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Drivers Using Cellphone cellphones can maximise accidents


I think the problem is that people seem to think that they have to be reachable at any time. In the past, when there were no cell phones, people couldn't reach you unless you were at home. Tough for them. Nowadays cell phones ring everywhere. I put mine out when I go to sleep. And when I'm having diner. I put it on on the moment that I want people to be able to reach me. And I presume driving is not such a moment, for me.


Thats true... I know not a lot of people are very multi-tasking... Hence where they pay too much attention to the cell phone they wouldn't focus on driving... I know that because I'm one of those people... When I talk on the phone it is crazy to have me driving... I believe there is a law in california that prevent anybody from using their cell phone while driving... now it is not fully enforced, but once more accidents happen, im sure theyll start enforcing...Chin chin..


I think that's a good law. In Holland you may use your hands-free set, but most people use the more hands-on approach. I think making the use of a cellphone in a car illegal (when you're the driver) should be the law over here. But I guess first some people have to die, unfortunately, before some minister in the post-Balkenende government changes this law.


This is the article that started this thread.

If you want to read on laws pertaining to cell phones, click here. Actually, if you read on that site for any period of time, you might just never want to use your cellphone again.

Cellphones do have a purpose. It keeps a person connected and can be used to get help in an emergency. The key is to be a responsible user. You control the cell, don't let it control you.

Ever see a double eighteen-wheeler whipping on down the interstate going better than 70 miles per hour while holding a cell phone? Watch that guy exit and enter a two lane highway still with that phone pressed against his ear. That is not a comforting site.

Granted, there are those people who are considerate and I wish there were more of them. Ever watch a person in the car next to you while they are chatting away? Some look at the phone. Hello! It isn't a video-phone yet, so why are you staring at it?

In grocery stores, you see people running about in the aisles talking to someone. Some conduct business and others are talking to roommates or friends. When they are talking, seems to me they can't even push a shopping cart in a straight line. Can't imagine them on the road, behind the wheel of a car zooming around.

I heard about cell phone jamming from a news article. Many people upset at having a meal disturbed in a restaurant would aim a jamming device at the offender. Imagine talking and losing your call? Jamming isn't the answer. It could prevent a call to 911 when someone has an emergency medical or law enforcement is needed.

When someone is in a store or restaurant using a cellphone, at least they are not on the road zipping about where an accident could occur.

Watch the news for more polls, research and laws. It is going to happen.


Talking to someone on the phone simply means paying less attention what you were doing before, whatever that is. So wether you are operating a machine, driving a car or riding on a bike, the focus is not on what you are doing or trying to do.If I receive a phone-call when driving I always look for a parking spot and call back when I have found one. It is only in a traffic jam that I sometimes phone someone that I will be late (even though that is also not a safe option).


yeah, but i think it would be better if they did more education on the drivers about the risks they would take if they do so~since a lot seem to be into breaking rules like that~being able to let them know what thinsg might happen, it would lessen the chances of the doing it~or at least make the do it ina safer way~


it's illegal where I'm at to drive while talking on a cell phone! You can get a ticket just for holding a phone while driving!I don't think it's that complicating to drive and talk at the same time, the hard part is dailing while driving. I think if this is illegal that eating while driving should be as well! I almost got in a few rowdy accidents becuase I was busy stuffin my face with some food!!


In Britain it's illegal to use a handheld phone in a car, and people actually follow the law. I was on holiday recently in MA, and we nearly crashed due to the fact a driver near us didn't see us due to the fact she was on a mobile. It is better for everything to ban it on that level, but don't ban hands-free.


Well, for example in my country, there is a new think about it. With a fine of 48,000 pesos, the same one that is applied to the conductors who violate the Tip and Plate (norm to control the transit in my country), will be sanctioned who are surprised speaking by cellular while they lead. To the users who speak by their apparatus while they supply fuel the vehicle, also it will be punished with the same sanction of five minimum wages legal newspapers to them. The authority in charge to impose and to receive the fine will be defined by mayor Antanas Mockus, who will sanction in next the 10 days the Agreement that dictates norms for the due use of the cellular one in the vehicles, the streets and the gas stations of the District. The Agreement del Council looks for to prevent the accidents that daily register by the inadequate use del cellular telephone while it is conducted. According to the experts, the momentary radiations of the cellular ones, can disturb the mechanisms of defense and reaction of the conductor before the eventuality of an accident. The statistics of last the three years of the Secretariat of Transit and Transportes (STT), indicate that by distraction 1,435 accidents in 1998, 2,725 in 1999 and 841 were registered until May of the 2000. Although it has not been possible to establish the number of accidents happened directly to be speaking by cellular, this is the distraction cause more hard in the last years, according to studies made by international experts. In Colombia, where there is near three million users of cellular, the prohibition to speak while it is conducted, also will be applied in Medellin, another city of my country, where it was approved makes few days an Agreement similar. In Cali other city, the Municipal Council studies an initiative in the same sense that will be been next. Between the countries that have limited the use of cellular in the cars is Australia, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, the Philippines, Singapur, South Africa and Switzerland. Cellular and the steering wheel is a dangerous mixture. A study of the Center of Cognitivas Images of the Brain of the University Carnegie Mellon de Pittsburg, in the United States, presented in last August, revealed that the brain cannot at the same time take care of two tasks that demand attention to him. Instead of multiplying his capacity, it diminishes it. The study was not specifically centered in the combination to lead and to speak by cellular. Nevertheless, considering the results of the investigation and before the evidence of which the brain has limits, the scientists alerted on the dangers to lead with a stuck telephone in the ear. In fact, in 38 states of E.U. already directed projects have appeared to regulate the use of these apparatuses. All have not been approved. One in Mississippi, that in the end did not happen, made clear that the use of cellular was an aggravating one for the pain in case of an automobile accident. Tprohibition to speak and to lead will be made effective in the state of New York. The norm establishes exceptions in emergencies and allows the use of free hands. The fine will be of the equivalent one to 230 thousand pesos. Like in my country other citys and Countrys in the world are adopting this think, don't speak bye cellphone please, take care in the road, no more deads


Yes, you could not reach your phone if it wasn't for "cellular technology" but I think it creates a serious hazard on the road when everyone is talking on their cell phone. There could be any number of different hazards. Such as, they are paying more attantion to the person they are talking to than their driving, they can't get the phone to work correctly, etc. There are too many differnt "hazards" to list. I' am not saying, cell phones are a bad thing, just people need to be more careful when driving and talking on a cell phone.


