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Google Android Operating Program This seems new.


Google Android Operating Program




Installed on a netbook

A computer shop advertices with the offer of a netbook of Acer with Google Android as second operating program. The funny thing is that a confirmation of this information is not on the website of Acer.


A brochure of the webshop shows the model of Acer called: Aspire One D255.

The operating programs are Windows 7 and Google Android.

So it seems Google Android found its way from the mobile phone to the mobile computer.


Other features are:

Intel Atom Processor N450 1.66 Gigaherz


Wireless internet receiver

Microsoft Office Starter 2010


10.1 inch screen

250 gigabyte hard disk

1 gigabyte internal memory unit(s)

Windows 7 Starter

Google Android


The netbook costs $ 410,--.


Since the offer is foun in a brochure on paper there is no link available.


The website of Acer shows the model with Windows 7 Starter and Windows XP.




At this moment, running Android on a netbook would be like running Windows Phone 7 on a netbook. The current releases from Android are made to be used on a smartphone with a touchscreen. It's made for low-res touchscreen devices. The next release, "Gingerbread" would be the first Android which is also designed for use on tablets. This is a step closer to netbooks, but still... Android isn't made for netbooks... It's just too lightweight and useless (it's a bit like Win 3.1, lightweight, but useless on a recent pc).


I agree with the posts above. Google Android has not matured enough to be ported for use on netbooks and other computer devices. Although the concept of an open source operating system for mobile devices was great, in my view, the primary market for Google Android remains for use with touchscreen mobile device. It is unlike iOS on the Apple iPhone platform, which originated partially from Apple's Mac OS X operating system (with decades worth of development). The iOS platform has been developed on the principles of Mac OS X combined with a touchscreen user experience. From this, the iOS has matured as one of the best mobile operating system, with the user experience so good that features of the iOS platform are being ported back to the next version of Apple's operating system, Mac OS X Lion. No doubt more work needs to be done by Google developers to improve the usability of the Android operating system on non-mobile devices.


i don't think there's an android version suitable for netbooks unless they meant to advertise it with Google's Chromium OS which is built for netbooks


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