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What's The Best 3d Animation Software? Maya 6, Pixar, 3D Studio Max,


I want know want animators prefer using in 3D Animation.


I vote to 3d studio max why is the only one program of 3D that I drive well the rest of the I utilize them but I do not develop in them to part also why one went from the first it is solid robust and you allow making anything


i suggest you to use 3D max, it have many flexible tools to create animations


I voted for 3ds max.It's the best I've used. But then again, it's the only one I've used... But it's pretty good. It's easy to use, can do great stuff, and has lots of plugins.


I suggest shake4 if you have a mac computer


I go with Maya 8 and higher. Even though 3Ds Max got a lot plugins and stuff Maya comes with similar tools totally embedded to the software itself. It has pretty much a better GUI than 3Ds Max. With tools like nCloth in Maya you can come up with some unique animations.


I have been interested in animated software forever. I went to schooling for Graphic Design, but I was never able to use animation programs.... only photoshop was used on the PC. I am not that old, but the idea of Graphic Design had only began to start using more updated programs like Photoshop at the time... that was like in 1996. Now everything is Multimedia, and a lot of it involves animation and 3d programs. I was SOOO close to being able to get into that course.I had always wanted to be an animator, and I still would love to learn a lot more than I already know. I was given 3D Max to use at an old place of work... I have only began to teach myself, and then had a little break from the program. Now that PCs have a lot more memory and disk space, I plan to install my 3d max and just go to town. I just hope I can get back to where I was when I first learned the program... and I plan on finding many plugins for it...Maybe when I have a better grasp, I will have a better post!


I am just now exploring animation for the first time. 3D Studio doesn't operate on Mac despite Mac being a better overall system than anything MS has come out with. I was thinking of trying Maya and teaching myself and/or ToonBoom for 2D. I'm also interested in Final Cut Pro for film. Things can get very expensive, so I'd appreciate any worthwhile suggestions to get started. Im in the medical field and was thinking of doing medical modeling; however, I do love the idea of creating cartoons also. The only reason why I am thinking of medical modeling is that it appears to be a niche market with greater earnings potential as it doesn't seem that many people are earning money in the field of animation. Thanks!-Mitch


3d vs 2d

What's The Best 3d Animation Software?


Replying to Feedbacker




Shake is very good but it is a 2d compositing software not 3d.




Also, Pixar makes renderman which is a 3rd party renderer for 3d animation sofware but not animation sofware itself






best 3d software

What's The Best 3d Animation Software?


According to me for arch rendering , materials , plugin ,

User-friendly and lightnings 3d max is ahead of all.

The selling point of maya is special effects, dynamics,

Animation and maya live.


Max comes with 32 and 64 bit but maya is set 64 bit.





I use 3ds max 2008.It's easy to use and the auto key function is handy ( i don't know if this is a regular function... ) .But if the scene is too complicated the rendering is slow.So i vote for 3d studio max.


I use Blender

What's The Best 3d Animation Software?


I use Blender, which is free. It really can do almost anything you could imagine. There's also tons of scripts or pluggins that other people from the blender community create and you can download for free. It also has one of the best GUIs I have ever seen. I suggest for those who are starting to get into 3D animation, and those already into it ofcourse, to give blender a try.




try maya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's The Best 3d Animation Software?


If I were you I would deffenetly try maya 2008 it has an non resonable price ($50 to $250) but I garentee it will have asume graphics and even better features! ofcourse if you cant afford it you should use maya 8.5 it still has all the main features but looses the extras and cool graphics anyway you should try any maya program, best part you don't need any advanced programing skills!~by fritz




-reply by fritz


best software

What's The Best 3d Animation Software?


Well I know max, maya, lightwave, blender..

But to vote for best software I go for max..

Even though maya is superior.. But max has simpler interface than maya.



-reply by Ovesh


I am a professional 3D Animator... :)I vote for MAYA 8.5 simply because the question was..."which is the best 3d Animation software?". Maya wins ANIMATION although I would rate XSI Softimage pretty close to it in animation sector.When I joined Multimedia stream, I got in touch with the 3D anim part through 3DSMax. Its a loveable software. But when limited to Animation or Dynamics, Maya is the better one easily. Its better than 3dsmax, softimage & lightwave among the softwares I've worked on.[no idea about others in market.]-reply by Krishna


Depends on the question and how you wish to have it answered, both software programs are quite powerful in both capability and rendering. The pros and con are so minute they are almost non existent, I'm not qualified to be listing pros or cons however from my experience. I found maya simple to use and hard to master where as max is hard to use but simple to master overtime. The conclusion, maya although available on pc and mac is purely meant for the mac market and hence is mainly used for the animation department. Where as max is available to pc users and unlike maya makes use of directx and is purely used for but not limited to modelling, texturing, rendering, landscaping and architecture etc... It all comes down to what you plan on spending and what your target goal with either software is, so there is no real easy way to answer such a simple question.-reply by Someguy


utensil and the artistWhat's The Best 3d Animation Software?

Personally I believe that there is no such thing as the best 3d animation software.

Its not the utensil, its the artist.

-Mark Robin


is any of these softwares available free an legal?


I dont know much 3D, but i know which is the best software. Its 3D Studio Max, it has good interface too.So, my vote goes for 3D Studio Max.


re: cartuneWhat's The Best 3d Animation Software?

For free, Blender & G-max. Blender is a lot harder to learn than G-max, but I'm sure the people that create the incredible CGI I've seen from 3ds & Maya could do the same with Blender. I'm not a great CGI artist, but I'm getting better and created some pretty good stuff using Blender. I'd love to try Maya & 3ds, but the price! ouch! I'm not good enough yet to make good use of a 30day trial, so I gotta stick with the Free stuff for now. 

-reply by wayoutthr


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