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100 Gigabytes Of Mp3s? ...in Your Pocket? wow


i want 1 i only got 2GB in my phillips plus its broken lol i dont care about how many songs its got i would just be cool lol


what is new in the mp3 world?100 Gigabytes Of Mp3s? ...in Your Pocket?

 With the advances in technology as of late, What do you see in the near future for mp3 players?

There is speculation of a 1tb Mp3 player soon to hit, however I'm not granted with peoples that have consistent brain functions; and as expected they cannot remember the manufacturer.  Lame, I know, I've also heard of a New Micro Mp3 Player in the works from *SONY*, said to hold 40gb.

Personally, I have had virtually every type of  Mp3 player out there run across my desk, I love the Microsoft Zune because of its large display and user friendly d-pad, not to mention they are pretty durable.  I love the Ipod for its many uses, including a portable HD,the disadvantage to this is that the ipod HD spins.  With the advances in flash technology I could care less who makes it.. But "ME" "I", WANT - a flash based mp3 player with a 1 tb or greater capacity, it can be the size of DVD multi-pack for all I care.. But, and I say this for almost anyone out there; We want more space.. I know that "I" need 794gb to house my collection, and my Zune is 80gb, My Archos is 40gb, My Ipod is 80gb, My Zen is well, small... I simply cannot transport my music collection, even if I seperated genres it would still take 300gb for my metal collection alone.  you see my issue.  The simplest answer is to just "NOT" take all the music with me.. But I'm a musical fanatic, if I cant hear what I want to hear when it pops into my head, I go all OCD and track down the LP/EP/CD/DVD whatever it takes.. And hear it.. So I really do have a legitimate reason to have my music with me.   So, Any thoughts.? lol. I am sorry about my rambling.

-reply by Mr Aggro Magnet

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