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Do You Believe In Santa? Do you believe in Santa?

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Who here believes in Santa? I am starting to believe in him again after my parents told me. Took awhile to start again though. Who else believes in him?

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Santa, the guy who lives with me 365 days a year (aka my dad), yes. Santa, the guy who can miraculously fly around 1/2 the rich North in 12 hours and somehow mimic the handwriting of my mum, no.Hope I didn't ruin Christmas for you :D


Who here believes in Santa? I am starting to believe in him again after my parents told me. Took awhile to start again though.  Who else believes in him?


This question is subject of many fantasy films for the kids under 6 years old. Do you mean Santa Claus the fairy tale [Please read thoroughly what in my posting "Evolution of Santa]. Or you mean St Nicholas, the bishop of Mira and one of the early christian father[Please read thoroughly what in my posting "St. Nicholas] . In general, people don't believe in person even if he saints or angel eithers. They believe in God only regardress of the respect to any saint. So this question is not suitable for poll.


I don't belive in santa, actually i have to dress my self as santa for my little brothers (that are a lil dumb), Thought i love presents :D (i think all does hehe)~ Arne-Christian Also Known As Santa :D


Well even though I know that there isn't a Santa, I like to sometimes around little kids and stuff. It is fun to think someone comes through your chimney and stuff and flys around the world in one night. I like getting into the spirit of Christmas. I sort of figured it out a long time ago when my parents would be in their room all day wrapping all the presents. They wouldn't let me come in for some reason :D I do like to play around sometimes for the kids and stuff. It is sort of fun. St. Nickolas I do believe was real though even though now he has passed away but I do think he was real.


Well, I'd admit, I used to believe in Santa, when I was a kid. My parents wrapped up a present and labeled it "From: Santa" and I just loved that, lol. But now, I know it's my parents..How'd I find out? I walked out into the living room because I heard a noise, there was my dad. Eating those darn cookies I left for santa...(that's why he was gaining the extra lbs)!Nowadays the presents just pile up over the days, we by something new for someone, wrap it, throw it under the tree.Hope I didn't ruin anyones x-mas!


How'd I find out? I walked out into the living room because I heard a noise, there was my dad. Eating those darn cookies I left for santa...(that's why he was gaining the extra lbs)!

Lol very funny. I also believe in Santa when I was a kid it was fun. When I turned eight my parents pulled me to the side so my little sister wouldn't hear and she said "You know that there isn't a Santa right?" I told her ya I sort of figured that . I had figured it out before then though. I always planned on video taping my parents to prove that there wasn't a Santa. But they also put the From Santa. In fact they still do, they do have some from them though instead.


I'm talking bout the fairy tale one. I know Saint Nicholas was real.(Yay, I'm a saint :D) You didn't ruin it for me. My parents told me awhile ago (6th Grade) But after 2 years, im beginning to believe again. But Santa is real. If he wasn't, than ur parents wouldnt exist :D But I sorta believe again. I think its a good thing I am. Once me and my brothers stop believing, no more presents. thats wut my parents told me. my brother stopped believing cause he saw the presents but he says he believes again.


When I was small I didn't believe in Santa for a few reasons. When my elementary teacher told me about Santa the story just didn't make any sense. The idea of flying reindeers and climbing through the chimney sounded like a lie. Also I would get presents signed from Santa but I would see my family wrap them up a few days before.However, there was one moment where I kind of believed in Santa and that was when I wrote to him. I'm not sure about other countries but in Canada we have an address for Santa and the post office would answer the letters and send them back. I didn't know it was the post office at the time but when I got my letter back I thought perhaps there was a Santa.Now I definitively do not believe in Santa at all because there is no hard proof and the things that Santa theoretically does is not scientifically possible.


Santa derived from Saint Nicholas who was a real person that delivered gifts to the poor.


I only beleive in santa when it concerns with kids other then that nope I stop believing in him for a while now, but still hoping though.


santa or lucifer?same person?i do not believe in any religion.because there are less luky element or terrible event happen on me.so i just trust my self in the real and scientific world.however,maybe lots of guys still rely their mind on god,just to explain some incredible things.


When we are young we all believe in Santa and came to know about him when we are grown up. Life's like that. For those of you who are young in age you better believe and get blessings. I'm grown up guy, old enough not to expect things from Santa anymore. Since I can get things by my own Santa doesn't give me things anymore. I was given by Santa when I was young too. :D


No! Santa is a fantasy taht started with a guy that was actually named Saint Nicholas. This tied in to the fact that December 25th was a pagan holiday. The church, while bringing converts into the church, wanted to ease tentions and allow the holiday to continue creating Christ-Mass. That is where we get Christmas. And from there Santa sprang forth through some other belief. It is very interesting, but sad none-the-less. Santa is NOT real. Sorry all you kids out there!


