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Internet Explorer.... With Tabs!

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i have given up IExplorer it's so big so lots of memory it used i just don' how to solve it..really it always down down down...like the windows..but when i changed to use firefox it's not quick it's really so bad work i think i'm using.it's really so bad thing i ever met when i changed to frefox..so i give up fire fox then ..i changed to mozilla.mozilla feels so nasty a logo i just use it.days after it changed so slow i just can not accept it..yes,mozilla it says that it 's a best explorer on the world but it's not on me..no.really not.is it opensource.how opensource can bring us?no no ! it just changed our life harder & harder because no one contribute it for no money even there is .he won't paid he most energy for it..yes.no one would do his best .human being is just like that.yes.we only can accept a worse world by the technology grow...i just changed to Internet explorer & i bought the new version of microsoft windows because i am sure the paid thing is better than not paid or free.if you get a person to do things for you but you don't paid him or paid for hime a little how you think your man will think.yes.he won't do his best...so i 'm using IE now it's really good for me because it's business software then i wanna say i used ie so i don't use tab.yes.tab is no use..tabs so lot it really use the memory as more windows it's my own opinion thank you .good luck you use firefox and mozilla.and i just wanna say if IE got it's own Tab window it's just a bad action for it.yes.bad very bad luck of me.i just wanna buy a new web browser if google or any other company open or sale ..i just buy a new one if ie use tab.


Seriously, that post made hardly any sense at all.Basically you seem to be saying that no one is contributing to Mozilla/Firefox because they don't get any money. You're wrong.Then you say that if you have to pay for something it has to be better than the free thing. Which really isn't an issue with Firefox vs. IE, because neither of them cost any money.


Down to the details Fire fox is better than internet explorer. But internet explorer really isnt that bad. It works just fine. Sure fire fox is better but most of the people dont even care and the rest of us are too lazy do set anything else up. Tabed browsing isnt even all that great. I mean it techniclly is tabbed its just on the bottom with everything else. Its not as great but most people dont even care. As for the security issues. Those are pretty bad but most people dont even have to worry about them. Unless you go to some heavily added with trash site and click yes to all the warnings then you wont have many problems and the ones that you do have can easily be fixed with a few free programs. Fire fox is nice though.

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