website is a bit quiet and you don't reach their quota, they just delete your whole account, some service, I would say.


I, personally would NEVER give them a second look again.


Most of the time I'm trying open source php scripts to find the script that meets my needs. I tried hosting with Bytehost but I was not satisfied by the limitations of the PHP. That doesn't mean it's bad but it just doesn't suite me.I tired BlueHost for my company and I upgraded to a paid hosting there. It's better than Bytehost.