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Wireless Electricity tranfer electricity without wires

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wireless electricity has been around for a long timeWireless ElectricityHi just saying wireless electricity has been around forever look into the testla coil, it transmits wireless electricity, only problems would be designating the targets in which the electricity would hit.-reply by William York



The idea behind this is to get some sort of wireless way to transmit electricity this would make the process easier and when it comes to people stealing wires well there would be no wires to steal. it would have to be based on a bluetooth type technology but it would have to transmit much greater distances than bluetooth can abviosly. I thinking it that there would have be a unit that could convert radio waves and those type of things into a useable form of energy i know this is probolly really way out but no one said it had to be possible to be put on here

People would still be able to steal electricity :) trust me.