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Cars Can Now Go In Water

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Hehe, now thats interesting, but I think it is soooo NOT NEEDED!! I just dont get it why people are tryin to improve everything when everything is already quite ok! Maybe we should downgrade a few things and go back living closer to nature eventhough we find that impossible to imagine nowadays...I really think that something big will have to happen for us to understand that we cannot use our mother earth and push her to its limits! She will fight back and she does now with all the tornados, earthquakes and stuff...People just doesn't realize that...thats all..So I think that wooden boats and bycicles instead of cars would be a good start!greetz ;)

Cerebral Stasis

I heard about some kind of army ship that rolls on wheels and is air tigt so it can roll on the bottom of the ocean/lake/river/what ever.  Maybe one day they'll make underwater roads with underwater traffic signals ;)

You must remember that things must be efficient and worthwhile to be built. For example, that army vehicle gets a stealth advantage from it's ability to roll on the ocean floor, but having a car underwater would just mean extra fuel would be needed (since water has more resistance than air) and for normal travel, an airplane or boat would be much cheaper/more fuel-efficient. Furthermore, the ocean floor is very soft, and with the added weight of the ocean itself pushing down, it would be very easy for something as heavy as a vehicle to be sucked below the ocean floor and never come up again. Even if there were underwater cities, there would be much more efficient ways of travelling than via "underwater cars."


Wouldn't it be just cheaper to get a small boat and a regular car? :( I'm waiting until the time that they make a car that can fly, go on and under water, and that has a fridge and a stove (or at least a microwave).(I do know there are mini freezers or similar in cars these days but I want one I can stick a turkey in!)


Try a hovercraft. Currently it can go on water and land, but not air. Wait till the hovercraft makers add those spinners from those helicopters on top of the hovercrafts. Or you can also pump in hydrogen air instead to make it fly. :(


seems like a cool thing. But for the price it makes it a little crazy. You could buy a nice boat for cheaper than that. I would say haveing a boat would be a lot smarter than paying a crazy amaount of money for a car that can drive on water.


thats as cool as it is stupid. cars that can swim lol... i just seems like a dumb idea. cars are for land boats are for water. hovercrafts do both... but a floating car just seems a bit... not right? haha. i dunno, the idea of it isnt clicking in my head. just seems really stpid.


A car moving in water? Why not have a good car and a good boat or ship? Of course it is always good to have one which can do play many roles for us. But i think it will be too much to ask from a car to perform well as a ship or boat as well.


u know what? ive seen that before, on discovery or TLC they had this car in that i think some warlord used in a war it was a votswagon with a propellor and those giant monster truck with the huge wheels could easily float i saw and even maneuver pretty well with those tires they got, the size of a man, you should research it its a cool subject

John Foreman

It is very similar to the type of car that James Bond would drive. It is pretty cool, I bet in about 50 years, every car you see will be either able to drive on water or fly in the air. Until the petrol runs out anyway :angry:


Haha, well look at that, now we don't need a seperate boat to get at the other side of the river. I wonder what future cars will be able to do, levitate, or even make space travels? :angry:


If it could go underwater it would completely out-do the need for aquariums :angry:there would probably be quite a big business in underwater car trips :angry:


it is amazingi want 2 know about it


Someday there has to be a car that can fly, float on water . And i dont think those days are very very far away. So that would lead upto air traffic controll as well. And once they commercialise cars that run on water ,maybegas stations on sea might start creeping up, Well,am i getting my imaginations a bit tooo loose ??? They might look like a fantasy,but are never impossible. Would be invented in course of time. Maybe w could enjoy the "water car" for the moment...


Yes, this is known for quite a long time...I think I heard it here on Xisto a while ago too...It is very interesting to me, how many things are invented nowadays and their only purpose is to entertain people who are technology freeks, because I really can't think of any good use of a car that would also be a boat. OK we could drive and go to water and then drive again..BUT think about the money that would have to be spent for us to own such a thing and the traffic that would make beacuse these cars wouldnt be fast and so on...I think building bridges is still the best way to do it;) Old fashioned..hehegreetz


If you have a car that can go underwater, think of all the damage this would do to the lake, sea, whatever you are in!

There are a couple other things to note:

as someone said earlier in the thread, you have to have oxygen for internal combustion, so you would need something to the surface anyways.

There are already engines that run on "water" - more precisely, they run on hydrogen, use oxygen (O2 prob again) and the only waste is pure water. The only thing wron with them is that you have to get the hydrogen from somewhere, usually from the electrosysis of water, which takes energy - more energy than you get back in electrical force from the "fuel-cell" engine.

comecially available sub-marine vehicles would be able to go places they shouldn't, something the american government would not like at all - and these vehicles would therefore probably never come into existance in the first place

humans are too arrogant about their technology.


I really don't see the point of a car being able to go in the water. I don't think it would look good cause there would be propellers stickout out of it. Also, all it would really be good for is fishing, because i doubt it could go very fast in water. And even so, how long could it stay in the water? It's bound to take some sort of damage or rust and sink. I wouldn't pay 900,000 for that, cause I could just buy a car and a boat, overall cheaper.

Justin S.

hey I found out that they now have cars that can go in water. I don't know if this has been out for a long time or not but I have seen this on TV the other day. The car I have seen on TV was said to be $900,000 to buy.

Well maybe there could be a car like that. Im not the type of person that knows a lot about cars. I heard that they have cars ment for all terrain that have huge floaties on the sides and back and front of the car. That detects when there in the water so then they get activated. Its is really cool. I wonder who thought of the idea? :) Looks like I will never know. I hate doing research. :) Its evil!


badd friggin **bottom**, there gonna be makin cars that go on fire here pretty soon... Lol. Jeeze, everything is so advanced nowa days -Uentil


Neato, as in we're advancing into technology really well. I guess they would be useful to take into the Theme Park Aquarium Dome and drive with the sharks for a cool tour... Other than that, waste of $900,000.


I wouldn't pay 900,000 for that, cause I could just buy a car and a boat, overall cheaper.

I totally agree :)