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What Is Programming Language Of Google Etc.?

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I think the only accurate way to find out what is the programming language of Google is from someone who works there.Because talking about Google is something very general this days, in my opinion. It used to be a cool search engine, now it's Google, it's everywhere, it's my email address, Google Earth, a toolbar in my browser... come on!Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but if Google is hiring C, C++, Java, Shell, PHP, Perl and Python engineers, all we know is that they use them all.But we can't know whether they are using C++ in the search engine or in Google Earth, or both. Why can't they access the info via different languages, depending on the one with best performance for the application.Anyway, I suppose that Google doesn't use PHP for the search engine, as Google's founders began its development in 1995/96 at school and it was then when PHP/FI was first realeased so I don't think they'd used a new technology, which was VERY basic in those times, to make a very advanced thing. Don't you think?


I can with certainty speak for Google, but not too much, obviousely... There's such thing called a "Non-Disclosure Agreement" or "NDA"... So, anyone working there, can't really talk about anything specific... Now, before you all think I work, or have worked at Google, stop right now - I haven't (though I wish I could)... I just know a guy who did...Working environment is great, and as you see in movies, TV's everywhere, soda machines, beanbags, and relaxation areas in offices...I can tell you that Google, for it's search engine, does not use MySQL... I mean, look at it, you can't use any conventional database system for such a gigantic site... They have virtually thousands of terrabytes of information on their servers... Google uses it's own version of database system - I don't know how they call it, I don't know the specifics, but I know that they do, and that's all I can say... For back-end, they use pure C, and some Perl...For GMail backend, they have some email software, I believe developed by them, and front end, well... PHP combined with AJAX... By the way, did I say I hate AJAX? It's so slow, and tends to kill even the fast connections... Oh, and AJAX is NOT a programming language, it stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, so it's technically JavaScript...Anyways, such big sites must use fast, and above all, customized software, because they don't quite do what a next guy would do... My Perl junk filter works great for me, but it would be lamely slow in GMail...But, we all agree that they all work with PHP, Perl, Python, C/C++, and Java (all flavours)...P.S.If some big giant head from Google reads this, I made it up :)


programming languages used at google

What Is Programming Language Of Google Etc.?




That statement is somewhat backed up by Google itself..



They have modules to learn more about C++, Java, and Python. What does it tell you?



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Not 100% sure but this is what I hear:Amazon is made in mostly perlAlso user authentication and CC but thats easyAnd google uses python for the engine and then uses a combination of PHP and perlTwitter was made in Ruby on Rails (100% sure on this)Microsoft was made in ASP.NETMSN was made in asp.Net or asp most likely.Facebook was made in PHPMyspace was made in ColdfusionGoogle Maps - Definitly Ajax and flashGoogle Chrome - c++



Programming Language of Google/Yahoo/Amazon etcWhat Is Programming Language Of Google Etc.?

For the Google Insirator Google Works with ASP, and informing to C++ based with C# Windows and there coming wiuth google chrome with C# that pretty Fail to me



Greats, Mike Johnson, Bit to Pix

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What Is The Langauge That Google Is Coded In....What Is Programming Language Of Google Etc.?

Ebay.Com - JSPAmazon.Com - ASP.NETMsn.Com - ASP.NETYahoo.Com - PHPGoogle.Com - PHP...


Microsoft - ASP.NETYoutube.Com - PHPFacebook - PHPGoogle's Orkut - ASP.NETMyspace - ASP.NET/ColdfusionPCWorld.Co.Uk - JSP

Sky.Com - ASP.NET

As you can see nearly all the websites are coded in ASP.NET!

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Youtube.Com - PHP

If i'm not wrong youtube was on ASP. Since when it was ported to PHP ? I don't know how you checked that it was on PHP ? Before google purchased orkut,it was on PHP later moved to ASP. And the performance of site is down after switch.

As you can see nearly all the websites are coded in ASP.NET!

I doubt that with word "ALL". Besides your own list shows most of the sites are PHP based. So how can you say that ALL are made by ASP.


In addition to the engines that power the searches alot of those sites also use CSS or style sheets and various forms of html. Did you know that those sites where you can not change the size of the fonts with your browser are usually done with style sheets? Style sheets can standardized your font size and look.

that is pretty obvious now isn't it :P??



Many large websites use multiple programming language in their back-end depending upon the particular feature you're utilizing. The back-end of Google search is powered by Python, although they also make use of PHP, Java, and other language at various locations. (The creator of Python is employed at Google, by-the-by.)

Amazon and eBay primarily rely on CGI, which isn't a programming language, but rather an interface that allows a web application to communicate with a program on the server, such as one written in C. These (typically and predominantly) offline languages that are compiled tend to offer greatly improved processing speeds vs. interpreted languages, such as Python, PHP, or Ruby.

