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Rumor Of Ms Paint 2

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I definately like the original paint. I had lots of fun with it. I have seen that Paint is growing as a program but I would actually like to see it grow even further. Its a fun little program when you are first learning to make and edit graphics but because of it simplicity playing in it does not last long cause there is a ton of stuff that it does not do. I have always liiked paint but as I learned more advanced techniques for graphical design I had to move up in the world and in my graphical design tools. I still try to play with paint every so often but I kind of get bored with it. LOL


I have actually heard this rumor too, but to be honest, I think that Photoshop owns all other digital art software, but then again if Paint2 is default with the new Windows Vista, it could bring some improvements for default programs on the computers that run on Windows.


well, a new version of paint wouldn't hurt :)i mean, the main reason i've always hated paint is the lack to take back steps and the lack of LAYERS!But with adding layers the complication of the program goes up, and the type of casual user who use paint might be put off and scared by it.. . . . . i mean, paint is NEVER goign to become a serious graphics program, so they do they really need to update it alot?People who seriosuly want to create graphics, edit etc, will use proffesional programs etc.And now-a-days most scanners and other digital photo related products come with free photo editting graphics programs.


I?m not sure about this. Seriously, I don?t mind. I can?t remember myself using paint so a few more functions would not change too much this fact. And I suppose they?re not going to beat photoshop so I don?t know. Maybe if they did some kind of website-oriented-Paint with basic and quick functions, it will be good.


Not to make everyone sad but I have the current Vista Beta, and I'v gotta tell ya, paint is no different from what it was in XP except it has the newer looking buttons, but no new features that i have found.

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