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What's The Best 3d Animation Software? Maya 6, Pixar, 3D Studio Max,


i choose for autodesk maya why i choose you may askbecause it is have many tool for 3d animator to modeling rigging texturing animation and it also have more function likedynamic for producing hair system fluied effectlike cloth with cloth you can make shirt or any thing softlike life because i have used it for two yearsee my medeling for this


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i think its maya


Autodesk Maya is the best 3D animation software. It is been used mostly by the professionals.

Autodesk 3ds Max is also good but not even close to Maya. It is more popular than Maya because it was cheaper and used by everybody (including amateurs and people without solid knowledge of 3D workflow).

Autodesk (softimage) XSI is third most-popular software.

-reply by bood


best 3d softwaresWhat's The Best 3d Animation Software?

I have been in 3d animation for the last 2 years, I have the chance of of using some of the wares-max,maya,daz.  so far I am a fan of Blender. Though difficult to use initially, once you get the hang of it- its a fantastic 3d software. I am doing medical animation at the moment- I am a surgeon by profession, animation can be an extremely useful teaching tools- I wish to work with like minded people.  All my character/mesh are created with blender, though I also use other program for finishing touch.

-reply by med3d


animation questionWhat's The Best 3d Animation Software?

I perfer maya to use as a great animation software 3d max is also great its from the same company like autodesk. But making games I shall say use max 3d but for real movie effects en real cgi use maya because its the strongest 3d software there is .  

-reply by animator2000


I vote for other because I like a program called "ac3d" for the mac. It is pretty easy to use and most people should be able to work it easily.


I am not familiar with this 3D animation softwares, but I heard good things about Maya. In freewares, Blender will be a better option I guess.


Yes, blender is good software and it is free available for windows, macintosh and linux. There are many other freewares available as well. Alice3D is one to look for. Maya is perfect software for 3D but it is paid and learning curve is steep.


I never heard of Blender. But sounds great to me. If you say so.


There is a free opensource movie called Big Buck Bunny which can be downloaded from


This movie is my favorite one, very good animations and 3d effects. The movie is made using Blender alone. Download the movie and see Blender in action.


Not only this movie but there are many other movies like "lighthouse" and one is on bird is released. I think it is featured on blenders showcase page. I can see the potential in this software but those who work alone needs more info that what more softwares need to be used with blender in order to design a movie or simple presentation.


BEST 3D ANIMATION SOFTWAREWhat's The Best 3d Animation Software?

I recommend blender 3D because blender has no any alternative.

Can you say how many professionals have 3Ds max, maya and so on.  About 100s But Blender is open sourced and has 10 Thousands of Developer all around the globe. Even you can contribute to blender, about what stuff blender needs if you  don't know c++ and python Programming.


SO BLENDER IS THE BEST as you will be the part of blender developers when you download ( <20MB) BLENDER.

-reply by Blendering.Co.Cc


I'd have to agree with the Blender fans.

-Blender is FREE

-Blender is such a powersful too for something so small in data size

-has a very decent sculpter built in

-works on multiple platforms

-Did I mention FREE?


I've used blender for years now, and prefer it over others, It may be slightly limited in some sections, but that can be fixed if you know a little code! But it's still the most powerful FREE 3d studio out there!

-reply by Bradygg


  I think you are forgetting about XSI wich is one of the best softwere for 3D animation and modeling and is used by pros like thoes in Hollywood. It has many special functions ( clothes, particles, physics etc.) and it's easy to learn ( I found it pretty easy ). If you are in to programing you can even program your own environment using ebedded tools.

Cool supplement for XSI (and I think any 3D program) is Zbrush wich is much more intuitive and easier when it comes to modeling.

 What do You think ?


Answer to BestWhat's The Best 3d Animation Software?

I personally use Autodesk Maya for 3d animation, but I think that Blender is a great piece of software, if you're no looking to spend over 3,000 dollars for a software.  Blender, in my opinion, would get 3.5 stars, and Maya would get 4.5 stars (nothing's perfect).  Maya has a much steeping learning curve though, but is way more powerful.  There are great student discounts on Maya (I'm a student, and got it for $350 with a lot of other Autodesk software, including 3ds Max (which is better for games if you want to do that), but Blender and Maya are better for TV and movies.  Blender is much easier to learn, but Maya is much more powerful.  Many short films were made using only Blender, and have turned out great.  But a lot of movies, including Avatar, were actually mainly made with Maya.  If you don't want the learning curve, go with Blender (and it's free!), but for more power, go with Maya.  Maya was the better choice for me.

-reply by abviolin1



I vote for Maya for modelling puspose, and will stick to it to the end.

 But Maya default material, shader and rendering sucks, and the animation concept is very stupid. Don't know why don't they upgraded it. But still I stick to it because the polygon modelling technique nearly perfect.



3ds Max 2011What's The Best 3d Animation Software?

I Vote 3ds max 2011It's the only I have used But I think It has only 100 frames Can We Increase it ?

-reply by Apoorva


Points to ponderWhat's The Best 3d Animation Software?

Most of you suggested averagely for Maya or 3D max for your own purposes. I've tried lots of 3D software including what have been said such as 3Dmax, Xara, Alias, Lightwave, blender and many more. Frankly speaking 3D max is a user-friendly software for Windows 32bt and 64bt and Maya is the other way round with Mac. But if you do lots of sculpturing, blending and rendering finally you'll realize that its all back to one question..Accuracy definitely come across for most who did mechanical parts especially for concentric and dimensions lines and curves whereas 3Dmax and Maya mostly will do sculpturing. Symmetrical line is a yes for polygonal shapes in 3Dmax but if you use Solid Edge or Solid Works for polygonal shapes I bet you'll see the big difference. If don't believe me, try to design a spaceship by using both 3D max and Solid Edge and render it. To conclude, 3Dmax and Maya mostly used to create natural living things surfaces where you can sculpt and stretch. Give it a try...

-reply by zali


this is it...What's The Best 3d Animation Software?

It still depends on your purpose. 3Ds Max is best used for games. But when it comes to 3D movies, as for my opinion, Autodesk Maya is the best. If you need some evidence you can just simply watch those 3D movies on the "big screen" and rate them yourself. Those rates would also come to Autodesk Maya coz almost all of the 3D movies you've been fantasizing are all made with it. The ones I know so far the use Maya are PIXAR Studios, Walt Disney, and Final Fantasy. Nevertheless, I won't recommend it for PC game graphics, though. I would just really suggest 3Ds Max for that particular purpose.

-reply by mr.Nobody

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