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Internet Explorer 7 Beta I and its at my favorite site

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I don't like the layout of ie7. The placement of the file, edit menus are inconsistant with the other programs I use. Are the file, edit menus reorganizable?

until i see bill gates become the poorest man on earth then i will admit it, if and only when that happens.

Haha. That will never happen, as the number of sales per year he makes goes down, the prices that he sells his products at will go up.

I bet ie7 hasn't got features in it that firefox and opera haven't. In fact I bet it has less :P


Opera and Firefox still beat IE7 all the time.. They're both safer, more feature rich and web standard support than IE7.Unless the Internet Explorer team scratches the current code and start building from zero, i'll never use it again.. Why? Cause they are much better browsers out there :P


Opera and Firefox still beat IE7 all the time.. They're both safer, more feature rich and web standard support than IE7.

Agreed. Microsoft announced this new Internet Explorer - trying - to stop Firefox's growth. It's still the same lame browser; and they are going to copy Firefox's best features like they did with Netscape to win the competition.
But it's different now, I don't know if people will be fooled again...
Also, if the serious <<removed>> security holes aren't fixed, I won't use it again. :P

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I installed SP2 to get it and its not too shabby.


well right now some problems i am having is its tendency to free up when i click on links or open up a new tab, meh but its still pretty good.


I like the new IE ... I like the idea of the tabs instead of seperate windows all the time. I usually have so many screens opened at once that it is sometimes hard to keep track of where everything is. Well I surpose I am running 4 different messengers an IRC program and mIRC plus doing my online IE stuff as well. Man I do too much online ... lol I think I need to slow down a bit.


i have never heard about this new verison until now, so its expected to becoming out soon? Well i hope it has better security then this one had. I sometimes used firefox just so i could bypass some of the saftey issues that internet explorer was going through about 3 months ago. I hope they get it right this time and dont screw it up!


For the most part, IE 7 looks good, if a little bit cluttered. (Thanks for the screenshot, St. Michael) I'm wondering how it'll compare with the Beta version of Firefox 1.5, though.


protection is a major issue for me, so i just dont trust IE, and i wont untill it builds up a rep. Then i will give it another chance.


I don't like this version.Why they don't use internet explorer 6 , but put a very security on the version.So we don't have to download pop-up blockers.Or can't they just make a tool that the most adware and spyware holds.So we don't get a webhancer or a easysearchbar on the top of internet explorer but blocks every tracking cookies.So we don't need any adware or spyware scanner.Because that is very expensive.No i think that microsoft must do that.So can I do everthying on internet and I will feel myself safe.


I have a question!Is it possible to uninstall this 7 beta version and dowgrade it back to 6?? Because I really wouldn't like to take that risk...Thanks for answers


If you are running it on xp, just go into control panel, add/remove programs, then at the top click show updates. Then look through the list for IE7 as an update and just uninstall it, it will then go back to IE 6. Now my question for anyone is how do you uninstall it in Vista, I have Vista and have tried the method that I just described and its not there, I also look in the windows updates area and looked a all the updates I have installed and its not there, I am trying to uninstall it so that I can use Beta 3.


Why can't you just install over it? Just do it that way...


Why can't you just install over it? Just do it that way...

Ok, so if you are trying to install IE6 over IE7 it will not install because says that IE7 is a newer version and thus can't be installed, but for Vista I found that microsoft has not released a version of IE7 that thinks its compatable, I have IE7 beta 2 and I was trying to update to beta 3, but it says that my OS is not supported, so untill microsoft gets there act togethere I can only use beta 2 and the other browsers, like firefox. Its rather anoying.


hmm.. i'll definately try this. i try everything t least once... its just that my previous expierences with ie were really bad. i got flooded with spyware, viruses and what not which all miraculously stopped after switching to firefox. ;T if ie7 is as stable and proteted as they claim it to be i may stick with it but firefox being so basic and easy to use has my vote for teh time being.

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