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Are We Living A Game? With the Sims and other similar games you gotta wonder sometimes.

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Shadow Knight

Hmm...ive never thought of life to be like a game before. This does remind of times where things happen that i have no control over, it kinda makes me feel weak in a way knowing that someone or somthing has total control over you and you cant do anything about it.....very annoying if you think about it enough.

Cerebral Stasis

Well, it would be best if people did not, as a majority, consider life to be a video game. If they do, they may try some very odd things and blame the "Great Gamer" for forcing them to do said deeds.I think I smell a religion.


Lol its neat to know that there are other people that think like this also, cept for us.... very complicated codec wood be needed for the game


I sometimes think that aliens with high intelligence and great technologies are controling us.... (lol pray to the aliens and see if it works...)


Yea... maybe your right... Maybe we're all characters in the biggest MMORPG in the universe <_< ... Like a normal life Rpg... :P


the guy whos sitting at his computer running my life from his computer game is really skrewing me over. And I hope he's reading this.... i mean serously... at least try to do good at the game..Now to find cheat codes for real life...lol <_<


Unless the universe is a whole lot larger that we'd imagined it, I'd say it is pretty hard to believe we're elements of a game. For one, assuming that the state of every particle in our universe in "stored" in some kind of memory, then this super-universe would have to be infinitely larger than ours. Even just assuming 1-superAtom to 1-particle ratio in storing data, it'd still be... I dunno how to decribe it 'coz BIG doesn't even begin to approximate it.However, if this super-universe (meaning our "controller's" universe) operates outside our laws of physics, for example by using magic, or a totally different set of laws, then it might be possible.As a kid, I've always wondered if the stars I see at night are actually composed of the same atoms as everything else or if those were just programmed on the night sky, on telescope lenses and on radio telescopes. It'd be somewhat like The Matrix or The Truman Show <_<However, if the universe itself is, indeed, a game, perhaps the players are the denizens of it themselves. I, for one, believe that I play myself and, using various tools at my disposal, I also have an ability to "play" or influence other people's lives. The reverse is also true, I can be played for a fool, played up, played down or made to run hither and thither at the whims of other people.


Lol, this is getting too close to the matrix!I once had an idea, after watching The Truman Show, that I was living in a TV series and i was being watched, and everytime me and my family went on holiday abroad, we would just fly around in circles, and eventualy the "set" where I live would change to the holiday village or whatever. But as I grew older and more wiser, I noticed things like: The internet would be to big to replicate for a TV series, people would try to contact me, like on The Truman show, to tell me it was all fake and that I would be boring to watch on TV as i don't do much <_<Sorry for spelling ^^^ it's early and my eyes arn't focusing properly!


interesting !


There is this book but I've forgoten the who the author is. The book is called "The Game Of Life And How To Play It". Maybe you have heared of this book. When you are born the game starts. When life gets tough it is just an obstacle you must overcome. You then progress to the next level of maturaty or what ever you want to call it. When you die it is game over. Remember you only get one life which you start the game with so look after it.


i don't know i have always wondered this it's a bit like fate are we meant to make these choices or not?


I dunno but I always thought that fate could be adapted, as if you do a certain choice you align with that "road" of fate, and if you take the other choice you align with the other "road" of fat. Do you understand this or shall I go into more detail??


I've thought about this sort of thing ever since I watched the dotHack series, but in that one, Tsukasa realizes that he's in the game, so it's not quite the same. But still, it got me to thinking, what it would be like, could it happen, has it already happened, but we just don't know it.Since then, I've gotten pretty heavy into an RPG, and sometimes I start thinking that I'd want to be able to "really" be in the game, because it's easier than life, but than like others have said, there are always glitches, and lagging, and the dreaded waiting for things to respawn.But then, it's hard to say what is real and what is not. Who's to say that the technology isn't there to create something this massive. Maybe just in our "game" is it not created yet. That way, we wouldn't suspect that it's possible, when truth is, it might be more than possible.As for the people mentioning religion.... then yes, that could somewhat relate too, but I wouldn't want to think that there is a god out there that would subject us to everything that we face in our particular "game". There's just too much bad stuff going around, and if he truly is the almighty and powerful being that can do anything that he desires, then wouldn't he desire to make things better?This is a crazy topic once you get down and think about it, and now I've really got to thinking about it, so I'm not sure where it's going to lead me lol...Oh, I just had a thought, well, someone said, that we couldn't be like the SIMS, because we have a will of our own, and someone couldn't just click the fridge, and make us hungry... but then as I type this, I just got a hunger pain. Could it be that someone just clicked my fridge? Or is it more like those little Tamagotchi things from when I was younger, that the pet would need to be fed every so often, or it would get hungry.Granted it's up to me to decide if I'm actually going to go feed myself in the end, but I know that if I don't eat, I'll get hungrier and hungrier and then eventually starve. Or will I really? I don't know that for a fact, I've never seen it happen to myself, or someone else. I see it all the time on the television, where those poor people from around the world don't have enough to feed themselves, but that could have just been programmed into the game as well. As a motive to eat.There's too much that could be questioned about everything... so I think for my sanity, at least for now, I'm going to take this at face value. If it is a game - it's my game, and I'm stuck with it, so I might as well do what I can to make it better.


