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Drivers Using Cellphone cellphones can maximise accidents


I don't think using one hands or two to drive makes a difference, also I don't think that when using the phone while driving will increase the danger of carcrashes.


Wasn't it proven that with two hands, you have more control over the car than with just one? And talking on the phone distracts you. Your concentration is automatically split between both the road and whoever's talking to you, more times if there are other people in the car talking too.


Bah, I just saw a commercial for Television on your Cell Phones... Now people will be listening to the news on their way to work and if something major happens, they'll glance down and next thing you know ZING! right off a cliff.


For me personally: if a caller has something very important to say, he or she will leave me a voice message. I can check my voice mail from the parking lot, or after I pull off the road. If it's not important, then the caller won't leave a message, and I can just keep driving without worrying about what I'm missing.I realize that some people, such as business executives, must be in touch frequently. They have to take calls, and be on the road for meetings and such. I would prefer that they pull over, but using a hands-free headset is a close second. It's hard for me to talk on any sort of phone (cell or land line) and pay attention to what's happening around me at the same time. I inevitably pay more attention to one or the other, and have to catch up on what I missed. For that reason, I don't think that I'm a very good candidate for driving while talking on the phone. I'd either have to ask the caller to repeat himself every other sentence, or completely miss the fact that the light is red and blow right through it.Either way, it's easier to just not mess with the phone.


My Dad uses his cellphone all the time while he is driving, but he has got a awesome handsfree kit, Supertooth. He owns his own business changing and supplying mags, tyres, and car accessories. He is the only fleet serviceman, (it makes it abit hard on our family, we don't get to see him lots) but because he is the manager and the only fleet service man, he has to. Other wise he loses business, which loses money which sets him back abit, putting him right back where he started.I don't think it is a good idea, but sometimes it just has to be done, in this case for instance. I don't want my Dad to have to start all over again, he is comfortable as he is. (I don't think he is because he works to much.)Anyway, I don't have anything against people driving while on the phone, I just think that their could be a better way of having it done.'NB: It's amazing what a topic like this can make you post....


I think this is obvious. Operating a piece of heavy machinery DOES take concentration, especially if you are zooming down the street at 60mph in it. Anyone who does this really should expect the consiquences. I'm not wishing death upon people, I'm just saying that if they do die due to their own stupidity, then it's noone's fault but their own. Not only this, but it's dangerous for the rest of the drivers on the street too. Can't a silly little phone conversation wait just a few minutes? I mean jeez, if it's that urgent, then you need to get to wherever you're going to fast and need the concentration for that more than anything. It's not quite as stupid as a TV in a car, but it IS as stupid as russian roulette.


Most people often find it difficult to concentrate on two things at the same time. But people like cab drivers, who's been driving over 40 years every whole day would tell you they can drive from one point to another blindfolded with their hands behind their back (It's sarcasm, don't try this in any vehicle). Talking on the cell is just splitting that full concentration you have on the road. What makes it worse is that radios that you turn on also splits that concentration you have and at the same time ENCOURAGE you to dial whatever number for some "lottery" of sorts or answer questions and win money etc. Driving, talking and dual listening (one on radio and one on phone) just doesn't work out.

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