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The Space do you think we will ever live on the moon??

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i dont think we will be able to live on the moon for around 500 years like you said but im sure for a fact that there will be space stations set up on the moon within the next 150 years,U never know scientists may find a way to make an ozone layer for the moon if they ever get that smart lmao did they actually find water on the moon ?


Yes, they've found water on the moon, mars, and other places.


they have found water existed at one time, but havent confirmed that it exists now, but i think we will be able to live on the moon or mars, after a few hundred years of astronaught only colinization. then we might be able to get space hotels, etc, its already been talked about, read popular sicence, its quite good.


and do you think terraforming is possible on the moon


Since you started the questions i m not sure if they found a 9 th planet in the galaxy and i don't really remmeber it's name can you refresh my memory ? And to your qestion i think that someday when peeps find out how to get atmosphere and oxygen and them other vital for human race stuff we will find a way to live on the moon and even on other planets cos as people say the galaxy is endless and there could be another planet just like ours at the moment with air same temperature poles, and even human beings ... :( so it's really a matter of time ... a long long time but we have about 1 million years untill the earth stops spining around so i guess by then we would find another way to maintain the human race and prevent it from extincion :( Quite a funny logic and when i read it i don't understand what i wrote... :(


Just to clarify, they havn't actually discovered water on mars or the moon yet. They've discovered evidence of water, similar- but fundamentally very different. However the evidence does some pretty conclusive.I don't think we'll be living on anything but earth in the immediate future. I think it will still be several hundred years before that becomes possible. Although look at how fast space technology is evolving. British founder of Virgin has already set up intergalactic airways and they will have commercial flights to outer space sooner than we think.Living on another planet would be a very fragile existence though. Here on earth the environment is perfect, literally perfect, for any creature to survive in- of course the human race is completely destroying this concept. To have to live in glass domes or anything like in the movies would just be too weird, I'm not saying that that is how one would be required to live on another planet but it would be a very different way of life to the one here on earth. Of course there are still many other galaxies and planets to explore!


We may feel that we have advanced, as human beings, as far as we can possibly go. And now that the bold frontier has been discovered, it?s time to set out sights into the new place?the space.Did you know that not so many decades ago (less than 22 years) that scientist discovered heavy water? We have the familiar water [H2O], hydrogen oxide, and there is heavy water [H2O2]. The discovery of heavy water was the next best thing since the splitting of an atom. You see, the oxygen molecule cannot have more than 2 bonds, hence H2O for those who understand chemistry, and this H2O2 is bonding with another oxygen molecule sharing instantaneously the bond of an extra electron. Heavy water mainly resides in miles and miles below the sea. And we just have discovered it. I say ?just? because if you look at the time line of human achievements, 22 years is very short time ago. May be this is the solution to the age old question of ?where are we going to get oxygen in space?? Now follow this logic if you will. When H2O2 becomes unstable (which in this case, it would only have to be in STP?standard temperature and pressure) the natural course of atoms dictates that it will form H2O and O-2. And if you have enough O-2 it will form O2 by combining oxygen molecule from leftover of H2O2 with another left over oxygen. So, with H2O2, it will form water and oxygen. Since H2O2 is abundant here on Earth and it can also be synthesized, making water and oxygen to breathe in space would be easier than once we thought.


Nice thinking. Mars would be a good place to live. But also moon is not bad. Do u think we will have to face accomodations problems there. But we ought not to bother with it because we have the greatest thing science. which makes dreams true. So the thing which we have to do is to do packup and ready for a ride to moon.


yeah, it wud be fun to live on the moon/mars... but it wud be long time from now when not so rich are able to afford it...Even air travel is not for ordinary people yet in most countries... Cheers.


yeah, it wud be fun to live on the moon/mars... but it wud be long time from now when not so rich are able to afford it...Even air travel is not for ordinary people yet in most countries... Cheers.


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Of course build a big space station on the moon and live there.....Thats not effiecient at all.. And not very reasonable.I think as of right now, We couldnt possibly do it. Main reason, there is no oxygen on the moon so You would have to have enough oxygen up there to last a long time, and to fill a large area.... You would need to grow your own food (This can help in the oxygen process also since plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen) And it would be difficult to travel or leave your home.. Also the fact that stuff like insomnia sets in after being in space for too long. If you everdid live there you would never beable to come back to earth, at least without long term disabilities. The fact is that the moons gravity isnt strong enough to keep our muscles as strong as they need to be to withstand the earths gravity. Otherwise when you returned to Earth, basically what would happen is you would be crushed by the gravity. Water is something that humans must have to survive, this is also another problem that would exhist. There is no water on the moon so you would have to take A LOT up there. Then you would have to have a purification system, because all the water you used to take a bath or use the toilet would have to be recycled so you can drink it :lol:. If the moon had the atmosphere we have and contained oxygen and water then you would beable to look over the different gravitational affects, but there are too many varibles that are against us...... I dont think its possible, and will not be possible for a long time. I was gonna conclude here but something comes to my mind I want to bring up so here it goes.Over time humans can addapt to their surroundings, Thats one of the reasons why you see different looking people in different parts of the world. If humans did move up there and live, over a period of generations, I believe it would be possible to addapt to the environment of the moon, reduced oxygen levels, low gravity.... I'm not too sure how addapting to the oxygen and lack of water would be, but I am almost 100% positive we could addapt to the gravity, Humans would become taller, probably have longer limbs, I cant say for sure because im not educated in this, but thats just my opinion.


by the time we have the technology to make the moon inhabitatble the erath will be f**ked up and/or the human race will be fighting for what little resources remain. so pretty much, i doubt ppl will ever really live on the moon, like its home.


I don't believe that we ever will live in space....that cannot be true

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