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Nanobots The Future of the World


oh in that case, I feel much better. It's not like humans to make bad decisions. I'd like to think that nano technology could be used to a point, but my bet would be that money pushes it too far, too fast.

Well, money does make the world go round.


If nanobots ever do come to be, I'll be intrigued to see just how much of an economic effect it has. Nanobots that can fight off all viruses and bacteria? Say hello to overpopulation! Nanobots that turn waste in to something useful? There goes millions of jobs worldwide and in comes unemployment on a grand scale.


While I've no doubt that if nanobots could do the things that have been put forward (or are even vaguely in the works as we speak) it'd be a leap forward for mankind, there would have to be some major control over them. They're the sort of invention that could well define a new age in human history, and once the first nanobot has been made I'd imagine the technology would be in place to create similar scale bots to fit a whole range of different functions. What about nanobots whose sole purpose is to create more nanobots to a more precise degree and potentially smaller than themselves? Naturally the atomic scale will have a say in the matter eventually, but I'd imagine you can get pretty damn small first.


Basically, nanobots would be revolutionary, but could rapidly get out of control and cause some pretty severe problems if their use is not monitored.


plz help me X]Nanobots

hi I'm doing this project on nanobots but I have absolutley no idea on it T.T ive done several research on it but all the words were way too hard for me can anyone explain what their purpose is, what they're made from, er.. And stuff.. X] thnx

-reply by william

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