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How To Change Windows Xp Language ?

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Language SettingsHow To Change Windows Xp Language ?

Go to the Star Menu.. Then Control Panel... Then Regional/Language settings... Change your language.. No need to reinstall windows.

-reply by Brandon


Dell windows xp 2002 / change language from english to spanishHow To Change Windows Xp Language ?

If someone can please give me step by step how to change the language on a Dell Windows XP 2002 Professional from English to Spanish I would really appreciate it.  I know someone in  a Spanish speaking Country that bought a used computer that need to convert the language to be able to use it and I do not know how to do it.  I need to give them step by step instructions through text because it is extremely expensive to call them and walk them through it.

Thank you in advanced for your help and guidence.

God Bless!


same problem here, borrowed a PC all in chinese, and I don't want to risk crashing it by messing around with all the settings (which I already did once ;D)blindly changing the settings in ''control panel>regional settings''didn't work for me...

I do have a cra ked version of XP SP2 but I don't want to erase any file,since I'm only borrowing it for a little while.anybody got a quick fix please let me know

-reply by Boobya


Caveats...How To Change Windows Xp Language ?


Thank you for the hint, it worked for me... Well, almost. Maybe it's because my XP had already an SP3 installed, now my XP is using the new language most of the time, but some menu are still in french (the old language). However, after the language switch, the computer was not able to update anymore; the windows update web site gave a generic error.

The good news is that manually installing IE8 (in the new language) fixed the problem, now I can update the system again!

-reply by Antonio


Asian to englishHow To Change Windows Xp Language ?

My father is having some issues with what he thinks is a virus that changed everything to an asian font. I have windows vista, he has Xp, and having a hard time helping him out. Is there any websites or anything that could give me a step by step without knowing what each tab is? I.E-" third tab from the left". Just looking to help him out. Thanks, Dan


Language SettingsHow To Change Windows Xp Language ?


it's not easy to change language unless you have multi-language support os

If you can't change it through region tab thingy then it means you can't.

like my dad just bought a small laptop with all chinese OMG. I don't know how to help him== gosh since his small crappy laptop doesn't have cd rom OMG( that's more worse than not being able to change language through reinstallation)

lucky I have my own mac(multi-language user friendly OS)

-reply by MACGOD


Accidentally installed wrong languageHow To Change Windows Xp Language ?Hi - I recently bought an Acer Aspire which automatically begins the installation of XP Home Edition when you turn it on. When prompted to chose the language, I chose what I thought was the Canadian version of English (yes - that is different from US) but it installed in French instead. Changing regional settings does not work. I was told the only way to change this is to buy another version of XP. So, I got a new Windows xp Home Edition which I was going to use to reinstall. The computer won't let me. As soon as the installation starts, the system stops and tells me (in French) that I already have that version installed - argh!.So, how do I have a new installation of XP override the current XP blocking it?-reply by Hamish


down the bottom of the start bas, next to the clock, there should be a little button with 'ger' or 'deu' written on it. click it and select 'english' if the button isnt there, then it has a german version of windows on it. you will have to reinstall an english version :-( you might ber able to download a patch to change it to english from the microsoft website, but im not sure.


Need to re-install windows?How To Change Windows Xp Language ?

Try using "Partition Commander". You can then erase the old version of windows, and put the new one on. There are various programs out there that can erase an old drive. Be sure to back up your data you want to keep, because it will erase everything. 

-reply by net-tech.Com



Changing language in Win XPHow To Change Windows Xp Language ?Replying to cjm1504Actually, if you want to set languages in Win Xp, then just use the Microsoft helpsite: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ it's vital to choose the language in the advanced tab of "Regional Settings" and then to check the box at the very bottom.The Koonkap-reply by Koonkap


How To Change Windows Xp Language How To Change Windows Xp Language ?

One can add additional language apart from the preferred language.

Follow the link below for stepwise instructions





after inserting your OS in the rom, it will prompt you to install or repair, choose INSTALL FRESH COPY then it will tell you to FORMAT your previous system. Formatting will delete all your data from where you install your previous windows, if it is partitioned, two drives (eg, C: and D:) then put your important files in another drive..  just follow the wizard...:)



Replying to cjm1504Hello,As I understand it the mission is to change the language of the User Interface which cannot be changed the way described earlier in this forum as far as I have seen. Microsoft has developed MUI for this which stands for multilingual user interface.Multilingual user interface pack can be downloaded here: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ it or mount in daemon tool or similar.After installing this ad-on a new feature appears.Click on start=>control panel=>regional and language options=>languages. A new drop down list appears where you can change the language of the windows user interface.Done.-reply by Erik


the answerHow To Change Windows Xp Language ?https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/products/windows by the answer


How To Change Windows Xp Language ? How To Change Windows Xp Language ?

Try replacing shell32.Dll this will surely work.(link provided)Don't forget to take backup of original shell32.Dll.You will find it in Windowssystem32 folder.Replace the file with a system file replacer(if don't know google it)This one is English.Here is a link.http://dll.downloadatoz.com/shell32.Dll-file-download.html


there is another wayHow To Change Windows Xp Language ?

download the needed language pack from the microsoft site and install it. Once its installed reboot then go back to configuration and languages inside control panel and then you will be able to change the language to the one you need.

-reply by vicvado


MUI wonHow To Change Windows Xp Language ?

I have XP Home and am trying to do the same thing. The MUI pack from Microsoft won't install, because it only works with XP Pro. Here is a note in the readme of the Microsoft Windows XP Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI):


Supported Platforms:

The Windows XP MUI pack only works with Windows XP Professional Edition. The MUI files cannot be installed on Windows XP Home Edition. A 32-bit MUI pack can only be installed on 32-bit Windows XP. You must use A 64-bit MUI pack on  64-bit Windows XP. The number of supported MUI languages On 64-bit will be different from 32-bit XP.


Does anyone know how to enable language changing functionality on XP Home??? Not just the keyboard input language, but the entire system language (menus, help, etc.)

-reply by Jeff


try booting to safe mode >control panel > regional setting > add your language then winxp will not find it that's why it will ask you for the installation cdif not>>>>>try to enter the advanced tap and add the desired lang. after changing the location country


Change language of windows xp systemHow To Change Windows Xp Language ?

hi guys my name's jeyhun & I need you help. Problem is at this time my computer system language is russian but I need to change system language, when I clicking to eng , system need cd for the that. It means in the system haven't any driver to change language... And question mine is that how I can find solution is this task ?... Thank everyone ! ... Please is someone know solution please help me because I need your help... Thank again

-reply by jake


Re: How To Change Windows Xp Language ? How To Change Windows Xp Language ?


My Windows XP is in Greek language and would like to change to English.

I have followed iGuest instructions downloaded replacer as well as the English Shell32.Dll file in the link indicated. (http://dll.downloadatoz.com/shell32.Dll-file-download.html)

I dragged and dropped the old Shell32.Dll file found in  C/Windows/System32 to the replacer, and after I dragged and dropped the new (English version Shell32.Dll file).

After that I was requested to reboot, which I did.

When the computer rebooted was still everything in Greek and inside the C/Windows/System32 I found: Shell32.Backup, Shell32.Dll and Shell32.Dll_SafeToDel.

Any suggestions?? What do I need to do to complete the procedure and change the Windows Xp Language from Greek to English??