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Free Sms - Mozilla Firefox Addon!


Install this:

Код: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Now start the addon from the mobile icon

Select your settings! (Not like on the picture that are my settings)

Write the number that you want to recive SMS

In From insert the name of the sender


Have nice SMS-ing!

Notice from Yordan:

Double-Posting here and at Xisto is not allowed


And who will pay for the SMS ?


And who will pay for the SMS ?

No dude, no body is paying anything!
This is SMS sending engine transformed in Mozilla Firefox Addon.
It's great, im using it about 2 months and im satisfacted.

Try it you will not be disappointed.


Free sms with Firefox is great.Thanks for the tip.Another tip I want to share with you is that you can send sms messages to landline phones with text2land.Com service.-reply by BenK


is it working i would like to try


is it working i would like to try

I would really like to know how it works. Because somebody has to pay for the internet-to-gsm bridge, usually the phone suppliers do not give their services for free. Some sites tried buying a lot of connections to the phone suppliers (it's rather cheap if you buy one million SMS's at a single time), then giving them for free to their members. However, this kind of things never lasted a lot.
That's why I don't think that the bridge between your ISP (the guy who sells you the Internet connection your PC is using) and the phone line of your SMS-friend is fully free whether your ISP is. Most probably you will pay the SMS with your internet bill, our the guy you send the SMS will pay it inside his next cell-phone bill.


I don't think it really works...I just tried sending 2 sms messages,but actually both messages weren't received ...i am using same settings as shown on pictures(cause I am from Croatia).When i click send it "loads" and after that it doesn't say that it was sent or anything...And i really wanna know who pays the bill just as yordan said.


It doesn't work. I tried to send sms to my mobile. The addon confirmed that the message was sent but I didn't received the message. This addon is obsolete.


It does not work at all. I get "Error connecting to server at start up"


are any addon like this anymore?


are any addon like this anymore?

You mean : do we have more such not-working addons ? Probably yes. However, our purpose here is to be helpful, so no use for advertising things which do not work.Your mobile phone company probably offers SMS features, you probably have to pay for this.


Beware, not to give your phone numbers to unknown services. The add-on creator might just be mass collecting phone numbers to be later sold to some companies for telemarketing etc.


Well if this type of mobile sms service works without asking us our mobile number then i'll think about it. But some of the sites and add-ons ask us for the number so looks quite risky. There are some sites which let you do this without using your own phone number like 160by2 and way2sms etc. They restrict the service by 2 sms per IP. These type of services are good and can be reliable for us but not sure about the number which is entered in database. This is because they could use your number to spam and to sell to some ad aganecies. this is what i have observed so far.


I would really like to know how it works. Because somebody has to pay for the internet-to-gsm bridge, usually the phone suppliers do not give their services for free.

They used to. The phone providers themselves maintained the SMS gateways; you just had to know where they were and which service the receiver used. The receiver paid for the message as usual. I used to use this for system admin tasks, paging me when long-running jobs were finished (like loading a backup from a tape robot) or when a filesystem was full. For most phone systems there were email gateways which could be used from command-line or scripts. That is all this plugin did.

Now the providers have gotten greedy and make you pay at both ends. There are still working plugins for pay-per-message servers like http://smsflatrate.net/ and http://site25.way2sms.com/. With smartphones, it is usually less hassle to just use email.


Be careful with free text services.I sent a free text to a friend by using a computer, my friend received the text. If he had replied to the text, they would of charged him something like £3.00Every time a free text is sent to you, make sure you know who is sending that text. Reply back to them by using their original number from your phone book. Don't reply directly back to the free text message.


Why the addon has been removed by firefox?


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