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Touchpads Are they good?


touchpads have become extremely popular, my question is weather or not they are worth it. For 20 years, they have been around, but never a really popular item, is this changing?


I really need to feel the way the keys on a real keyboard go down, until a ear a small click when arriving at the end.And I also need the "F" and "J" keys which have a mark, in order that you feel where to put both of your indexes when you type with all your fingers.This allows you to type without looking at your keyboard, which allows optimal speed while typing, and efficiency if you look at your text while typing.This you cannot have with a touchpad.


How about the non slate touchpads, the ones with both a touchscreen and a keyboard?


touchpads for the past 2 decades.! i dun agree to it i hope these touch pads has came into focus in past 6 to 7 years and now they are getting a hype like anything they are dominitating every company towards itself and almost all the companys are out with their version of touch pad some are out and some are on their way. but no doubt it has grown multifold times within nights of its introducion. I think after ipad every company is tring to be in the market like the hp slate or the dell touch even some of the all new companyies with their innovative thoughts are changing the the way of computing.They are making or say tring to remove the initial mouse and keyboard from the desk to a small but trendy screen on the palm. Second one is much more showy than the previous one and you get a ability to move around or to to do anything on the go which was not possible in the case of desktops and when some touch pads were introduced initially they were not as powerful as the ipad and products after that. I think this ipad is not worth that much hype or its popularity just the name wont do it has to show its capablity i know the ipad look and desigin is just awesome but the functions are not up to the mark. you ge the same thing in lower cost from hp and if you want to get much cheaper but much powerful then go for adam. This touch pad was launched from a group of IITians and now they are tring to test in the USA market and after debugging they will be launching it all over the globe. But as per the title yes touchpads are really worth that popularity they are having everything an idol pc should have they are just changing the way of seeing pc now pc is more p.


Well I think it's changing... all new cellphones coming out are with touch.


It seems that people like to use touchpads, but I personally still prefer the keyboard on mobile phones, I thought to buy a mobile phone with a touchpad, but got myself with a normal keypad and feel fine..touchpads are good that you usually get bigger screen, but personally for me, I need my mobile phone to talk to people and write sms, sometimes mms and thats all, so bigger screen usually isn't needed for me..I just hope in the future all new phones won't be with touchpads? Normal/usual phones seems to work longer without charging them.


Small detail, a touchpad is that thing on your laptop that replace the mouse :)On a phone/tablet it's a touchscreen (the difference lies in the fact that a touchpad has a solid background) I have a phone with both a touchscreen and keyboard (a regular phone keyboard, not a qwerty one) and I'm so glad that I have the keyboard. It's very hard to write something using the onscreen keyboard as there's no feedback and absolutely no 'feel'. There are tools that allow haptic feedback (it makes the phone buzz when you touch the screen), but it's not as great as they want you to believe. There's always a delay between touching the screen and the moment you feel the vibrator.I'm not sure how it works on bigger screens like the iPad or the slate, but I suspect it'll be a lot better than on a small cellphone screen.When it comes to using the phone and it's applications, I must say that it works a lot better with touchscreen. It's just so much faster, instead of scrolling or looking for a key, you just tap on the thing you want. Same goes for scrolling on webpages, instead of pushing a button 1000x to reach the bottom of the page, you just give it a quick slide and you're at the bottom in no time .Next phone I'll buy will be a touchphone with keyboard, if at least some dares to release one


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