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Turn Off Automatically turn off automatically in windows 7


i have windows 7 and i want to give the time to my pc and it automatically be shut down
but i dont khow how!!!
pleaseeeeeeee help meeeee


Have a look here :  google.fr/url?sa=t&source=w4qS7uq72iZ0dFGg


Search the google for "Chronos shutdown" software utlity. it allows you to set time for shutdown and restart and you can safely shutdown the computer. i'm using it on my computer. it works with vista and xp and i'm sure it will work with windows 7 as well.


It looks like this tool simple to use.
But what other options are on the option button.

Are there any screen caps ?


p.s. If anyone who do write some code. They can use this page as a start point to implment its own shutdown tool.
Shutdown / restart code


thanks a loooooot

but i think it shoud be a program on windows 7 that does automatically shut down and i want to discover it!!

if find it,please report me


Do you mean that you don't want to install the software mentionned by starscream, and you don't want to download any software in order to perform that shutdown job?



This was one of the similar topics that I found below, take a look at it and maybe that can help you out (even though yours is turn off maybe you can reverse it and make it turn off?)



yes i mean this, i think in windows 7 should be a program or some settings that does it for me



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