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How To Add Administrator Account In Logon Screen Windows XP


If you've created an account in addition to the Administrator account in Windows XP, the administrator account will not be shown in the Logon Scree, this tutorial explains you how to add the Administrator account to the logon screen.

If you are using Windows XP Pro follow these steps,

1. In the Start Menu, select Run.

2. In the Run dialog, type 'regedit' without quotes, to start the registry editor.

3. Navigate to the key,
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \Winlogon \SpecialAccounts \UserList

4. In the right pane, right click and select, New > Dword

5. A new item will be created, right click on it and rename it to 'Administrator'.

6. Then double click on the Administrator item and enter a value, '1' in the dialog box.

7. Close registry editor and restart your computer, you can see the Administrator account listed in the Login Screen.

To perform the above steps you've to login with a admin user account.

If the new account you've created is a limited user account, then you can access the administrator account, by pressing ctrl+alt+delete keys two times in the login screen. You'll get a login window. enter the username and password. Then do the above steps.

If you are using Windows XP Home Edition, you've to boot into safe mode to perform the above steps. You can enter into safe mode by pressing the F8 key during the bootup process of the computer, and selecting Safe Mode from the list displayed.

Still to make things easier, there is a precoded executable that will do this automatically. This file is no virus or anything harmful. i've personally tested this file. Get the file here,



Does this thing work with Vista?


you can also use these steps to hide a user account! instead of changing the dword value to 1, make it 0. This will hide the user account from the login screen (this is assuming that you are using the welcome screen).An easier way, if your not quite uip to modifying the registry is to press Ctrl + Alt + Del TWICE at the welcome screen, this will bring up a login dialog. Enter administrator and the password into the login dialog and you will be logged in!@Downlinker - Im not sure, they may have changed the registry path in vista, but i cant see why not!jimmy


Thankx a lot friends. I was searching a way for this, but not able to get it. As i frequently need to log on to the Administrators account, this tip helped me a lot.I have something to ask "If we r going to hide an account as mentioned above, then will we able to log on to that account?"


also you can use TuneUp Utilities for this, if you have it installed.it have many other option too.


Administrator accountHow To Add Administrator Account In Logon Screen

When you are in a limited account, you cannot add any items in the registry...So what is the other options left?You cannot even install any new softwares for admin option appearing automatically when we boot the system...So pls help asap.

-question by santosh_funtush


When you are in a limited account, you cannot add any items in the registry...So what is the other options left?

Sorry, but... the purpose of a limited account is exactly that. A limited user has limited access to the system, he cannot install software or change the registry. If you have a real reason to do that, you should ask the system admin to temporarily give you the administrator status during your install operation, and move it back to standard limited user when finished.


What if you were the Admin? How To Add Administrator Account In Logon Screen

Replying to yordanMy machine got hacked, So I haven't been able to log back onto my windows xp logon page, I did download Opscrack and found out who else I had added to users. But now I can not find my own name as admin. ? this is why I need to add admin to the logon screen . My temp account is admin,but w/ limited access. As " guest" . Did I in advertedly erase my own account by mistake ? THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!

-reply by Teri


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