I saw something on Mythbuster TV show about how they compared drive and cell phone use to drinking and driving. Cell phone and driving was just as bad- if not worse. Driving and cell phones can kill a friendship!


I think that most calls people take on cell phones while driving can wait. that's why we have voice mail and caller ID. If it's *that* important, we should find a safe place to get off the road. Where I'm at, at least, there are parking lots ALL over the place, not to mention really wide shoulders on the highways. There's no reason why people in my city can't get off the road while they're on the phone.And I'm pretty sure that my state (Texas) legislature passed a bill that will make it illegal for us to chat on our phones unless we're using hands-free headsets. If I'm remembering correctly (the legislature meets once every two years here for two weeks or so and passes hundreds of bills, so it's very difficult to keep up with everything they're doing), it goes into effect in January 2006.Which is good, IMO. Hands-free sets aren't that expensive anymore. Some phones even have built-in speakerphones, so you don't have to buy any additional accessories. There's really no good reason NOT to concentrate on the road.


california is one of the worst places as far as cellphone related accidents and neither regular use or hands-free use is illegal... i dont condone either though... it's a total distraction and for those who say its the same as if there was someone else in the care, you're wrong... a passenger is another set of eyes that will warn you if you're about to hit something....


i think there is a device that can disconnect your phone when it is in range! some buildings that wants to restric mobile access has it. i think that should be installed on the highways at certain range hence disconnecting mobile users everytime. so, if they have to talk, they will have to stop in a lay by or somewhere! its has disadvantages too, but who cares!


There are devices that can "kill" mobile phones, but they are not very selective, they cut the phone off over a certain area, so you would not need to pull over in your car, because the call would not get through to you in the first place.Japan uses them in places like concert halls etc, which is a good idea, and one that should be in place everywhere.Personally I'd like a personal "phone killer" so that I could do things in peace, like shopping, eating in restuerants etc instead of having to put up with people using them all the time.


It`s illegal here in holland too.

Drivers caught doin it anyway get fined for 140 to 2000 euro`s or they can face a jail sentance of up to 2 months.\

Pesonally I think this is a good law to inforce and not only here in holland or in Hong Kong but everywhere, because many poeple die or gets injured due to this kind of behavior every single day I repeat MANY poeple EVERY day.

To poeple here who does this the only thing I wanna say is "Don`t wait untill you cause an accident of any kind to realize that what you`re doing is WRONG keep in mind that you are not the only one on or by the road" *imagin you talking on the phone to you girl/boyfriend and suddenly someone (a frikkin human being) fly thru your windshield and end up on your lap with a cracked skull just because that mushy conversation couldn`t wait* not a pretty thought huh?........Right!!

I get emotional when it comes to this subject as my Great-grandmother was killed in an accident of this kind.

Crossing the road a car stops to let her cross but a calling-driver behind the one that stopped to let her cross dodges the stopping car thinking he just prevented an accident and hits HER

So again THINK about the consequences BEFORE they actualy occur,seriously!!!!





same here... they're driving with cellphone and very often they don't even' let me to traverce teh street.. don't know what they're thinking about, but it's really a big lack of respect for other people...


I think there called tesler coils :mellow:not jusy bobile phone killers, but just about everything that uses a radio wave..ive heard of home made coils setting off neighbours water sprinkler systems, lol.


i definately agree with this.. not only are people with cellphones while driving dangerous, they make other drivers dangerous by annoying the crap outta the other drivers.. then road rage comes into play and woah.. no good ever comes from that.i dont use a cellphone while driving.. i text a lot and if im in the car im at a stoplight or parked if i touch my phone.. if someone calls me i call them back when im parked cuz im not coordinated enough to mess with my phone and drive at the same time haha


I heard there's this thing being made by I think Microsoft where they have like basically a navigator type thing. It can be used as a cellphone, to locate people, play music, everything. It'll take the space of the usually components to the drivers right, and also has touchpad and voice recognition devices inputted in it. I have a feeling that wil make things worse, and not to mention we can't forget about the states that banned cellphone and driving already. They'll probably have to ban the car too!


Not everyone using a cell phone causes accidents and is irresponsible. Just like driving, it is a skill that needs to be developed. I do believe that us Americans need to use our hands-free ear pieces when we drive, so that both hands are kept on the wheel, but as of now, that is not a requirement by law. I'm not sure when that would happen. My Police friend said it's not illegal as of now.I, myself, don't use my ear piece every time I take a call, but I try to remember to use it more frequently.I'm not one of those people that needs to always answer my cell phone whenever it rings, so I use common sense while driving, especially, as to if I need to answer the call or not. But not all drivers are qualified to drive safely either. There are so many people out there that are unsafe drivers. It doesn't have anything to do with using a phone while driving, it's just that they are unsafe drivers.Do we need to have a test administered to people when they take their driver's license test to also see if they pass a cell phone user test as well?These are the questions that need to be addressed. Not just the usage of cell phones in the car, but actually unsafe drivers as well.Just a thought.

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