I don't think we are in a game. I personally believe we are here only to learn, that's why God doesn't make things easier on us. When you go through something hard, or painful, you are learning an immense amount, and becoming stronger. If everything were easy, we wouldn't need to learn, we could just sit around and do nothing. I know we can make our own choices, and those choices will make a difference in our lives. There's not someone controlling us, though there's always things pushing you one way or another. Ultimately, it's up to you what you do with your life. You can choose to live in the streets, knocking over stores to eat, or you can choose to make it to the top and live in a huge mansion with servants serving you top-rate 6 course meals, your choice.


Sometimes it feels like that, but we always have choices as to what we do, however some situations that a thrown at us are for a reason and then something good comes out of a bad situation, if you get what I mean.I like other people believe sometimes that there is something or someone out there that is throwing things at us, but meh thats just me.


Don't think so, but that is craqzy if we are and we can like activate codes and struff to get the things we want, but we will findout when we get more into the game that the game iteself is so much moire funnier if we play it truthfully without any cheats involved. No, lol. I do not htink we ware some people play games when they cheat on loved ones, or when yo ucheat on test then yes you could say you are playing a game then, but naturally I do not htink we will ever be because life itself cannot be played like tha. Cool idea and innocation and I respe ct that but to me it is not relao r cannot happen because gOD did not intend to make like playable as a game, but to live life as you would like to be in it!

amit nigam

hi friends,this is quiet an interesting topic...this topic is there on the forum for quiet some time now but i got to see it today only......the number of new ideas, concepts and theories generated by this topic is amazing........sometimes i too feel that maybe we are enacting some pre-written scripts and some one else is, in any way, trying to make us do something....when i am alone and i have nothing to do, at that time i think sometimes i really think deep about it...its like i start from surface and slowly and slowly my imagination takes me up and up and up in the sky and to a point from where i can see the whole earth and see almost ant like humans busy with their daily works...then sometimes i feel that we are like machanically doing something with no specific goal or something like that...i don't know...actually i can't explain myself...but at that point of time i feel that we fight for small pieces of land or other petty issues...we steal, we rob and we do all kind of bad things.... but for what...when all of us know that when we die we will not be taking away anything with us...at that point i feel that maybe we are in a game or something like matrix and we are doing all this stuff to make the game exciting...i don't know...but when i start dwelling deep in this topic i feel too lonely and lost...by the way i am sorry to change the mood of the topic a little bit...but it's my thoughts...once i would like to say that the topic is too good and we can get quiet a few important answers if we dwell upon the question seriously..ok bye....keep writing..


That's one interesting theory... We all could be in the Matrix right now, just thinking we post in this forum while we sit in a soup full of nutriments. Or better yet, the world might be a computer software designed to replicate life, just like in the movie "The 13th Floor". It presents the same theory. People make a computer software that simulates life and the in process they discover that themselves are only raws of 0 and 1 in another computer software. A world in another and in another and another one... just like a Matruska.I don't believe in that theory for one simple reason... why would someone that makes a game (or software) to simulate life input such a theory in our minds. Just because we consider this impossible theory is the proof that we are not apart of such a game.Still, it would be great to have the superpowers Neo has in the Matrix :lol: Mr. Anderson, welcome back! We missed you! ...


Life sometimes does feel like a game with the events that happen. But you got to remember that games are based on life. Life isn't based on games. If we were in a game, who is controlling us. If anyone is. How come we don't know we are playing a game? In games we normally play as a charater and go though their adventure. If life was a game, whos adventure are playing? Ourselves? To be honest, it is stupid to think we live in a game, only reason to belive that is to distance you real life from real life. To escape the everyday problems we have. If you belive life is a game, then you will see no point to life, as it is all just a game. Well I got news for you, life is REAL!


Perhaps we're living in a game where we decide what we do but not what happens to us. Don't you wonder why no one can find a formula to figure out the lotto numbers? Why do there seem to be so many coincidences? What decides who gets kidnapped, shot, and killed while other people never see that kind of violence in their lives?Most of all, why would the creator of this game answer our questions? It would probably take the fun away from him / her if we could talk to him / her? And who's to say we wont get punished for asking questions? Maybe we may get rewarded?