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Using Mobile Phones While Driving Stopping them being used

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I think using a cell phone while driving should be outlawed everywhere. It can cause a real danger to other drivers and I think it would protect people a lot better if we didn't talk on cell phones while we drive.


No they donUsing Mobile Phones While Driving

I can assure you that not 'everyone' does it at all.

There is nothing more infuriating than seeing someone on the phone. As a car and bike rider, whilst on my bike the amount of times Ive nearly been carted by mobile phone morons making lane changes without seeing me 'cos they're too busy blabbing away on their phone.

-reply by Luke


Cell phone use while driving has reached epidemic levels. Soon the standard cell phone will be advanced technologies like Blackberry, Android and iPad4, with the capability to do way more than talking. Cell phones are now used for texting, keeping busy schedules, navigation and social networking. This increased usage has caused countless car accidents. Texting and driving became the #1 killer of teen drivers in 2009, causing 6000 deaths. Cell phones have become a vital part of everyday existence and TOADD, Inc is raising awareness about using cell phones responsibly.We NEED your help saving lives. Cell phones are something we can't live without. Texting & Driving will cause you to NOT live anymore. Text Tastefully.Please take the TADPOLE Pledge today!! http://toadd.org/pledge/

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