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My Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data, regaining data, and freezing

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song skippingMy Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,

my ipod classic places one song then skips through all my songs without playing them, when I go into the menu view and click the song I want to listen to it plays the song then does the skipping thing again. Can anyone please help me thanks xx 

-question by mark willis



Ipod skippingMy Ipod Is Randomly Skipping Songs, Losing Data,

Pressing the menu bottom while holding the middle botton down. 

hey it worked for me as well!


You didn't list what type of iPod you had, so this is kind of a guess, but might be able to help......You might have corrupted your iPod, because you unplugged it while it was still connected to your computer. If you unplug it while synchronyzing, it could really screw it up. Try formatting it and reinstalling your songs. Try calling Apple support and have them help you repair your iPod(Personally, I've had a bad experience with them. Maybe you'll be different.) Try resetting your iPod by holding down the menu button and middle button at the same time. It should show the little Apple logo and boot up the iPod. Best of luck,thejodeHey iGuest guy(or girl, or dog, whatever),How come you posted on this topic about a bazillion times? And why is half of your text always wrapped in tables? It's really weird.Puzzled,Thejode.


No worries i was on my ipod and i wanted to listen to some music and i noticed alot of skipping like song would start then skip to next song later when connecting to computer i noticed that some songs had a "!" beside it later i found out that ment "!" was corrupted soo i detled the songs with ! and i notieced i worked again afetr that just to make sure 100 percent it wouldnt happen again i restored it and then its been working :):)


mines, exactly the same, 160gb ipod classic..everytime i paly a song it skips or freezes, i actually dont know whats a matter with it, its 5month old, and has over17,000 songs!