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Lucky Number Do you have it ?

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which number do you like best?do you have a one as the lucky one ^_^

why?*certainly the number is not a superstition*

i like number 5.because 5 often makes me confortable with lots of good feelings when some deed.and my given name hulun is comprised of 5 letters;my birthday date is still related with 5...so i like number 5 and like to use 5 as a luck number.but i think there is no scientific reason:)


I like the number seven. It is mentioned in the Bible a lot and seems to be based around a lot of things. God rested on the seventh day, Joshua had to march around the city of Jerico seven times and then blew their ram horns. I mean, seven is great! And that is why I choose seven as a lucky number, (if I had one).


Fifteen. When I was growing up, I picked that one for a couple of reasons.. -My house number is 15-My best friends house number was 15-I was born on the 15th of January-I think there was something else 15-related. Anyways. 15, 'cause its always been 15.. ^_^


I have two favorite numbers, wouldn't say they're my favorites. My numbers are eleven and thirteen. They're my favorite only they were always my school numbers back in elementry (sp?) school. I dislike the number 69 because in bingo it always screws me over and not because of the sexual manner of the number.


the lucky nomber.every number from 0 to 9 is the bad luck number of me.God..^_^guangdian


I like the number 5. Its a nicely balanced number to use. I usually guess the number five when someone's asking me to pick a number.


I like number 13, because it's associated with someone very special. :-)


I'm a 4. I don't know, but 4 has always been a great number for me, (unlike 7!!) Also a friend showed me this trick to find out the meaning of life, and the answer is always 4.And: April (4) Date of birth (9) = 4+9 is 13 then... 1+3= 4!(Numerology)I guess that's it.


I like, 3, Because It has given me solution for lot of my life problems. Wahtever the confusion arisesm I use to split that confusion, 1. Yes, 2. No, 3. Maybe. Like this...just be analysing all the possibleinties I have solved many things. So I have to say my lucky number is THREE ^_^


My lucky number is also 5 ^_^.I don't know why but I just like 5 and red color.They make me confortable, just like you said.


7 is a lucky number as everyone says. ^_^ lol. But I would say 7.


My favourite number is 5 also. We're five in my family. I'm the fifth. My mother's maiden name means 'five' in Japanese.


64, I love the Nintendo 64, and I love the general nerdiness of haveing your lucky number as quite a importnat number in computing.


Mine is 2. I don?t know I like much more par numbers than impars so I think 2 represents those numbers. 2, 12, 20, 22... I like almost any number with a 2 in it. But it?s not a question of luck because I don?t believe in that... but I like it estethically.


Whenever I am playing a game with dice I usually get six which helps me a lot.On some games I play you have to collect six items that allow you to get a certain item.The sixth item I got on a game turned out to be a powerful one when adding stuff to it.On halo 2, the sixth mission is my favoriteThere I'm finally done with it. Those are the reasons I chose the number six as my lucky number.


No matter what anyone says. #7 is the the luckiest number of them all. So yeah


I think I like number 1 the most. But...I have always been associated with number 12.My house in thailand is number 12.My first house in UK... number 24 (which is 12x2)My second house in the UK....number 12.I was also born on 24th. :P


My lucky number is 7, too.I was born on the 7th (too bad it wasn't in July) 7:07 (I think) in the morning...so it's mainly to do with the fact that there are more seven in the time and date that I was born. Apart from that, the number 7 has that certain appeal for me.


I like 5 too. lol. Lots of people like 5 for some reason. I like it because it just sounds like a whole group, its not even but it sorta sounds like it a complete package. Bands are in groups of five mostly and power rangers are in group of five. lol. 5 is the number of fingers required to give a Hi-5 and shake people's dirty hands. 5 is the complete.


my lucky number i would pick 14 im turning 14 .. :P and...i just think its lucky!

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