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Can There Be More Than One Universe?

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There is totally a whole other universe out there. I bet they all have advanced technology, and are sitting around in talking about whether or not there is possibly another universe out there. I have complete faith in that.

amit nigam

ya. i totally agree with u that there is definitely other universes out there. just , its a matter of time that when we are able to develop our technology to a level when we can have communication with them. or they develop so much that they communicate with us.


I don't see why not, Why should there only be one universe. But then that brings up "where does the universe end?" If the universe goes on forever, then how can you have more then one?But I personally think the universe is in a shape of a sphere, but just really big.


I definitely think there is another universe - or more than one - out there. I don't know if we'll ever find it but I wouldn't say we're the only people/universe out there. :lol:

The run of thoughts Einstein had about the wormhole idea was that the mass of a black hole is so large that it could actually break through space-time but I don't think the physics behind this are very solid... no offense to Einstein, of course :P


Okay guys (and girls?) google it! Haven't you ever seen that awesome picture of multiple universes with a crust of ice on the outside (just a representation of a theory, not for real)? The universes are like bubbles floating in space with a crust of ice on the outside...icy bubbles. Anyhow, I don't remember where I saw this, but I just googled it and really it is a theory...the fellow I found on a google search is Sir Marin Rees' theory, he is a prof at Cambridge. Google it, expand your mind.Just found this very interesting interview with the Sir...google the Chandra Chronicles w/ Sir. Toward the end he comments on new scientific evidence that leads him to believe that there is more than one universe.

Unregistered 012

I think that there is one and think that there isnt one. Yes--That face thing on Mars.-If we havent explored one millionth or something like that of the universe there is bound to be something out there.-How many UFO sightings have there been. Even if most of them arent true. Some of them can be.No-Well if the other universes were millions of light years ahead of us. Im pretty sure that they would of came to our planet and destroyed it or made friends with us.But anything is possible.


There could be, but I don't think there is. I'm one of those people who thinks the only intelligent life is on Earth, and the Universe came into being through Creation. I don't see a point in there being another Universe if we will never be able to measure it to be able to ever verify it's existence.

amit nigam

ok..actually i am of the opposite type...i believe that their is no reason why out of billions of billions of billions of stars having billions of billions of billions of planets only earth will have intelligent life...actually in maths i love probability and my probability tells me that its almost next to impossible...also as one of our friend was saying something about blackholes...actually there is a boundary around blackhole called event horizon which separates the inside world of the blackhole from outside world...actually according to theory if something crosses that boundary then no matter how fast it moves, maybe with speed of light, it cannot come out of the blackhole...that is it is succked up by tyhe blackhole...if some one moves exactly on this orbit, event horizon, then according to theory he can travel back in time...and i dont think that there has been anything in theory said about what happens inside black hole...ok bye...keep writing...

Yratorm, LightMage

Well, there just isn't any evidence for or against the existence of multiple universes.There are some thoughts on the matter. A Universe - everything in existence, would be everything in existence only to those 'in' it, as the laws of other 'universes' would probably be completely different, hence time and space might only be constituents of this universe.What I'm saying is that the properties of time and space may be part of the laws of this cosmos, and that time and space might not exist beyond this universe and/or in other universes, being replaced instead by other laws difficult for us to conceive. So the word Universe and it's implied meaning may only apply to this 'universe'.The laws of physics might be different in another universe. The number of dimensions might differ.Regarding an infinite universe:If you walk along the surface of the earth you could walk forever, but that doesn't at all make the earth infinite. Similarly, when it's dimensions are viewed correctly (instead of from a limited point of view), there is no reason why the universe should not have boundaries. Just because the boundaries are not visible to us doesn't mean they don't exist. Perhaps our eyes, our senses, our mind and our science might never evolve to know those boundaries, or perhaps they will. For now, we cannot know. It is too early in our civilization.Time (as it exists in our particular universe :P ) will tell.


