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Does Dating Sites Help To Find The Life Partner?

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Hello, I'm a single mom with a little girl, just trying to make a good life! I like hanging with family, friends, camping and boating. I have heard about online dating sites, is there any free dating websites where can I find my partner? Thanks in advance!


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Meeting from the internet is kinda sad, Just go out have a good time in a night club and you will find the one for you there!


Ya why not ?But beware that lots of people lying their real things in dating websites. If you from developed country like USA, UK you can find your soul mate.Meeting online is not perfect way to make dating friends. So go to night clubs, gardens, Anywhere where people lots of. Then, perhaps you will find you mate.


I agree with these folks..there are so many people looking for to connect with others like you.On the web, you do not know for sure who you are dealing with so it may take you sometime to figure out the dude was probably lying or just not your type.Meeting people face to face is the real deal.


I dont really know about dating sites. About the most I have found on those sites are one night stands. Especially living here in Las Vegas. Although love does find itself in mysterious ways. I met my current girlfriend, who I feel I am going to marry on MySpace. It was a random encounter and we talked online for about a week. We then decided to meet up and since then we have been inseperable. By that I am serious, we have been together for almost 8 months and have been with each other every single day. So I guess I could say that you can find love online, but not if you go looking for it.... it will just happen to find you one of these days.


My Aunts met their husbands online, in a dating site. They feel good about it and had went out with them for a bit. Sometimes when you don't have much luck in your area, especially from a small town, it might help. You have to take everything with a grain of salt though. A lot of it is lies, from people who do this for fun, leading them on, and messing with them. Try to keep to the ones who seem real, and legit. I would say its a great way to find someone, but you really have to to open and trusting to be with someone online. The other option is to hang out with your friends more and look around if your friends meet someone new and introduce you to them and build up your contacts, and whenever you find someone you click with, then pursue it.


The happiness that real life relationships can. All the online meetings and dreams and talks can prove to be futile in the end.


Come on guys , she said that she likes that , and this ....all the stuff!! don't you see that she need someguy from Xisto board? she's not gonna find better then you guys!And for the question : pretty all the dating websites are FREE for women , only men have to pay for everything all the time :/


Girls are actually more complicated than men. Women do not like to be professed eternal love and caring. If you like a girl in romantic way, you naturally want her to return the feeling. Don't think of it as an overly complicated matter.


It's an option, I know some people that met their soul mate though a dating website. As happens in regular dating you will find serious people and bad people, I guess you just have to have a little bit luck and as always be careful with the people you meet.I personally met my ex in a chat room, years passed before we actually started dating but he is a nice person, so you can find a person similar to you with your same interests, no doubt about it.


Ok, just for me being onery, if you have a little girl, who I'm sure is the apple of your eye and a real little darling and you have friends to go camping and boating with why do you need a boy friend? Sounds like your having a pretty good time as it is, why drag a guy into the mix when chances are all he will do is become a royal pain in your backside???I think the internet is a great way to find a puppy. Not so great for a lifemate/partner. So many people are so bloody dishonest. If you go this route, don't get too serious about anybody until you meet them, and when you do meet, be dang careful. You wouldn't want to be lured out on a date by some serial rapist. I really don't think drinking establishments are a very good choise for finding a boyfriend. You already have a daughter. So I assume that you are mentally matured and grown up.(having children does this to women in most cases) Finding a man that is still in the bar hopping stage may not be a good choise. While he may be out looking for a woman, he probably isn't thinking about a permenent partner. I hear laundry mats are good for picking up guys. Lets face it, if you find a guy doing his own laundry, it means he probably doesn't have a girlfriend or a mother, and both are good signs. Of course, he could be a bum that can't hold down a job long enough to buy his own washing machine, so of course, you would just need to use a little common sense in whatever circumstance you met a man.