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what is the best uninstaller for you?

i use total uninstaller i really like monitor install i can uninstall your setup completely

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I don't use Windows mainly, but when I use it and want to speed up and tweak the friend's PC I use Revo Uninstaller because it does the job very nicely (4 modes of cleaning the traces of the uninstalled program) and it's freeware too :P


I usually use CCleaner, and then do a quick Registry Fix, I find that having a single program to use for both, is rather useful, and was my first download on my laptop. Easy clean, fix, and uninstaller. I don't really take to much into mind with a program uninstall. I know Revo is good according CNET. Its all good now, though I don't want to use such a high end unnecessary program. Sometimes there is a limit to safety with freeware.


Only cool people use the Windows Uninstaller, I used it windows XP, windows Vista, and I use it on Windows 7 aswell. All you guys are totally not cool.Btw..SPAM?WHat>


:P pass the boll that was a good one. Btw i don't use any extra software because i too think that windows one is sufficient but i suggest using uninstaller provided with system mechanic or advanced system care. They are really nice one's.


Best Uninstaller software is System Uninstaller (That comes with system, if you use window-windows uninstaller). External software is use is CCleaner. I use it as a uninstaller and registry fix software. It is also useful for deleting unwanted data from computer.




I installed Aegisub, didnt like it. But now I cant uninstall, it isnt in the remove control panel or in the start up menu. But worse, during instalitain I associeted the srt files with it. Now... ZoomPlayer cannot play them with movies.

I will try those uninstaller programs,



Best free uninstaller is combination of REVO and CCLEANERFor paid softwareYou can try Total Uninstall, it is a good program and fast too.(paid may/may not mean cracked :P)


Your uninstaller and perfect uninstaller are also good. But they are not free. your uninstaller is much similar to Revo.


On a windows system, (really the only OS where uninstalling programs actually does not completely uninstall them,) I typically use the one provided by windows. But, when I install an application I always monitor the install so that I know every change that was made to the system. Then when I so desire I am able to run a check against the install list to be sure any changes made by an install were reversed by an uninstall. I have a brother who writes or rewrites install packages for distribution on very large networks (thousands to tens of thousands of PC's). It really is interesting how something like a 5 MB patch even can made 1MB or less.


The best uninstaller that I've ever used is Perfect Unistaller. Check it out.



i use Perfect Uninstaller :angel: :(