I hope this queston is a joke....lolThis christmass was really strange. I wake up and go to my grandparnets house and eating dinner at 2:00 pm, yes you heard me right 2:00.. (crazy **bottom** grandma) Then we opened presents and i got pretty much nothing aside from a few pairs of boxers and socks, even though i made it percfectly clear and month in advance and kept remiding them that all i wanted was a wah pedal. If this happened a year ago i would have been pissed but i dont really care. My acoholic mother as started to drink again after being sober for almost 2 years and i have pretty much distanced myself from my family other then my dad. I realize that if i want something i have to get it myself.I know that that had nothing to do with the topic but i needed to get that off my chest.


"Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." :D

When I was very young, I believed in a Santa that rode around in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, who gives gifts to good little boys everywhere. I'm older now, but I still believe in Santa Claus. Not in the way I did as a child, but in a way that seems to me to be even more profound. Who says Santa Claus isn't real? To me, he is as real as I am.

Just a few hours ago a wrote this post in another forum about my family's Christmas tradition and what Santa means to me. I would like to quote a section of that post.

As I type this post, December 25 has just drawn to a close. I'm tired, but pleasantly so. Few days are as enjoyable as Christmas in fact, a few years ago when I was still in my 'Bah! Hambug!' mode every yuletide season, my Scroogeish attitude barely lasted a few minutes into Christmas. Maybe it had something to do with my family's particular Christmas tradition.
In my family, Santa Claus is real. For the younger kids, that means a fat little man in a sleigh. For the parents and us older ones, it's a little different. The gifts are bought in secret and hidden away as we wait for Christmas to near. We buy for the younger kids based on their Christmas list, and also for ourselves. Come Christmas eve, us older kids (yep, I'm classed as a kid, even at 25 =^^=) and the parents prepare the Noche Buena, the traditional midnight Christmas eve feast while the younger kids go to sleep to wait for Santa Claus. All night long the kitchen is busy... and so is Santa. Unbeknownst to the little ones, those not involved with the cooking are hidden away, secretly wrapping the presents from Santa. When midnight draws near and the cooking is done, we Santa's helpers carefully tuck the presents underneath the tree and go to sleep ourselves. It's up to the eager younglings to wake up and discover the gifts 'Santa' has left for them.

I've been one of the 'elves' for quite some time now, and it's always been an exciting thing for me. True, I'm effectively buying my own presents (all the gifts are from Santa, remember), but that doesn't matter to me. As a kid, Christmas was for me a magical time of year, where Santa Claus drives a sleigh and secretly gives away presents to good little girls and boys. I never doubted that the gifts I got came from Santa himself. Okay, so maybe the brandnames on the toys should have been a giveaway, but if a child believes in Santa, then she can rationalize that the brandnames were purposely left there by Santa in order to keep his existence a secret. Technicalities just didn't matter much when the world you lived in was magic.

Okay, so now I'm older and I now know the 'secret' Santa Claus. Have I grown cynical of the childrens' belief in Santa? No. I still believe there is a Santa Claus, just not in the way tradition paints him. For last night and the nights of previous years, I was Santa, and it was only after I was initiated into the secret of Santa that I suddenly understood the meaning of the phrase "It is better to give than to receive." Yes, I buy my own 'Santa' presents, but the presents were the least of it. What I really enjoyed was the chance to make my family happy, to see Christmas through their eyes.

Christmas for us is a family affair. On Christmas eve, my immediate family (meaning me, my parents, and siblings) gather together for the tradition mentioned above. So, too, the families of my aunts and uncles (we share the same tradition). If Christmas eve was spent with the immediate family, Christmas day is spent with the entire extended family. Cousins, aunts and uncles gather together to celebrate Christmas as one big family, under our matriarch, my paternal grandmother. To this gathering we bring some of the toys and presents we have received, along with the presents we have bought for each other. December 25 becomes for us a day-long party. =^^=

And that's that. The rest of the original post was about what presents I've received (and those that I bought for myself), which I don't think is in line with this thread's topic.

Happy holidays, everyone!


I have never belived hime :D.. Pnce I remember when I was 7 my father dressed up like Santa and gived out presents.. When it was my turn to get present I sed to Santa (my father) "Dad whill I need to say any poem?" :D From that time they no more tryed to trick me that Santa exists :(.. I still belive in Santa who lives in Northpole but I don't belive that they make pressesnts for all worlds kids..


actually i dont trust about santa. but i believe everyone has a chance to help poor's and become to kind and nice person.


I believe in the kings magicians that are those that there is in my country.Is it always good to have illusion for something, but rather sense would have the navidad?the christmas is illusion, peace and love.Illusion for the dreams and traditions, peace in the world and love to our dear beings, Santa he gives us illusion for the christmas and for the tradition and for very bigger that are it is always good that you conserve illusion for something, because without illusion you are not nobody in this world.