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  1. hi,yeah, Internet Explorer always prompts for confirmation before closing the main window. I m not sure of other browser but I suppose most would.But I visited a certain site where on logging out, the particular window closed and opened a new browser window with a link 'Close this window'. On clicking the link the window closed without any confirmation dialog box. In effect this closed the main window without any dialog box. I m not sure how it was done.. I do not have the site bookmarked too so that I can check it out again..Did nyone else come across this sort of situation? If nyone knows the solution please post it here.Cheers.
  2. I tried out the Google reader but there seems to be some problem. When I add a feed it does not show up immediately.. and after it does, if I want to delete it, it does not go off. I tried deleting it multiple times, logging out and logging in again and all sorts of things..Also on logging in sometimes the initial screen gets stuck... just like that.. Is it just me facing the problems(maybe sthg wrong with my browser or comp) or nyone else too..Cheers.
  3. hi,I have been using Google Desktop for quite some time now. Actually it has a huge index of over 1 GB on my PC and searching for files is extremely fast and efficient. Moreover u can set it to switch off indexing for certain folders (where u might have personal data) as well.There have always been privacy concerns for everything from Email to online shopping to whatever.. but that does not stop people from using it.. At least I find it more convenient and useful than harmful.Cheers.
  4. yeah Photoshop would be the best but it is not free and as far as I know even fireworks or paint shop pro are also not free.GIMP is the best u can get free and use it in the combination u r now and undoubtedly u would get a lot better results. Cheers.
  5. Even I never had any problem with Gmail interface and love it absolutely. As for the 'reply' being a link, it is not a major issue, Some feel that 'Move to Trash' should also be a link, but I dont think it would make a difference to the Gmail experience.Moreover I use shortcut keys so just pressing 'r' is sufficient to open the reply part. Actually the fast loading no fuss interface is what makes Gmail stand out from its other contemporary e-mail services.Cheers.
  6. hi,hey u mentioned 'Mersenne number'. what exactly is it? Does it have any special properties or it is name for the prime numbers found by the Mersenne Search Community...Cheers.
  7. I check out that link.. No one is saying that such devices are not available.. And what you call overpriced is not so much I suppose... coz.. for the one you pointed out.. 40GB version costs 600 Euro which is over 700$ as far as I calculated from a site at todays exchange rate. while the Ipod is for 299$.. yeah, the screen is bigger at 7", you can play games, but the number of formats supported by Ipod are more than Archos. Archos details for 40GB, 600 Euro model. So I still find Ipod better as compared to others on cost/value equation. Cheers.
  8. hi,yeah, Apple has been always tuning its strategy.. It unvield the new Video Ipod and priced it at $299, the same as earlier Color Ipod 20GB but with a difference.It added 10 GB to the earlier 20GB and did away with AC adapter that was a standard accessory with the earlier Ipod. Now u need to shell out an extra 30$ for the AC Adapter.I feel it should have continued the earlier range of 20GB Ipod and reduced the price a little. Now u either have 4GB or 30 GB, nothing to go between them... On the other hand it would be truly nice to have Ipod play the video. I have been planning to get one for myself too.. but now thinking whether to shell out 30$ extra or to do with charging through my computer...Another thing is that they have added Black color too...Also the U2 special edition seems to have been discontinued... that might be bad news for the U2 fans...Cheers.
  9. hi mayank,Thanks for the info.The link is fine except for the double "http://forums.xisto.com/;, remove one and you can reach Google reader.btw the utility looks helpful, there are a number of other sites offering similar service but getting in on google helps reduce one more login/password that you need to remember.I have got to chek this out... Cheers.
  10. yeah, It sure is a fake coz Yahoo would never send an attachment and ask you to go through it or fill it up. If it was genuine communication, it would have redirected you to some page on yahoo or something like that.Moreover chances are that if they find an account that is spamming and they are sure of it, I think they would just shut it down instead of sending mail to each user/ may be when the user logs in, they would show a page or request for info or user agreement or whatever was supposedly in the attachment.So I think you can relax and ignore the message.Cheers.
  11. I suppose that is a not your content and you should put it in Quotes. You can find the same here : http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Even if you have posted it there, you need to quote it here. and not put the entire thing as content. Moreover the link that u gave states that: Cheers.
  12. hi vitrus,It does support Jsp and Java but u need to request for it specifically to be activated on your account.btw that link shows a blank page.. what is it that you wanted to show?Cheers.
  13. hi p_a,I dont think either javascript/vbscript have such a feature incorporated into them. But Java would surely have that feature, which beeseven says to not having found. Even C/C++ have the feature to get the color of the pixed under the mouse cursor. So I do not think that Java would do without such a feature, esp Swing.Cheers.
  14. hi qwertyiscool,you can use regular expressions to match invalid input and filter out what can be special characters in a statement like the * or ? etc.. Actually list out a set of inputs that would result in injecting SQL in ur query. Then write statements to filter out such inputs.In Java you can have a filter class which would filter the input based on regular expression and then can be safely used. I am not sure of the exact solution in PHP but something would surely be possible along similar lines.Cheers
  15. Congratulations on completing a year at one of the best free webhosting site and great forums here...Even I would be completing a year in a week or so(9 days to be exact)..It has been a great experience so far and I really do enjoy the forums here.Cheers.
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