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Hd-dvd And Blue Ray

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I believe that hd dvd will be the preferred format for hd movies 1 its cheaper 2 It is just as good (For movies) as a blu ray disk3 It is smaller4 Manufactoring is easier (just need to modifie a dvd manufactoring machine)5 hddvd already has New Line Cinema, Paramount, Universal, Time-Warner signed up with itI think for other applications however (computers mainly) blu ray will have the upperhand because of their high capacity.But hd dvd does have the capability of holding almost as much as a blu ray disk. Currently the disks being manufactored are single layer providing 15gb of storage, they have made some duel layer disks providing 30gb of storage and in a lab there is a prototype triple layor hddvd providing 45gb of storage, only 5gb less than the largest blu ray disk.

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