Microsoft-owned websites tend to rely on ASP.net, but although many would say they strictly rely on this technology, it's not true. You'll find Python code and others within Microsoft projects, as well.

Wikipedia relies predominantly on PHP, and Twitter relies mostly on Ruby on Rails, although their most intensive features are handled by Scala, due to scaling problems they've had with Ruby.

I hope this helps clarify a few misconceptions from earlier posts.

Im just curious to know , which is the programming language behind the following websites.if u know anyone/all of them please tell me.
1- ebay.com
2- amazon.com
3- msn.com ( i assume asp.net)
4- yahoo.com
5- google.com

As i mentioned in previous posts that im in learning mode :P so i just ask sometimes stupid questions.. and i have to confess that this forum is very excellent place , since its not only providing the free hosting , it is giving me so much knowledge , what Google or others cant give :P thank you for support always.


Programming Language of Google/Yahoo/Amazon etcWhat Is Programming Language Of Google Etc.?

Dear itssami,

Let me put everything straight for you. Big companies like Google, Ebay and Amazon have one little secret in common and that is the layer between the front end and the backend. Seriously it does'nt matter what the frontend (PHP, ASP.Net, JSP) and backend (Mysql, SQL server) is. What really matters is the middle layer and I am 100% sure the middle layer is definitely a mixture of Python, C and C++.  Why I am saying so confidently is because of a reason which I really do not want to reveal here.Open source has and always be an important part of all the top notch companies excluding microsoft. Python is playing a very important role in the success of these companies. Amazon Web Service (EC2) which uses Xen virtualization at their datacenter heavily uses Python. The reason why Python is a big hit is because it gets embedded to other languages  for eg. Ironpython in C#, Jython in Java and Cpython in C and C++.So I guess you must explore more on python.My advice to you is to take Open Source technology more seriously.

User nolan and mama_soap has made a clear point here



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Wrong guessesWhat Is Programming Language Of Google Etc.?

youtube.Com since was purchased by google was rewritten entirely in Python, this info is absolutely true (cannot tell details why). Actually google does not use PHP except for some small things ( but think even for those small things are rewritten in Python).

Google is fully oriented on Java and Python. No ASP or PHP in use

The same for google.Com, it is a bull**** to say that google.Com uses PHP 

-reply by XVit


What Is The Langauge That Google Is Coded In....What Is Programming Language Of Google Etc.?


It's really easy to find what programming language a websites uses by just going on google and typing in <WebsiteDomain> .<language> (e.G. Youtube .Php).

Ebay.Com - JSP - Java.Com/en/ebay7.jsp, countdown.Ebay.Com/start.jspAmazon.Com - ASP.NET - amazon.Co.Uk/Defualt.aspxMsn.Com - ASP.NET - Msn.Com/Preview.aspx Yahoo.Com - PHP - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

BBC.Co.Uk - ASP.NET- bbcworldwide.Com/contact--us.aspx and theres another one from the BBC.Co.Uk website but I can't remember theURL.

Microsoft - ASP.NET - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ - PHP - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ - PHP - /index.phpGoogle's?_fb_noscript=1 Orkut - ASP.NET - orkut.Com/About.aspxMyspace - ASP.NET/Coldfusion - https://myspace.com/browser - JSP/PHP - pcworld.Co.Uk/product.php?sku=538745&camp_id=Froogle

Sky.Com - ASP.NET - packages.Sky.Com/see/EquipmentSkyPlus.aspx

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Google has historically used PHP, and its use can still be seen in some lab projects, so this isn't correct. Note, too, that Google mentions PHP in many of its job descriptions for this same reason. It is true, however, (and as I said in my original post) that Google relies extensively on Python (and Java as well, among other things). I also mentioned in my post that the -creator- of Python is employed at Google, and for trivia points, he's allowed to use 50% of his time to continue developing Python while at work (pretty nice incentive, huh?).


Most large technology companies actually understand that different languages have different advantages/disadvantages and don't succumb to fanboism for a particular language. They use what works well for the task, and that's that.


The same for google.Com, it is a bull**** to say that google.Com uses PHP -reply by XVit


Google uses Python extensively. It is such an amazing language. After a few hours with the tutorial you will be doing Remote Procedure Calls, something that would take a lot of time in other languages. Best of all it's completely open source, with quite commendable GUI kits for most platforms


Google uses a mix of languages for it's various purposes.
1. Orkut is in ASP.NET
2. Google's Help System is in Python
3. Definitely C/C++ for Searching
4. Google's real strength is in CSS & JavaScript

CGI is used at a lot of sites. PayPal(sister concern of EBay) uses it

Amazon uses CGI. Enter amazon.com/index.cgi to see yourself

And Python is a interpreted language as pointed out but it can be converted to native code & it can also call native code written using C++ (python code can also be called from C++).

It was the information i searched :)


Facebook using Objective C++ as it's better then the other languages used by Google, Amazon, etc.

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