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Neeeed You Opinion Pleeeeeease :) Cute Stuff is this baby cute enough ? :P


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i still want to work more on his body and some small details there ...any comments / opinions ?




Well, my opinion really depends on what this will be used for. Just for personal pleasure, then it's fine no matter what it looks like. However, if it's for a business use, then I have to critique it more seriously. The first thing that pops out is the lack of any hands or feet. Perhaps adding something there would make me think less of a quadruple amputee. Other than that, fine details would be nice, but again, it depends on the application.


Have you considered coming up with another one - except that make the baby a "little" cockeyed - not much, just marginally ?? That'd make it ultra-cute if thats what you want...give it a shot - am not joking


SWEEEET... you've done a good job so far.. the body definately needs work.. The diaper would follow the waist.. its obviously looking like an oval with hughlights. Then the eyebrows, what you have is cool.. personally I'd have gone with a brown dot which I'd smear... that would shape much better (and babies have thin whispy eyebrows that give them the cute look.. :-) All in all .. this is an excellent effort you've go there.. R.A


Nice! Is this done with Photoshop and Flash? Or Illustrator? Is it going to be a wallpaper?


The eyebrows might look better if you make it more curve and smooth. The smiley Ads can give you a good idea for a cute face.


Great! i like the reflection.. but i think the legs could be a little more developed and the eyebrows sort of stand out...maybe a little smudged?


Nice made, try working more on the face of the baby, it's the first thing people actually look on!


thanks alot ppl some answers and info .@ Soleq it is for personal pleasure but thanks for the suggestions , you'are correct .@ M. Earthling I actualy started it like that but it looked much like a local product mascot here , I wanted it to look a little more original .@ kaputnik Thanks for the comments , I agree with you .. will do that . but on another one I dont like to REDIT stuff i end up screwing it more .@ szupie I hate PhotoShop and I dont use Flash I use Swish MAX but NO this wasnt made with any of these , it was made with Corel PaintShop Pro 9.0 ( A formerly Jasc Psp 9.0 )@ OpaQue Thanks alot , yes I will smudge them a bit .. , btw if Xisto is ur design it's great @ kraizii88z Thanks I will make another one with more details , this was simply some Circles and Eclipses highlighted to give a fake depth look .@ Primius Thanks but I like to keep stuff as minimal as possible ( could be my style ) i dont want to add more details to the face, except fix the eyebrows .thanks alot to all of you again .


good work...the body requires a bit of work.. make the baby a bit more fatter and chubby ;-)


Nice!The eyebrows need a little work and you should have added cheek bone lines.You may consider to add little dimples to make him even more adorable.


thanks i like that .


criptonx what soft do u use to make those cool avatars and pics in your signatre ?? thanx i'm a n00b in design so do't get angry or anything cheers


good work...

the body requires a bit of work.. make the baby a bit more fatter and chubby ;-)


In my opinion , the body is ok for a lovable look .

On the head , I think it can be add around three hairs . The function of the hairs can be creative a motion wave . The baby will be more active .


lol very very cute i see. but it can be a little sharpened, its a bit soft. just need a little something to give a bit of a kick into the picture.


The thing is pretyt decent. Nice work! You could use some shading though and have more detail in shadow, just a suggestion.


Thanks again all , this was my 2nd attempt on cartoonish mascots and stuff i rarely do such stuff , but I am glad alot of u liked it .


I use Paint Shop Pro 9.01 for still images and it comes with Animation Shop 3.11 ( for GIF animation purposes )

the animated ones are really just a WIZARD thing in Animation Shop .


@lotsa of his ( hihihihihi )

if I added three hairs , my mother would kill me , because it would look like my younger brother

but i think it's a cool idea

@harriko & almoo7

thanks but as I said before i dont like RE-EDITING what I thought was finished I will make notice of your suggestions in the next mascotts or whatever i am going to draw .

btw if anyones intrested on a small simple tutorial on how to draw such things ( not that i am a PRO a all or anything but I think i know a fast way of doing so) please let me know so i can write one down .


nice! although.. the eyebrows look like burned wavy french fries


wow, looks like you're a skilled designer. I would be interested in seeing more of your work


it really depends what you are going to use it for. It looks good so far, it is really cute, did you do this in Photoshop or Paintshop Pro, again really good

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