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Is Life A Conspiracy? My theory on life.

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your idea on thoughts in pretty interesting... but u know the brain is the least known about part of our body. how it works is still a mystery.... its quite amazing when you think about it. in every brain on this planet lies a world many times bigger than earth itself. its all nicely packed into twines of tissue. how these cells produce thougts, imaginations, dreams... who knows? our heads have never ending capacity, nobody has ever used over 10% of their full brain capacity. it we were able to somehow unlock our brains into exceeding this limit there could be endless possiblities to what we could do. telepathic communication? some people are already able to do this... seeing as they are human aswell it only seems right that we have that ability too, we just dont know how to tell our brain to do so. i find it quite interesting that one of the biggest mysteries of the world is in ur own skull. ;]


nobody has ever used over 10% of their full brain capacity. it we were able to somehow unlock our brains into exceeding this limit there could be endless possiblities to what we could do.

Yes, I have read about it before. I think they call it God's territory, because they believe that God himself has locked up this portion of our brain, hoping to restrict our mental capacities. Think about it for a while. How exciting and fantastic will it be if we can somehow master control over this uncharted region? How much power can we possess? We will have almost unlimited capabilites. The world might turn into what The Matrix portayed - a world without boundaries, the only limit is your imagination.

But of course, we won't consider ourselves so invincible then, since everyone else is. In addition, there will be widespread destruction and masscre as people abuse their powers and use them for warfare and combat.

If that is the case, then life must have really been a conspiracy. A conspiracy between God and peace, between God and the world, between us and our souls.

God placed life and unlimited potential into us. He then made a pact with peace to restrict our capabilities.
God placed us on the world, and made a pact to let us rule it, only to realize that we are destroying it.
As we endlessly try to reach into our souls, we strive to uncover more of ourselves, trying to remove that restriction that has been placed on us.


I don?t think life is a conspiracy but there are powers that might make your life look like a conspiracy. Governments, multinationals, etc. And those forces won?t let you get more clever because they don?t want you to use more than 10% of your brain capacity. I?m pesimistic about this, I don?t think we will get over this boundary because our society is more oriented to things that simply entertain us, so we don?t have to think too much. I can?t imagine in our days a genious like Leonardo Davinci for example.And yes, this thread could be a philosophic question without solution.


You know why I think we keep thinking in terms of stuff like this? Because inwardly we know there's more then just the material. All material is decaying. Material stuff doesn't come from nothing. There's no poofing of material stuff into existence all around us. However much evolutionists would like us to believe it, a purely materialistic physical explanation can't explain why we're here or how we came to be.

We have to look to things beyond the physical and visible for the real answers. There is indeed a spiritual realm all around us which many of the brightest and most brilliant minds in the history of the world have acknowledged, as well as the existence of a higher power. Newton, Pasteur, Galileo, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Rudyard Kipling are among those who gave voice to their belief in the God of the Bible for example. For example, Kipling and Napoleon even put theirs pretty eloquently:


I think anyone who's looked into someone else's eyes longer then the customary half second to really see the person inside, has spent time in silence to see how much in their very nature truly needs to change, or has questioned God's existence hoping to find truth and then finding ironies popping up right and left should be able to acknowledge this fundamental truth about our existence and the universe around us.

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