I wonder what makes you feel, that other universe don't exist.Firstly, simply because when ours exist...why can't one more or many more exist??Second, we fairly know the compositon and physics involved with ours universe....considering the vast space, there is absolutely no physical or any other reason why there can't be one more or many more with same properties as our system.This , is simple layman answer..if your not satisfied..i can give a more scientific answer..but let me know.


i believe there may possibly be more than 1 universe but not copmletely like we would think of it as its very possible however nothing can prove it true or flase however i believe there possibly may be more then one universe


of course there could be, there could be absolutely anything beyond the dephts of space that we dont know about it. as terry pratchett said, "some people believe that the universe is carried about in a leather sack by an old man. And they're right too." there could be flying space monkeys called timkins beyond our univierse, who knows?? :P


its not the factor IS THERE its the factor HOW MANYThere are other universes, Thats something we call the string TheroyPretty much. Each universe is the same up until some point, at this point. One changes, then another point, one changes. This goes on for about 11 other parallel universes. For example, in one we LOST the revolutionary war. In another, Hitler won.In the end, thats the string theroy. Also, along with that theroy is a fact you can CREATE univserses in your basement and our universe wouldnt be damaged. These universes are parallel. and if you know basic math, parallel object NEVER meet. So pretty much, as the universe rapidly expands, our universe expands at the same rate. So pretty much where the new universe is, it begins to "Stretch"

amit nigam

hi friends,nice to hear from all of you...i was going through the post of laos and i found that he has , i think, told quiet great things in a sort of nutshell....as far as i knew about string theory i knew that it was just a theory in which we assume that the basic building blocks of nature like electrons are not particles but just closed loop string like structures vibrating in different forms or different modes to give different type of basic building blocks.but it was quiet great to know so much more from laos about this....i would request laos or someone else that maybe if they can clarify on this a bit more or a lot more :P ...i just love this topic and want to know about this as much as possible...ok bye...keep writing..


Well i don't know about multiuniverses but i think Einstein said that there are parrallel universes. The universes are connected through black holes. He said that the gravity of the black hole is so intense time and place become null. You become in 2 places at the same time. One place in our universe, the other in the parrallel universe.Thats what i understood from what his theories say :)


Lets start from the begining:


Scientists ***THINK*** that the universe we inhabit began with a small burst of extremely hot light, and it began expanding from that point. The universe today is still expanding, and faster than ever. so if it is still expanding, in the endless void that the universe is in, there should room for others. I am aChristian, and I think Heaven and Hell are in two seperate universes.


How ever, should we try and leave said universe, what would happen from that point?


But my question is in why the universe began and how it came out of nowhere, and so that's why i turned to religion.


"For we walk by faith, not by sight." -2corinthians 5:7


The universe today is still expanding, and faster than ever. so if it is still expanding, in the endless void that the universe is in, there should room for others. I am aChristian, and I think Heaven and Hell are in two seperate universes.

the universe isn't just expanding it is being pulled. it is being pullled by something called dark matter which can be anywhere and everywhere. even on earth. but that doesn't mean that there has to be more universes. heaven and hell is made up. they are not individual universes. i do not beleive in the bible or christianity, however the bible is full of metaphors. if anything heaven and hell are right here on earth. hell represents the hell that people themselves through by choosing to things to put them in that situations. and the samething with the mentionings of heaven. now if you are talking about afterlife afterdeath stuf that is what ever you want to beleive but if you beleive in the bible then hevean and hell are hear on earth. but some could argue.

there is a theory that kind of ties in with the whole more than one universe thing. it is called srting theory. this theory is completely complicated and very hard to understand. anyway, this theory ivolves the ability of there being different dimentions. and i think that the dimentions could represent other universes.

there is also another theory that is is one of my favorites. i am not sure of the name but if it were true it would mean that there are an infinate amount of universes.

try to think of our universe with all the galaxies and solar systems and planets and even the minerals or elments on our planet, and every little grain of sand on our beaches and the atoms and molecules that the sand is made of so on. now try to imagine that the universe which we live in is one single electon of an atom in a grain of sand on a beach on a planet in a solar system in a galaxy in a different universe. how small do you feel. that would mean there are countless amounts of universe just in our homes let alone our planet or our solarsystem and so on. i acually think this to be true. i kind of like the feeling of being small. but what if we were in an atom about to be split by an atom bomb. that would suck. it would definitly have an impact on our universe.


I thought that htere was proof that there was more then on euniverse? or that solar system? but i mean would the other universe be identical? or what, maybe we can find out that is like.. about to be made, and find out how they are! that would be cool!


I don't know if there is another universe, but I'm betting there is. Maybe there are two - one where humans live and one where God lives. Once we die, we enter the one God lives in. Its just a thought I had and is not based on the Bible.