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Photoshop Vs Paintshoppro Which Appliction do you use


Dear Designers,At Xisto we will discuss which appliction you use (or preffer) for Webdesigning and for Graphics Work.CheersArunkumar.H.G


i didnt really use paintshop.. But i do use photoshop.. used to CS..


I use photoshop to my office, because is more powerful than paint shop pro.To my home, i use gimp, because is free!I think that gimp will be very powerful in the futur. Now, over windows, it contain more bug!!


I use PSP b/c it's a) a heck of a lot cheaper , and most of my work is web. so I don't need all of the pther print-related stuff that PS has. Plus, having used both, I am most comfortable with PSP. I've been with PSP since ver. 5, and am now using 8.1 (I know, I'm behind the times, but oh, well...) With just PSP and Eye Candy 4000 I can do just about anything I need to do.....


photoshop for sure. I like using it to edit my 3D abstracts from Cinema 4D and for my webdesigns. Very useful tool. I've also used Paint Shop Pro before, but it just doesn't seem as convient for me.


I use Corel Draw for my graphics. Not Because I'm in love with it, but because I am self taught and don't have time to learn another program. It meets my needs.


Hey Chronic, what is Cinema4d like, I have never used it. Is it just another 3d package like lightwave/maya/max/etc? Or does it have different features?


in truth, it is simply a simplified version of 3D Studio Max. I used to use Studio Max, but it was such a large program...that I had to change to another application. I chose to use Cinema 4D only about fifty mb compared to the few hundred Studio Max required. Plus it is almost as powerful too.


Hello, I'm a game modifier and it can be really hard making textures for 3d games like Age of mythology. I tried PS but I thought it did nothing for the cost it had. Then someone told me bout gimp and ya thats the best one. Its FREEEEEE and does my job


I think will chose photoshop cs because it has more powerful tools than paintshop pro.


I use Paint Shop Pro 8 becuase it is a lot cheaper than Photo Shop. I think in the future I will but Photo Shop and have them both but Paint Shop Pro is basically a striped down version of Photo Shop. Sure you have to work a little harder to get some similar effects like Photo Shop. I really wanna get Paint Shop Pro 9 right now I have 8.


lol @ CoolBradG PSP IS NOT A STRIPPED DOWN VERSION OF PHOTOSHIT !wait and see , Corel Bought Jasc , Corels Paint Shop Pro 10 ( mid - end of this year ) will dominate PHOTOCRAP .


I use both Photo Shop and Paint Shop Pro for different reasons. I like to use PSP for web editing stuff because it is simple to use and can use most of the plugins that PS use. Also with the GIF Animator integration I’m using two programs in one.PS now I use more for picture editing like when I sling out my handy Digital Cam there is always some thing to be adjust to get the final masterpiece. The brightness may need some tinkering, I might have to do some cropping and the list goes on. Then when it comes to the plugins and what you can do with images is amazing, the main thing I like it for.


I think will chose photoshop cs because it has more powerful tools than paintshop pro.


Photoshop by default is the designer's principal tool be anywhere that you find the easy and efficacy of his utilization the converted an any designer's progrma of top part Web, worldly graphic regardless of another tools complement photoshop.

My preferred is Maya, in vectors freehand mx 11


lol @ CoolBradG




wait and see ,


Corel Bought Jasc , Corels Paint Shop Pro 10 ( mid - end of this year ) will dominate PHOTOCRAP .


don't be so sure. Adobe is an old and good hand at the whole 'image editing' game. Corel isn't bad, but it would take a LOT of work to get to the level of photoshop CS. That being said, most people don't need photoshop. They don't need anything close to photoshop. Which is why Adobe makes elements. PSP is really competing against elements, but even there I think they will have a hard time.


Photoshop CS is great. I haven't used Paint Shop Pro but honestly, I don't see why I should leave Photoshop since it performs all the tasks I need it to.


Photoshop CS rocks. I'll occasionally use Fireworks or Illustrator for some tasks, but Photoshop does most of what I need to do, and does it well.


I am not saying or denying that PS has more features than PSP , but then again I was used to PaintShop Pro since version 2.1 for the Windows 3.xx OS , up till PSP V9.04 now .. ( 1996-2005 ) so 9 years of experience .... so whatever PS has more than PSP i will never ever change ... even if PSP is no longer developed I will still use it ..Back when i was using PSP 4.0 ( Win 95 ) I tried Photoshop and I was pissed off by the amount of TOTAL useless stuff to me ( as a graphics/web designer ) and spent like 2 hours trying to figure out and simplify the interface to only suit my needs and to look like PSP , after 2 days I totaly gave up and uninstalled it .PSP for me is the way to go for web / small print graphics ( I make static commercial adds for the newspapers in PSP )


Paintshop Pro and Photoshop aren't even in the same league. Photoshop is a professional image editing and digital content creation application. Paintshop Pro is and always has been for the consumer/enthusiast. Photoshop doesn't cost six times as much just because it "has more features". It is more powerful, has more control over gamma settings, has a wider range of file support, and has a much better compression system.I own both Photoshop CS and Paintshop Pro 9. I will admit that psp has a more user friendly interface, buts that because its designed for less intensive tasks. Both are great, but when I want something done properly, I usually go for Photoshop.


I think Photoshop is best... because have more things ...Photoshop is but known and ademas you can work very well with him... I recommend Photoshop to you.If you is interesting in Photioshop then you can visit the next page: http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop.html Photoshop is best Than you !!!Bye !!!

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