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Auto-opening Toilet-seat

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At first I thought you meant [from reading the topic title] seats that flung up when you got near them. I was going to say im still getting used to the automatic flushers! But Yeah itd be cool, just walk right up step and up it goes. You'd need it to go back down within like 2 minutes though, like maybe have it automatic to go down. Incase you live with a chick who hates when you leave the seat up (though, its just as much effort to put it down, as it is for us to put it up!) Though Id find it funny for maybe a kid to step on it and get hit in the head or nose.

Cerebral Stasis

The problem is that when one would take one's foot off of the "button", the seat would fall down, possibly cracking it, and at least making quite a bit of noise.

Albus Dumbledore

The problem is that when one would take one's foot off of the "button", the seat would fall down, possibly cracking it, and at least making quite a bit of noise.

well, maybe the hinge is spring loadd to where it compresses slowly, going down slowly making no noise, and not cracking it.. im sure somthing would be thought of for an issue like that


Someone finally did this design

About noise, you can make under of seat soft.


I think that this is a really creative idea, men have hands for a reason :) its not that hard to left up the seat. =]


This is such a great idea! I always leave the seat up and my parents, mom especially, get on to me about it. I also always hate to touch the seat because I have 2 brothers and my dad who all use that toilet also and it's just a disgusting thing for me to do every time I have to touch the seat. I am disgusted. LOL


Some people might think this idea is stupid but I appreciate it as since the birth of human he does release his digested food and breathes and reproduces(I just love this one) so basically we would like something like this.


I've read a lot of comments that, apparently, imply that the idea is a sign of either stupidity or laziness or both. One actually was quite insensitive enough to make the very racist claim that the originator of the idea is probably American since it just strikes someone as lazy.Allow me to clarify that, despite the apparent stupidity of the idea, it makes a lot of sense. Consider this... sure, you have perfectly healthy hands that are capable enough to lift the toilet seat but what kind of healthy person would actually lift or pull down a toilet seat with his bare hands? It is a given that toilet seats are quite dirty by nature (despite a local advertisement claiming that the kitchen counter is actually much dirtier than the toilet seat)Also, it has been raised that it has been a point of conflict in a lot of households when men leave the seat up. Apparently, some women expect that it is the responsibility of the man to both lift the seat up and pull it down. However, like moldboy said, it is only fair that that both should do their parts. In an email I once received called "10 Things Women Should Know About Men" it was mentioned that women "should learn to work the toilet seat. You want it down, we want it up."Anyway, however, I don't quite agree with the toilet-seat opener patterned after the dustbin openers. It would certainly be icky, especially to those who happened to be wearing brand-new shoes, to step on that pedal but, come to think of it, isn't it just a lot like stepping on the equally dirty toilet floor? In any case, I don't think it'd be a good idea to put the pedal near the bottom of the bowl. I was, initially, inclined to suggest a wall button but I also realized that you can't quite tell where those hands have been.Nonetheless, I think that a toilet seat opener is quite a good idea. I'm mulling over employing a motion detector to automatically open and close the seat but, with the energy situation right now, maybe that's going overboard already :)


This should stop a lot of fights between couples!!!!! :)You should consider an air cushion to it!!! This wouls stop my legs from sleeping during long d@*%%$!!!!! LOLAnd also a hydraulic system to avoid noisy bumps from the seat!


Auto-Opening Toilet seat, well, that's just plain lazy, almost up there with the auto-opening trash can. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to open up a toilet seat. It's a perfect modern invention. :)This would be a good idea if the toilet was modified accordingly, because when you let go of the button, the porcelain seat is going to hit the toilet, and that could be a bad situation, since there is a possibility the seat will shatter after several uses without some form of cushioning between the seat and the toilet, though this wouldn't be much of a problem if your toilet seat was made of plastic or wood.Now, what would be a good idea to accompany that is a flushing pedal, so you wouldn't need to make contact with your hands to flush the toilet(might be a good idea especially in public restrooms).


I have to agree with salamakengro, this is a sign of stupidity and laziness in men :)Lol, Men keep bragging about how much more stronger and powerfull than women they are, and now they cant lift a silly toilet seat? God gave men hands for a reason.


I have to agree with salamakengro, this is a sign of stupidity and laziness in men :D

Someone, apparently, hasn't been reading my post (and got my name all wrong) >_<


I did not, repeat, did not, ever, ever agree that auto-lifting toilet seats is a sign of laziness and/or stupidity. As a matter of fact, things are quite opposite.


Augh! Here we go again. "But you have perfectly healthy arms/hands!" "Aren't you macho enough to lift up one puny toilet seat?"


People, please! I enjoin ye all to read before ye react, 'ayt? :P


Not to be grotesque, or top put images in people heads, I would not need this Auto Toilet Seat Opener, because my "aim" is well developed, I just keep the seat down at all times. Also, if I'm going to "miss," I'm going to miss the whole toilet, I go all in or all out. Going partial just isn't right. I wouldn't mind having an Auto Toilet Flusher, though, I just don't have the money to buy one yet.

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