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Solar System To Have 12 Planets


We didn't lose it, we just changed it's status from planet to 'dwarf planet' what part of 'planet' do you not see in the term 'dwarf planet'? This merely implies that while a planet, it is different than the rest of them are, and any simpleton can tell by the size and orbit that it differs greatly from the other eight planets. Twas a bad decision to include it in the first place, and it's good they fixed the problem.Pluto: still a planet, just not one of the ones of regular stature. Just like midgets are still people, dwarf planets are still planets. You guys with your pointless rants that don't include the least bit of science. Why not try reading between the lines before go off on something you have no idea about? They simply changed the definition of a planet to better help them define objects. Would you rather have to remember 12 regular sized planets (one of which was Pluto's moon)?I remember when I learned of the years in which people refused to believe the earth was flat, and even when data was presented to show otherwise they still refused to believe it...We should not mix science with emotions. Science isn't about emotion, you don't keep something simply because it feels good.


Here is a nice disscussion about "Why the word Planet will never be defined"

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Isn't it amazing how much we DON'T think about what's out there on a daily basis? It's so mind blowing that there is so much space out there, and that we occupy so little of it. We are so self-absorbed. All of us it seems. We are so small and yet we hold the idea and live our lives like they are the most important thing going on in the whole universe. It'll be a crazy day when we stuble upon other lifeforms. Crazy indeed.


lol, true, some of us even think the answer to everything IS 42!Anyways, there's always going to be new discoveries. However, we must also realize we're just a tiny speck in this grand universe.xboxrulz


I vote that we limit the definition of a planet to those celetrial bodies with intelligent life upon them, which by definition, would make the Earth just another space rock while the Dolphins decide whether or not humans are considered "intelligent"


It really depends on what you can call a planet because pluto is now being struck off the planets list and is going to put into a whole new category. However I think sedna is going to become a planet because it is acutally bigger than pluto and so can be classed as a planet.


I believe they should change and add the new planets if they are going to keep them as planets and not remove them. Being cumbersome, I don't think they should reteach everyone, but the younger kids and from that class onwards. As for those past, they shouldn't have to learn it because it would be a tad harder to change the way of thought of what is a planet and what isn't a planet. I don't even think planet should be a describing word either. Planet should be like a reference to just all of the rock (and gas, etc. if you include Jupiter) bodies because currently it is undefinable to the planets as they are changing them.


Personally, I really don't see the reason for all the fuss about Pluto, etc. The way we define "Planet" is human - if we call the Sun a planet, that doesn't change anything. It's really all in perspective, and adding/removing planets really won't affect anything except teaching, and to be honest, (I think) most people wouldn't really care how many planets they are told there are. The main thing we want is consistency.Pluto is a planet? Yes. Wait - no. Maybe. Ask someone else.Rather than having these debates, people should focus on more important things and keep our terms consistent.



Solar System To Have 12 Planets


There should be 11 planets because they never said you could not include dwarf planets. I am 11 just to tell.


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