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The Mentos And Diet Coke Reaction


if you wanna know the reaction between mentos and diet coke all you would have to do is search on google video or youtube Mythbusters and pick the diet coke and mentos episode they did this experiment and they thought it is quite cool and they also did some other experiments with bubbles and stuff.

Yeah, the Mythbusters got it narrowed down pretty darn well. They even established a world record by creating the largest mentos-and-coke-induced-fountain ever. It was a combination of both certain ingredients in diet coke and mentos. They simply extracted most of the ingredients from a diet coke, and put them in separate bottles,pulling the old "Sherlock Holmes test of elimination". They concluded that a few ingredients were the cause of the massive reaction, but I can't say for sure which ones. But as mentioned before, it's also because of nucleation. When zoomed into, a mentos has the surface of a golf ball, with little craters in it. A chain reaction from millions of these craters is triggered when cast into coke, causing the ray of water to burst from the bottle.
It does take a certain brand, and the authentic mentos though, and a single mentos can be sufficient. The Mythbusters enhanced the effect by adding an extension on the bottle that would narrow the ray, thus increasing power, causing the coke to actually burst up for quite a height. (it blew over their workshop)


Yeah... pretty cool right? I have just read about it couple of weeks back when I was reading about the incident of someone dying from helium inhalation.
Anyway, I have a crazy idea. Kids, please just read this ONLY and please... don't try to attempt it. I don't know what will happen...
How about putting a mentos into your mouth, then take a big gulp of coke? Hehe.....

I tried it once, but it didn't work because the coke was already used for the mentos in the bottle. However you shouldn't swallow it.

baby bear

I heard that if you placed mentos into a bottle of diet coke it would create a fountain effect. When I tried this I got covered in coke because of the speed of the reaction. Luckily no sugar means it does attract as many bugs. After this I wondered for a while what exactly is the chemical reaction that takes place between a mentos mint and diet coke. If anyone knows please post. It would be interesting if this only worked with diet coke.
One more thing, I have also heard that a group of people created a video with several hundred of these "fountains" going off in a specific order to create a very unique affect. If anyone knows were this can be found please post that as well.

it's the carbonation. the mentos have little open pockets all over the outer shell of them, and when they come in contact with the carbonated water and caffine in the soda then a reaction happens with the mentos. and lots of little bubbles starts being released from the pockets in the shell of the mentos, and the mentos go pretty much crazy, they release so many bubbles they don't have time to settle down and they burst out of the coke bottle.

I have tryed this experements with my friends for the forth of july and it takes 3-4 mentos to have this reaction happen. and it takes a 2 liter of coke. ( this only happenes with coke not any other carbonated soda ).

so try it and see what happens. it's fun actualy. just remember to bring an unbrella if your going to be the person to drop in the mentos.


Yeah, this is very interesting. I've seen many people do this (youtube) but instead of placing the Mentos one by one, they tie it into something similar to a necklace of Mentos. After that, they drop it all at once and the fizz squirts out. I want to try it out as well.I think it requires regular Mentos and Diet Coke. I'm not sure.

baby bear

Yeah, this is very interesting. I've seen many people do this (youtube) but instead of placing the Mentos one by one, they tie it into something similar to a necklace of Mentos. After that, they drop it all at once and the fizz squirts out. I want to try it out as well.
I think it requires regular Mentos and Diet Coke. I'm not sure.

I don't really remember if we did it with diet cola or regular cola. mabey it was diet?? idk.


Aha, I love this experiment. I haven't done it myself (mainly because my mom would kill me for making a mess), but I've seen it a lot of times. Mythbusters, a TV program on the Discovery Channel, did many experiments to find out the ingredients in Diet Coke and Mentos that cause the reaction. They found out that the Mentos actually have a lot of nucleation sites (holes) on its surface, which allows the carbon dioxide in the Diet Coke to escape as a gas. The active ingredients in the experiment would be gum arabic and gelatin in the Mentos and aspartame, potassium benzoate, and caffeine in the Diet Coke. When these ingredients react, they force all the carbon dioxide in the Diet Coke to escape, which causes the huge eruption.Serena


coke and mentos

The Mentos And Diet Coke Reaction


Go on http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and type in coke and mentos and its the 6th one down


Replying to baby bearIt's actually not the carbonation or the caffeine. I'm not sure what actually causes the reaction but I tried this with coke, diet coke, sprite, and pepsi. They all had about the same reaction which told me it wasn't the caffeine (sprite doesn't have caffeine in it). This lead me to assume that it was the carbonation. Thus I conducted this experiment with carbonated water. I got no reaction at all. I'm also sure that its not the sugar because Diet Coke doesn't have sugar in it. The reason this phenomenon occurs is still a mystery to science.-CoolJim


Replying to lonelymIt works with almost every pepsi/coke soft drink.-CoolJim


Replying to torres1287 what happens to itWhat is the chemical reaction?-showingman


can i get more information and where?

The Mentos And Diet Coke Reaction


Hi people I'm doing a science project for my science fair in march. My project is about what happens when you put mentos into a diet coke. I'm in the 6th grade I really need alot of information on this so if you can help then email me back. PLEASE! =D






Replying to Darkwolf11235 you can look on youtube.Com and it happens ause of the pours on the shell of the mentos reacts with the sweetern stuff in the diet coke-reply by Gia


A Q on Dr. Win Wenger

The Mentos And Diet Coke Reaction



Iv read your post on Dr. Win Wenger techniques, and would like to know which books have these techniques in??


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Theres A Video Of Mythbusters And Others Doing This Experiment On Youtube!Doing Them In All Different DirectionsIts Very CoolIt Goes 4 About %mins Of All These Coke Bottles Creating A Fountain You Would Never Of Thought It Was Coke!-reply by Madiie Rourke

Heave Projects

I wonder... can you replace Mentos with something else? And could you use Pepsi? Maybe I'll try it one day


there is no reaction between diet coke and mentosThe Mentos And Diet Coke Reaction

how to create the most powerful diet coke mentos reaction?

when you open a bottle of coke, C02 bubbles are formed due to loss in pressure. However due to water's natural viscosity and tensional force this process is slowed down dramatically. When you dissolve mentos in coke(or whatever I didnt observe when I did it) the gum arabic(a type of sticky substance used to add mass to mentos and other candies) reduces this surface tension causing rapid release of gas, causing foam which shoots out as the 'explosion'. 

-reply by gryphon212



the website is Eepybird.Com


Mentos have a lot of tiny holes on them (think of the moon's surface), and diet coke is carbonated. When you drop the mentos in, the carbon dioxide in the soda comes out into the tiny holes on the mentos, and it happens very fast. The bubbles float to the top very fast. The aspritame and caffiene increase the effects, thus having the bubbles rocket out so fast that the some of the soda is dragged along, thus creating the large fountain of soda.



the reacition to the mentos in the pop is only a chemical reation the truth is the mentios has a lot of tiny holes adn diet coke is carbonated when u drop the mentios inn the carbon dioxide in the soda comes out into the tiny holes and it happens very fast.


You Can!!!The Mentos And Diet Coke Reaction

You can use M&MS or Skittles but You can only use Mentos with Pepsi Max maybe you can with regular Pepsi

-reply by joshua01px2018

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