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Get Your Free [dot] Be Domain Name ! yes, free for one (1) year.

Shooting Star Haven

America - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ (look for .be)
Britain - http://www.freebe.be/
German - https://www.ovh.com/fr/ or http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

This is amazing! You can actually get something for free for one year! That's right, free with no jip. But nothing in this world ever is free, isn't it?

Most companies do this as a promotional service. The reason it's actually one (1) year is so it will be in hopes that you'll renew it the next year. After all, if you don't, then you lose most of your visitors, since your site members go by the universal resouce locator (URL) of your hypothetical [dot] be domain name. But that's really just it.

So yeah. If you want to test out a real domain name for the first time, you can do so. I've tried it, it works. But the .be domain name really isn't that popular, retaining little value. I'd also recommend:


HostBidder is a free domain registrar that goes by posting. Like in Xisto. They can register your .com or .net (etc.) name for you at their own registrar, http://www.hbdomains.com/. I like them, except they really do charge a lot. You need 950 HBpoints from posting in their forums. And with one legitimate post, you can get only 5 points. You can only post ten (10) times a day. Do the math. They also have web hosting, but I really don't recommend going with it. For the smallest package, it's 200 points per two (2) months. I really don't think you can balance both offers and services with your single account. So just go for their domain registration and use Xisto's web hosting.

Either way, happy hunting!


Is it just me or are all the .be domains taken already? Originally I thought it was just coincidence, but then I just started typing in made up names and RegistryFly said it was taken already.


well, when there are free domains, things happen...xboxrulz


I registered a .be domain a while back when someone here said they are free, but the site was not in english, but after I got accepted I wasn't really able to point to Xisto nameservers, so I left it, maybe anyone knows how to point it right in their panel ? :S


It's all probably one big farce.I am going for .co.nr for my free domain. All you need to put on your site is a little image of theirs and agree to their terms and conditions, which are all worth it. Although in the future, when I have a pay-pal account, I'll probably use that to buy a domain from somewhere like 1&1.Thanks for the info on hbdomains, perhaps in the new year, when all my resolutions come into affect, then I will be able to post in there and maybe get somewhere.


it is not a farce though, as i have read it is for people in belgium, for students etc. to get a domain, but only for one year.. the next year you will need to pay.


Do they have a problem if you apply for it and are not from Belgum or do you have to put Belgum as your country, sorry if this sounds ignorant I am new and was just wondering.


I said it is probably all one big farce, based on this line:

but after I got accepted I wasn't really able to point to Xisto nameservers, so I left it, maybe anyone knows how to point it right in their panel ? :S


Actually, tht's true. I've been using it for one month now and the problem is ... it doesn't work if you use the Xisto servers. You have to use the IP address of the servers or it doesnt' work. I've tried quite a number of times, but it just doesn't work. And another problem is ... I keep getting spam emails from the stupid admin of the site. Once he sent me 29 emails at a stretch. Luckily, it was in gmail and all of them got collected under one name. They keep sending a mail every now and then.


a (dot)Be domain name is interesting if you are in Belgium, isn't it ? Else, no interest ? Or did I miss something ?


a (dot)Be domain name is interesting if you are in Belgium, isn't it ? Else, no interest ? Or did I miss something ?

How does it matter? A domain name is still a domain name. People use .tk all the time right?


How does it matter?

I agree, it does not really matter. However, it seems to be the main subject of the present topic. Personnally, I think a domain name like something.be.tk or something.astahost.com are rather equivalent.


Well, at last I have managed to make the .be point to Xisto namservers, but speaking how I did it.. I registered another domain through this site: http://www.freebe.be/ it is in English and it works..

here is the url, don't know why I registered it, it will be gone after a year, because I am not planning to pay for it to upkeep, but anyways..


what is great, that it took 5 minutes, not 24 hours as I remember uni.cc needed to resolve 24-48 hours.


as I remember uni.cc needed to resolve 24-48 hours

nope, when I tried I got an uni.cc within a couple of minutes.


I got the uni.cc in couple of minutes too, but I mean the dns changes to resolve to the server, until the domain would be functional and working, but I think it has to depend on different stuff.

Anyway, I have managed to make it working with the http://www.registratie-domein.be/ too, I logged in there and changed it to work as DNS and then I logged in to the power admin here: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and removed all the records except SOA, NS, NS and pointed to ns1.astahost.com and ns2.astahost.com having no A and MX records.. it did not work at the beginning, but today when I woke up, it works. so it is not a scam there too, to bad that it will end after a year


I think it's a best for people to buy a domain name, they really are cheap these days, and it's a investment in future if you register some catchy domain name, and then sell it later to some big company


I'd applied for a .be domain about a month and a half back. The approval/registration mail never came through - even after I drove them crazy with complaints..


the site http://www.freebe.be/ created an .be domain for me instantly you have to register with them and after that just register the domains you want, though their panel only allows path forwarding and name servers and nothing more.

Shooting Star Haven

A [dot]be name IS, indeed, Belgian. However, some people use it as something one should be. That works better, in my opinion.

Good example:

Bad example:

However, I don't like the [dot]be name since it isn't very popular and no one ever uses it professionally nowadays. I currently just bought a shootingstarhaven.com and I couldn't be more happier with it. It's so much better than shootingstarhaven.be. Also, you have:


DOT tk is a Hawaiian-based registrar that goes by the belief that everything on the web should be free. Now I don't really agree with this concept but lets just look past it. This serves an ad-frame, and it's considerably slow. I mean, really slow. The service isn't that decent too.

I registered my domain name with Go Daddy. The price there is quite cheap. They said they included a free website* (apostrophe not added) along with every domain registered. I've had some problems with them (quick blog with ads, service really annoying) but they're not really that bad. I heard their prices are cheap. Bob Parsons, the guy who owns Go Daddy, said his service is $8.95 and Network Solutions is $34.99. That's really cheap, I guess. It's actually $9.20 ($.25 for ICANN). It's been cool with them so far. I'd recommend them over many others.

My point is, just don't use a [dot]be domain name. Get your [dot]com like all the normal people do. It's not that expensive anyway, why not?


Wow thats really great that they are giving this away free for a year. very rare to see these days indeed!!!in fact i reckon ill go register my account right now with them.awesome

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