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Cars Can Now Go In Water

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yya actually i think i saw one of those on the discovery channel on that monster garage. They had to make a car that could go into the water then can drive on the road. It was really neat because it would drive into the wahter then rotate its wheels then like a propellor came out then it would go wonder in the 3000 that car will be a piece of junk and be worth 500 dollars.


i accuallty heard of this today when i was driving home from hockey, it said on the radio that later tonight on channel 2 news or soemthing, cars that drive in water. Im like thats impossible, but when i got home i accuallty turned my t.v. on and watched the news... and i totally forgot about the car thing. so im watching and about 15 minutes later they start talking about the car being able to drive on water. I was shocked that this is possible... I was also frustrated, that the government was probably funding this escavade... and nothing is being done about job rates. Well thats cool that this could really happen.


I was also frustrated, that the government was probably funding this escavade... and nothing is being done about job rates.


Governments all over the place are messed up - some just more than others :)


what I really dont understand about the US, however, is how they claim to be the most profitable nation in the world, yet on the streets of washington DC - the capital of the "most profitable nation in the world", people die of hypothermia every night. And at the same time, we fund stupid projects. F*** capitalism.


I believe that this whole system is wrong. Government is tricking us in to things, and it's true about what you said. Fund stupid projects. Why do we need cars that drive on water. The went 90mil on that project lol. What we should worry about is War, and economy, also benefits for us americans. There will always be war so why not profit off of it. Also Economy so we can strength our borders our defense, and our nation. China is a good example for Economic Structre and War. But they are not considered Very economic. anyways back to the cars. I'll buy that for a dollar lol!


Also Economy so we can strength our borders our defense, and our nation.


there you are, the most powerful nation in the Earth's history (almost) and you are saying that you need to strengthen your borders and defence? from what? if you want to talk about strengthening your borders, you might want to add a little note about stopping blowing up other peoples borders, mainlands, lives, civilians... That is the kind of comment that gets the US stereotyped as an egocentric nation - which seems to be true for certain of its inhabitants. I will not say all, as that would be like saying all arabs are terrorists - yet another unfair stereotype.


And are you saying that China is not economic? Obviously, they are going to have some problems with oil comsuption, yet the US is still the nation that uses the most energ yper person - and then you go and talk about strengthening economy? something is wrong with your logic, I think...


Someone should make a vent about the US... What happened to the car discussion, anyways? this can not even be called a digression of the water-car subject...


I dont know how much i would trust a very new type of car that hovers above the water. If something went wrong then i dont really know what you would be able to. Its not like a boat you cant do a quick fix or paddle your way to shore. I am assuming that if the propellers stopped working then the car would simply just sink underwater which doesnt seem to appealing to me. There is a car out there though and has been out there for a while that can go partially underwater. The H1 hummers that they used in the war has a snorkel on the top of it. The snorkel is used for it to go underwater up to the point where the snorkel is which isnt far from the top of the vehicle. That was quite some time ago that they came out with the H1 too, but in my opinion if i want to go on the water ill buy a boat and car for alot less than a unstable mixed combination costing $900k.


For the most part these are private sector companies doing this to make money.


They've had cars that could go in the water since the 1960s (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amphicar), a couple of years ago they did a 3 seater with a land speed exceeding 100mph and a water speed of 30mph. The Aquada set a record for crossing the English Channel.


Now if you want to talk about an RV driving in the water... that's still old news :P

Link: http://www.camillc.com/terrawind.htm


This is getting more interesting as the topic gets heated. Duck Tours (http://www.ducktours.com.sg/) has been around for quite some time. I seriously hope to be able to ride on a MPV which is able to wade through seas and oceans to a country where i want to visit -> Venice, Italy (probably mestre)Ah, well, the link to that luxurious bus is indeed interesting. However, who would be able to afford that, lawl..


There is a car that can drive in the water the same as a boat its called an Amphicar it was made it or around 1962 they cost around $80,000 these days-devin looney


Heres a link to some images of the aqua car.

I really love the design of the Aqua Car. Other similar 'car-cum-boat's that I've seen before look rather crude. But the Aqua Car looks very sophisticated.

However even I disagree with the concept of a car that runs both on land and water. The only people who need it are the military and they already have the hovercraft. Small private cruise boats are common these days and they look way more comfortable that our cramped up cars.

A car that actually runs underwater must have a big drawback. The volume of our cars is too less. That means less space for air. Therefore you won't be able to drive long stretches underwater and you'd have to resurface every now and then!!!!

It has practical application only in action flicks where the hero(who is too lazy to get out of his Aston Martin) sneaks up behind a bad guy in the final scene to overpower him!!!!


Havent you guys watched Bill Nye the Science Guy?!?!?there's a car that go on water in there


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When I read this topic title I thought: Wow that's really James Bond....But the most people in this topic are really right: that's just a hovercraft!Greetzz


Thaaaat's Nice may be in the future cars can fly!!!!